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George Carlin Taught Us Much About Media Propaganda by Omission: On Bernie Sanders, Medicare for All, and the Green New Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/16/george-carlin-taught-us-much-about-media-propaganda-omission-bernie-sanders


Cohen sez:
“… confusion, not clarity, is the job of TV news—which is so heavily sponsored by drug and healthcare companies.”

Better to think of it not as “news,” but as sales. It’s ALL sales.
And it gets really scary when you discover what who the product is.


It is no wonder that people are in the dark on so many issues. I rarely watch any mainstream media, reading my news on progressive blogs, listening to KPFK and watching Democracy Now.


The late Dino Valenti saw this crystal-clearly, 50 years ago:

“ Your newspapers,
They just put you on.
They never tell you
The whole story.
They just put your
Young ideas down.
I was wonderin’ could this be the end
Of your pride and glory?

Oh… oh What you gonna do about me?
Oh… oh What you gonna do about me?”


Not only in the dark, but repeatedly misinformed about matters that will at some point in many people’s lives, literally be life or death. Home -or homeless.

Which suggests that dishonest individuals like the Norah O’Donnell’s that spew this sort of propaganda day in and day out lack any recognisable conscience.


Bernie needs to call out the networks during the next debate and use this example explicitly.


Regarding media behavior “George Orwell”, not “Carlin” is more appropriate. The memory hole is their most important tool.


Agreed. He is playing a bit with the kid gloves on when it comes to the media and his fellow candidates, much like he did last election. I get he doesn’t want to seem like just another confrontational candidate and actually focus on the issues but his contenders and moderators are not going to play fair no matter what he does.


Sadly, these sources have become more sophisticated, but the people have not.
They can sell us the "New and Improved’ Tide all day long.
And then omit by not advertising the lesser volume of product, nor telling you the container is a bit smaller for a bit higher price.
Yes, we are commodities.


As is the inevitable result of late stage capitalism I suppose.

I think we have been here for quite a while already.


“Those who control the present, control the past.
Those who control the past control the future”


NPR Monday morning newsiness did a newsy thing about “Homeflipping” realty companies that was better advertising than could’ve been purchased on commercial radio.


My complaint about the GND is which technology is most suitable to pursue.
Its focus on all-battery EVs and 200mph HSR is mistake.
Here’s a rough calculation of probable EV market share:
Hydrogen fuel cell EVs - 5%
All-Battery BEVs - 35%
Plug-in Hybrid PHEVs - 60%

“The Smart Car that ain’t electric, ain’t smart” Its small 16.5kwh battery pack, unsuitability for long drives, and ease of parking justifies BEV tech for urban uses. The similarly small 18kwh battery pack in a Chevy Volt is rated an effective 150mpg, but only if its average trips are kept short distance. The larger problem to resolve is car-dependency and car-oriented development. BEVs alone do not have the capacity to achieve that more important goal.
High Speed Rail at 200mph is unnecessary, horribly high impact and so prohibitively expensive, they never leave the drawing board. HSR at 100mph with hybrid locomotives can be up and running along many more routes within years instead of decades. GND proponents are misled by Silicon Valley schmucks and wannabees devoted to techno-fix science fiction.

Ditch the driverless car. Sell them to the disabled only. It’s a glass pipedream full of fentanyl and worse, brought to you by sucker salesmen. We don’t need it and American workers and consumers don’t want it. Only auto insurance ceos do.
P.S. Nora " Oh No ": The News Bimbo

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Agreed, 100 mph is plenty fast enough. For long trips, still much better than driving…you’re still getting closer as you sleep :wink:

You can’t have it both ways. Is the news fake, like Trump says, or only fake when you want it to be or it benefits you?

The Medicare for All plan is very reasonable, but never explained by the media. Everyone pays less, even the corporations who pay 2/3rds the current cost of private premiums. They save from 8 to 13% of current expenses. Here’s a brief rundown:
M4A cost estimate is $2.93 trillion, a reduction from $3.4 trillion currently costing the nation.
Public funds of existing government programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, VA and etc.: $1.88 trillion
Corporate tax: $623 billion
Sales tax: 193 billion
Net worth or wealth tax: $198 billion
Long-term capital gains tax: $70 billion
The PERI group at UMass/Amherst drew up this plan:


It’s a critically important distinction to make regarding electric vehicle potential benefits and advantages. Yet, all GND proposals so far fund R&D of bigger battery packs and faster charging. As for passenger-rail, the more the better, and upgraded diesel locomotives is the low-cost choice for quick projects. Amtrak Cascades Talgo trainsets are the World’s 1st true HSR, engineered in the USA during/after WWII. Broke speed records at the time and still most lightweight energy efficient coaches. I say Talgo ride comfort is better than faster Acela.

Driverless will never be safe. It’s a scam. Disabled and those who shouldn’t drive would rather have help from friends for travel needs. It’s Uber/Lyft ride hailing that want it most. Amazon talks like they expect it to happen, but they don’t need it to continue bankrupting the competition of local small business. Never buy anything from Amazon.

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