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Georgia Democrat Leads the Pack in Closely-Watched Special Primary

Georgia Democrat Leads the Pack in Closely-Watched Special Primary

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Tuesday's special primary in the race to fill Georgia's 6th District U.S. House seat, vacated by Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, will be another test of the political resistance to President Donald Trump, after a narrow loss in Kansas last week.

I am probably too jaded/cynical. With an 8.3 mil. war chest on top of a profile that reads like an insider’s insider, the scent of party groomers wafts all too strong. Bought and paid for? Hope I’m wrong.


Jon Ossoff is a typical rich neoliberal Democrat - the new-alt-left should oppose him and support the Republican…

Seriously, I wonder how well Ossoff would be doing in this conservative suburban Atlanta district if he were a “progressive”.


Agreed, except for possibly his environmental positions, I saw little to like in his “pro business” (and no doubt very Israel friendly) positions.

The trouble is, in the upper middle-class conservative suburban area of his district, do you think a real left-leaning Democrat would have any chance at all?

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The D-Party establishment is on board with Ossoff, who, in 1985 would have been a Republican.

In Kansas, they left a Bernie Sanders liberal out in the cold.

Speaks volumes.


It is pretty obvious that the plan is to somehow rebuild the democratic party and waste of time IMHO.
A leopard does not change it’s spots…
We need to support the movement to create a new party, a peoples party.
The idea is to maintain the status qua and create the illusion of change, same old tactic.
No more!


I’ve been voting for “fresh leadership” for forty years, all I get is more warfare state.

He wants to make Atlanta the “Silicon Valley” of the South. Oh? And create more unaffordable housing?


The election commercials are non stop here in Georgia.

It ain’t over tell all the free $$peech is spent.

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In a fair election, a REAL progressive would come in miles ahead of either duopoly candidate.

As someone who lives in this district and will vote later this morning I can’t help but feel a little excited about all the attention.

However, it also highlights a major problem in our politics today. Salon reported this morning:

“When the candidates’ own campaign money is excluded, the Georgia 6th special election has attracted about one Georgia penny for every $10 in national cash, according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis of federal campaign finance disclosures.”

What this means is our little district is being flooded with outside money from both Democrats and Republicans. Is it naive to hope that in the future campaigns will only be funded by individuals, businesses and organizations that actually have roots in a district or state?

Every time I see a political ad on TV I have to believe that it’s likely paid for by an organization or individuals based in California, New York or somewhere outside of Georgia.

With that being said I have to admit if I give any of my hard earned money to a candidate in 2018 it will be to Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii. So never mind.

And in 1870 I would have been a Republican.

Then why do progressives leave so many elections around the country with a single unopposed candidate? You’re like some pseudo tough guy yelling “let me at him, let me at him”, when no one is holding him back.