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George Bush Charged Veterans Maimed In His Wars $100,000 To Talk To Them and He Belongs In Hell


George Bush Charged Veterans Maimed In His Wars $100,000 To Talk To Them and He Belongs In Hell

Dear God or Whatever Amorphous Force For Justice There Exists In the World: After you inevitably call Cheney to account for his war crimes, please get quickly to Bush, who made $100,000 speaking to Helping a Hero, a morally questionable, Texas charity for severely wounded veterans - the ones he created. A former marine who lost both hands in a missile attack suggested Bush is "not the type of leader I aspired to be (and) still do." Let's just replace "leader" with "human being" and call it a soulless day.


Once there were investigative journalists on major newspapers but after Michael Hasting's car was exploded , the message was delivered.


Despicable excuse for a human being.

Not new information in that regard.


Recall that when interviewed by Martha Raddatz on ABC-TV on the day that the 4,000th U.S. soldier had died in Iraq/Afghanistan, then "vice-president" D.C. was asked for his reaction to the same. He paused for a second or so while looking at her and then replied "So?"


"There are some who, uh, feel like that, you know, the conditions are such that they can attack us there. My answer is: bring 'em on. We got the force necessary to deal with the security situation." - George W. Bush, July 2, 2003, referring to attacks against U.S. forces in Iraq.

""bring 'em on""....I remember the reaction from troops on the ground in Iraq to this arm chair, chicken hawk, chicken shit President uttering that as usual, near incoherent sentence-
They were appalled that A commander in Chief that had no idea whatsoever what they were up against would utter these words, daring the enemy to inflict more harm-


And where are the Investigative Journalists that should be investigating and exposing the blatant murder of Michael Hastings?


Ah so true in that we are capable of emotions and actions both caring, benign and vicious and many variations in between.

Evident with Bush who seems to care exclusively about, himself and a very small group i.e. family. The rest be damned.


Not really. He's a psychopath; a human-shaped crocodile (psychopaths have emotions closer to those of reptiles than mammals.)


Our lame street media should bring this to American's attention so as to embarrass the chicken hawk into giving the money back. Bush feels no remorse and would not feel a thing. Unbelievable. And his wife did the same. And now his brother wants to follow in his foot steps in the white house. NO WAY. No more Bushes, no more Clintons. We've been taken to the cleaners and now they want to rub our nose in it.


Bushbelongs in Hell. So does the rest of his administration except for Paul O'Neil, secretary of the treasury long before that war started. He resigned long before the war started and said Bush had plans to invade Iraq and overthrow Hussein before becoming president. So many people say the Sr. Bush was much better because he did not topple Hussein. He kept bombing Iraq for the rest of his presidency. Clinton and W did the same during their 8 years in office.


When anyone gets to try the "Coalition of the Willing" at the Hague for crimes against humanity don't forget John Howard the Australian Prime Minister who dragged us into that illegal war, kicking and screaming in protest against our participation. I and thousands of Australians protested in the streets and outside the US embassy. US Embassy staff took took photographs of us all. Not long ago when our present Prime Minister Tony Abbott was told that an Australian soldier was killed in Afghanistan he said "Shit happens" and moved on.


I read O'Neil's book, I agree he is a goodie but you've got Jeb Bush putting his name in for Presidential power and he was right in there with his brother George W Bush. We can't stop him but you can.


Yes the Bush Crime Family is made up of War Criminals ~ however One has to wonder at the stoopidity of soldiers volunteering to kill in a land they never heard of ? Common Sense would say why would i want to die for this BS? Why would i want to be a maimed invalid for the rest of my life? For What every VOLUNTEER should have asked themselves...but Noooooooooo they wanted the delusion of being some fucking hero at the expense of many innocent sovereign citizens of 'Iraq' wherever didn't matter to them. No, any soldier in this position has to say 'gawd what have i done?' and take those many thousands of dollars and go back where they destroyed at will a country they'd never heard of nor had even the slightest ability to hurt the US save not play the Hegemony game of the US State Dept. Sad but true eh /// i am a forced/drafted WIA Viet Nam. i'm wondering why x-soldiers aren't in force calling for the ICC to prosecute... ???


Abbot said "Shit happens" and moved on. He moved on to let more happen.


Due to the employment situation in our country for the last couple of decades, I doubt that many youngsters enlisted because they were "gung ho" or seeking military "glory." Most of that was knocked out of our kids shortly into Viet Nam (see Born on the Fourth of July).


Reminds me of an article I read about a confused man who asked a saint and a very wise man if there was really a place called hell and his reply: " Yes, where do you think you are now!"


And while you are at G. Bush and company you should also go after the proliferation of these veterans "charities." They all smell of scam. The scam that spreads using the insipid phrase, "Thank you for your service." I know the VA has had its share of problems and I can't address directly those vets who've gotten a raw deal from them. And I know a couple. But the VA has given me good care. So far this year I've only had to pay $8 and that was a co-pay on an antibiotic prescription. We need to direct our efforts to making this area work better and not believe the snake-oil healers who claim they are the only solution.


Clearly there are some 'Economic Conscripts' but certainly not the quantity of Warrior Culture glory seekers that went. And with that, there were/are those that enlisted in the NG to fight fires 'n the like but not hardly the amt of Warrior class /// now thoroughly f'k up returnees and many if not most of those are still on their knees in banner worship.


i suspect the reasons for advertising one's trip to Viet Nam are short ranged... i advertise on my hat with a combat rifle insignia as well as Prosecute Torture, in case i can goad some Banner Worshiping fool into a political learning experience.
i'm not sure how one goads a road coach into a political arena but suffice it to say the bearer of these type plates and decals would lead me to believe they believe they had the right to invade Viet Nam and decimate the sovereign citizens/rice farmers into some US State Dept corral/subjugation. No amt of advertising one's presents in Viet Nam will justify the illegal invasion perpetrated on the people of Viet Nam and by extension the world.
The US of A is an existential threat to the entire globe. And the politically stoopid will have this on their bumper sticker as well as a license plate.
And you're correct the real enemy is in Washington DC IE the US State Dept i call the Statagon.
Veterans are a strange breed... they never see their service as part of the hegemonic imperialism that it is. Not one drop of blood since WWII has been to keep you and your loved ones Free. That' a rouse to keep the Banner Worshipers on their knees...


G. W. Bush charging severely maimed War Veterans who fought in his war(s) $100, 000.00 to talk to them? Given George Bush's total lack of conscience, it's not the least bit surprising. It's really way, way beyond disgusting. What is it about our system (i. e. the U. S. A. system )that breeds for such guys, anyhow?