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George W. Bush's Infuriating Innocence Project

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/16/george-w-bushs-infuriating-innocence-project


Bush is a war criminal, guilty of crimes against humanity, a serial killer. - Robert Shetterly

Yes, all US Presidents have been, including the Democrat’s venerated Noble Peace Prize winner, President Barack Obama.

There is no doubt that, during his reign, Bush had more people slaughtered. However, by entrenching Never-Ending worldwide terrorist wars, establishing drone slaughter and crowd killing programs, allocating trillions for nuclear weapons modernization, allowing the US to promote AI killing machines,and refusing to prosecute war criminals, President Obama has ensured that, as a consequence of his legacy, the US will constantly slaughter thousands of innocent civilians, on a regular basis, far into the future.


“The long historical memory is the most radical idea.”
–Utah Phillipps


Barack Obama is a serial murderer as well. Consistency in reporting is important when trying to distinguish reporting the facts from what is propoganda and "party loyalty’.

The Drone strikes Obama launched across the world were war crimes. The attack on Libya was a war crime. The support of the Coup in the Honduras a crime, the failure to prosecute any of those responsible in the Bush admininistration was a war crime.

By all means get infuriated when you see GW Bush , serial murderer and war criminal being re-written as some sort of hero and benevolent man. Recognize however that this rewrite of history is the same as it has always been. From Jefferson to Bush, from Truman to Reagan , these thugs and murderers can always count on having the media and the so called “historians” rewrite their Histories so as to give the illusion that American leaders are shining beacons to the rest of the world when it comes to freedom and liberty and principles of democracy and justice. This is done because it can never be accepted that the United States of America is anything BUT these things.

How many of these peoples condemning George W Bush stand up to support the troops and salute when there a flyover of f18s at the latest football game?


To see the degree that Bush’s crimes against humanity have been forgiven and forgotten just do a google search of “Camp Casey” - all you will get is stuff about a US base in S. Korea.


Condi Rice’s most famous quote, “Who could’ve known they’d use airplanes as missiles?” was it’s said followed by “Why is everyone staring at me?” How was it that the Patriot Act was ready mere weeks after Sept 11th? Was it that its intent to suppress dissent had to be ready for the war they didn’t expect would be started by airplanes used as missiles?


Shetterly sez:
“At some point a rude person … will inform Hal that his doting granddad lied shamelessly and persistently to instigate war. … That rude truth may be a bitter pill for Hal and precipitate a storm of questions, a storm violent enough to rattle the Bush family tree.”

Brilliant essay, but I fear this observation is too optimistic by half. By the time young prince Hal is able to comprehend this hypothetical critique, he will have been well and truly innoculated against the effects of any “bitter pills” served by the proles.
It’s as much a part of the family’s DNA as the silver spoons wedged in each of their asses.


“…our political, corporate, media and military powers…”

Isn’t that excessively redundant?


I thought of other “1st” families while reading this, particularly Chelsea Clinton and how much she turned out like her parents.

I also thought of Barack’s daughters, particularly Sasha, who is 18 now and was 6 when her father took office. I remembered thinking back then that kids don’t understand war too well, and it was likely that she asked Daddy why he was killing so many people (in the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa and even South America.) Then again, maybe kids understand war better than adults.

I still wonder how that went over.

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Nobel Laureate Joseph Stieglitz calculated that when the thirty thousand veterans who sustained enormous brain damage in Iraq alone due to the improvised explosive devices and who will be permanent wards of the Veteran Administration die, it will cost the tax payers $ 3 trillion. Leave out Afghanistan, Niger and no telling where else our troops are dying.


The perennially whitewashed Bibi Netanyahu pushed hard for a war by us against Iraq telling us what wonderful consequences would follow, pushed for the removal of Bashar al Assad, claims credit for having Trump cancel the Iran nuclear deal, and now wants us to go to war ( or trash) against Iran. And that monster Bolton, who pushed for the war against Iraq, still claims it as a success, advocates loudly for us to take down Iran. Those who forget the past…(you know the rest).


This article really speaks to me; every word of it!


What a fantastic Dissertation on the forgotten War Crimes of W Bush and his associates.

Robert Shetterly has brilliantly conveyed my exact feelings about the W administration.

It makes me sick to know that Michelle Obama and W are best friends and give each other sincere hugs every time they meet.

I realize that Obama is also guilty of War Crimes that are unforgivable, but they do not seem to aggravate me as much as the Crimes committed by W.

Perhaps my greater bitterness toward W is because he initiated the Fire Storm in the Middle East based on Lies, while Obama inherited his mess and originally opposed the Invasion of Iraq.

Nevertheless, like the author Robert Shetterly I am still haunted by the Shock & Awe Murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis.

I am unable to watch any TV show where Jenna Bush is co-hosting since it is like watching the daughter of a cold blooded killer like Charles Mansion.

It seems like America has forgiven and forgotten the horrific War Crimes we committed against a Sovereign Nation; the ramifications of that despicable Invasion are still causing pain and suffering to the Iraqis that were made homeless and forced to become refugees.

I would feel much better if that sniveling mass murderer W were in prison for his Crimes against humanity.


Not wanting to barf I had to turn off the TV that morning, as was pointed out, all three networks had the same nauseating drivel. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one sickened by the display of this nonsense. NBC does employ Jenna so of course they were gushing. I did feel a bit, and a wee bit at that, of pity, that those kids will grow up in a damaged planet and they can blame their grandpa directly for ignoring and suppressing the NASA scientists that warned the Bush II admin of the growing climate calamity we are all now experiencing. Will Bush II apologize to his grand kids? HA HA HA :wink: Earth will have the last laugh. Peace


I recall the story (sorry, no link readily found) of a few years back, that the Bush Crime Family had purchased a large swath of land, atop a similarly large aquifer, in Paraguay. They’re ready.
P.S. If only the Democratic Party was even half as successful as its “esteemed” counterpart.


P.P.S. To anyone who has read any of David Ray Griffin’s books, you know that even before BushCo got to its patriotic work in Iraq, it laid the groundwork in the U.S.


I don’t think it ever bothered most Americans much.


We tend to judge others by their deeds, while insisting that we be judged by our intentions.

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Dear Bob Shetterly,

I have a copy of your portrait of Oren Lyons, in my mind a living treasure - and thank you for the beautiful rendering. On the portrait his words about Law.

The law says if you poison the water, you’ll die.
The law says that if you poison the air, you’ll suffer.
The law says that if you degrade where you live, you’ll suffer…
If you don’t learn that, then you can only suffer.
There’s no discussion with this law.

To me, Oren Lyons is speaking to the human conscience and heart. By my estimation maybe 99% of human beings can hear his words. Why? Because we’re all part of the same organism and love is the clutch, if you will, in the motor of this unimaginably complex creation that energizes our physical visit here. To suffer means to experience. Some of what we experience is our own making and some imposed.
We seem to be dealing with a systemic cancer of psychotic and schizophrenic lubricants. There is no cure I know of for the pain of the stone of conscience other than living into it with a heart of clarity of soul/psyche and always learning.
Sad that the western/modern systems perverted the ideas of mystery, learning and growth. Live the beauty and speak the truth. Some guy named Shetterly has periodically goosed that motivation in me - and no doubt others. We are more than the systemic addicts can imagine. Never give up! May the refinement of your eye and mind be never ending.


I want to stand with the “We” in your statement. I would have to revise it to read:
The system imposed on us tends to require us to judge others by their deeds, while insisting that which is done in our name be judged by the intentions claimed in the rhetoric sold to the public.

Sometimes it is necessary to stand up and say “Not in my name”.