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George W. Bush Started an Immoral War. Now He's Getting the Liberty Medal

George W. Bush Started an Immoral War. Now He's Getting the Liberty Medal

Will Bunch

At least the timing is exquisite. Former President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, are coming to Philadelphia on Sunday night to receive the National Constitution Center's much-ballyhooed Liberty Medal, which is supposed to be earmarked for leaders "who have strived to secure the blessings of liberty to people around the globe."


Good analysis. Bunch writes:

“What we need to understand is that America’s failure in not confronting the massive sins of the Bush years — powerful proof that there is zero accountability for elites in this country — is exactly what created the climate for Trump’s warped presidency.”

The role of the horrible Pelosi / Schumer sold-out Democratic Party and the awful Obama presidency in “America’s failure” to confront Bush’s crimes, and in laying the groundwork for Trump, cannot be over-emphasized.

Except to the Dem party acolytes and endless apologists who take up so much space in these threads blaming anyone, everyone, except the Democratic party, for anything.

“Elections have consequences”? So do blatant corruption and political sell-outs.


This is as bad as Obama getting the Nobel peace Prize.


Wow, who let you two out of the loony bin. If you want to end with some blame to go around you can stretch out to the leadership of the left, but for shits sake don’ start there. There is a whole right -wing in this country to go after first.


So just who was it then who did not hold Bush accountable? “America”?


For starters his whole White House and the rest of the administration with perhaps a few dancing on the fence. Then came the rubber stamp crowd. And of whatever democrats fell for the fear mongering weapons of mass destruction story after every one else was already on board.


The Hypocrisy of the Duopoly knows no limits.


Let’s not make it sound like the democrats where next in line pushing for war right behind Dick Cheney.

No Gandolf, however, the Democrats were well represented when it came down to voting to give W his shock and awe(some) little war.

There’s plenty of blood on their hands to go around.


Are you convinced the dems were voting for profit not out of fear of wmd?

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And Pelosi who said “Impeachment is off the table” and Obama who said “Look forward not back.”

You can take whatever umbrage you wish, but the historical fact is, the Dems totally blew off exercising any step toward accountability for Bush’s crimes, when they were the persons with the power and Constitutional responsibility to do so.

Good day.


Remember Afghanistan was supposed to be an in and out affair, and when we were talked into Iraq it was 40 billion and Saddam’s oil would pay for it.


I’m sure fear played a large role in everybody’s choice to support that war.

However, the fact remains, with our system of government, 95% Duopoly driven, and the money that is paid to politicians to support the weapons industries, many of those who said “Yes” to W’s choice to invade, had more than one reason to cooperate with the Republicans.


I’m with you 100%. Bush should be serving time, and Obama isn’t clean either.


War Pigs The Lot Of Them. They All Should Be Serving Time For The Poor Choices They Made.

When a choice is made to invade another country, and commit murder and drop poison all over that country that will cause pain, suffering, and death for centuries, those making that choice had better be 100 fucking percent sure of the facts.


Well, we have common ground. Bush is a war criminal and deserves no medal. But we could hang something around his neck instead.


Hang some bling made from DU around his neck.


And we have never cared about the facts as wars have progressed.
only half minute shorter than marines at morocco

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Sorry you got me. Short on sleep and I’m having to retype everything.

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Take a nap Gandolf.

The world will wait.