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George W Bush’s Support for Jeb is a Reminder of His Disastrous Legacy


George W Bush’s Support for Jeb is a Reminder of His Disastrous Legacy

Owen Jones

As a fan of the zombie genre, perhaps I should welcome the resurrection of George W Bush. The former president has been largely discreet and absent since his calamitous reign ended more than seven years ago: perhaps hoping that, if temporarily forgotten, we would all forget his misdeeds, and history would eventually look at his presidency more kindly.


Shrub desperately trying to pass the War of Error on to "Jeb?".


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Now for some election year levity:

Disclosure:I'm voting for Senator Sanders even though he probably won't stop killing defenseless brown people the world over and will not be able break up the big banks. I simply want to see Hillary lose.
Peace (that's all I really care about, and, oh, breaking up the big banks)


Well, it is all in the same crime family going back to Prescott Bush.


Thanks Owen.....Never Forget

I make a point of clarifying this myself for all those with short term memory loss.
(did I just squeeze in a short joke?)

I see you ran his abbreviated list, the whole list is almost overwhelming.


Thank you for this reminder, living as we do in the US of Amnesia.
Saddam? Invasion of Iraq? WMD? That's old news (translation: who cares?).
The depredation of democracy, humanity, civility that occurred under W's "administration"
is simply criminal.
The fact that he and his accomplices got away with it reflects poorly on us.


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When elected reps. do not represent The People; and when the Supreme Court's extreme right-wing prejudices have it back big business (and/or the power of the 1%) rather than valid Law; and when Presidencies can be purchased... then it is not the vast uniform US to blame for the trespasses of Power.

Of course, those who traffic in this frame do their job: to sustain the status quo.


What will never be exposed is the plan for 911 in 1997.PNAC decided to invade the ME to secure oil and save the petrodollar. The plan was to have a stooge,shrub, installed as a cover for the CIA/Mossad op. The boob was sent to read to children , such innocence, so his reactions wouldn't be scrutinized. For his entire 8 yrs as appointed, by Scalia, presidency no questions other than 911 would be posed. Thereby covering his basic ignorance of issues. Everything was 'national security'. Gee, isn't everyone for national security. Glorify the troops, wow, real controversial.So the idiot skated untouched by probing questions. "Family of Secrets" by Russ Bakers reveals this evil cabal.


SR, I respectfully disagree. I've no more motive to "traffic" or "maintain the status quo" than do you.
I'm as sick of the sh*t as you, and everyone else here.
I admit to having no more idea as to a resolution, short of our fellow citizens taking to the streets in huge numbers, as they often do in other (relatively less populous) countries.
It appears that anything short of hundreds of thousands of us willing to risk arrest (and worse) is going to keep us stuck.


WL, thanks for citing Russ Baker's book.

Highly recommended to all.


JB bringing GWB out into the daylight will most certainly prevent a Bush dynasty "hat trick." I sense desperation.


Republican's heroes are a reflection of:

Lantern of Light's classification:

Lucifer: pride
Belzebub: envy (envious)
Sathanus: wrath (wraþþe)
Abaddon: gluttony (glotouns)
Mammon: greed - avarice (avarouse) & covetousness (covetise)
Belphegor: sloth (slowȝ)
Asmodeus: lust (leccherouse) - later reported as using the name Asmodeum

Barret's classification:

Beelzebub: idolators
Pythius: liars and liar spirits
Belial: vessels of iniquity and inventors of evil things
Asmodeus: vile revenges
Satan: witches and warlocks
Merihem: pestilences and spirits that cause pestilences
Abaddon: powers of war and devastation
Astaroth: inquisitors and accusers
Mammon: tempters and ensnarers

Binsfield's classification:

Lucifer: pride
Mammon: greed
Asmodeus: lust
Leviathan: envy
Beelzebub: gluttony
Satan: wrath
Belphegor: sloth


This is a keeper! Thank you.

(A sad commentary on many leaders throughout our history to the present as well as on leaders throughout the industrialized world: Thatcher, Blair, Cameron - UK; Howard, Abbott - Oz; Steven Harper - Canada: Sarkozy - FR; Merkel - GDR; Berlusconi - IT; Putin - Russia (and his predecessors save Gorbachev) are the more contemporary of the lot.


Whenever I see that smirking piece of human waste it makes me wonder which of his mother's orifices he came out of?


Reasons W. could give to vote for Jeb!
1. You have no memory.
2. You were in the W. admin and you need everyone to forget it because Jeb! will appoint someone worse than you.
3. You are a looter and figure one more Bush will finally give you the chaos in which you can finally be a big success.
4. You are Scalia, Reagan or Joe McCarthy and want someone to bump you off the 10 worst Republicans list.
5. You have always owned the Bush family and want to make some money off it again or at least let you pump and dump the asset.


This is what happens when you follow Fords example of pardoning a crooked president, you get an Obama who decides to do the same thing. Stupid the first time and even stupider the second time. Nixon and Bush should have had their day in court. Evidence should have been presented and a judge or jury should have rendered a decision. Now we can doubt Nixons and Bushes position because of Ford and Obama . I can still remember when I got sentenced to 5 days in county jail for muttering inaudible contemps in court. Inequality was alive and well in 1968. Thank god my lawyer split his fee 50/50 with the judge and I was released. Corruption was alive in 1968.


Well put, yet, mass murderer bush was NEVER elected, so, was NOT a president!


Bush the terrorist coward is hiding in the US because if he traveled anywhere but some scuzzy dictatorship he would be arrested for war crimes against humanity and Earth.

All he has to do to prove he is not a low-life coward is take a vacation in Europe. Go ahead Bush, quit hiding behind Obama's protection and let American voters see what the world thinks of a war criminal on vacation.