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George Will Confirms Nixon's Vietnam Treason

Nixon was, indeed giving aid and comfort to our “enemies” the North Vietnamese by extending the war and causing the truce to be rejected. It was and most definitely was treason just as Reagan’s intervention in Iran to stop the release of hostages and stop hostilities was treason. You don’t get to make up the definitions of words or distort facts to protect the guilty.

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They are consistent in their willingness to suborn the rule of law in pursuit of personal gain.

State level GOP assisted by sabotaging public education and privatizing public wealth and resources.

We will find, perhaps in decades to come, that Obama was a traitor as well, and that he was not eligible to hold the office.

No surprise whatsoever. And the fact that he got away with was surely a factor in the William Casey sabotaging of Jimmy Carter’s ‘October Surprise’ on behalf of Grandpa Caligula (Reagan). LBJ did America a real disservice by not prosecuting this as a crime unpunished tends to encourage the criminals only more for it is the pathology of evil doers to keeping doing their nefarious activities until they are caught.

the expert on treason reveals he hasn’t a clue. well done sir!

This may be deplorable, but it does not qualify as treason. And you should all know that.

Instead, I see a good deal of ranting about a guy who has been dead for over twenty years, while a criminal who puts him to shame is celebrated as the candidate of the Democratic party.

Yes. Critically important that we not make the mistake of thinking Kissinger only worked/works with the GOP.

Except for the treasonous demolitions of September 11, 2001, that was worked by our very own Wall Street Zionist corporate Mafia that did away with our Constitution and gave us their Patriot Act and the forever ‘for profit’ wars of terror and aggression and the pending TPP global dictatorship.

Did George will confirm that it was treason? Or just that the communication had occured…

The reason the treason charge was discouraged was because the charge would have been confirmed in a court of law…

As far as the election goes, no one that was alive and paying attention at the time would have thought Hubert Humphrey would win. He was just too goofy to win. There was no way that was going to happen…

By the way, treason would have involved giving aid and comfort to the ENEMY. If this story is accurate, Nixon’s team contacted the South Vietnamese government. They were ALLIESS, not ENEMIES.

The Logan amendment is a joke. Joe Biden violated Logan when he was in the senate. He conducted his own negotiations with the Soviets when he was in the Senate when he held is own negotiations with Andrei Gromyko. It’s no secret. Its even on his Wikipedia page. It is outside of the constitution and it violates Logan. Except for NO ONE every gets in trouble for violating Logan.

And Biden, W.J. Clinton, H.R. Clinton, and Obama.

Do not forget Obama, who has violated the Logan Act many times. Why is he not charged?

Because the cog/ndaa, which is still in effect, makes high crimes and general treason “legal”.

Right — One takes the words of the Constitution as they are understood in plain English. What you ascribe to Nixon and Reagan is not what the Constitution says is, and alone is, treason

And, if you look at the names of the people in the Reagan Election Campaign who committed Treason with Iran, you will find that most of them began their political careers in the Nixon White House.