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Georgia Primary Plagued by Long Lines and Voting Machine Problems Provokes Concerns About November

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/09/georgia-primary-plagued-long-lines-and-voting-machine-problems-provokes-concerns


Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along. It’s just a routine strategy used by the GOP-DNC junta to maintain their fascist stranglehold over politics and the economy in the USA.


In the last 5 days, the average number of CDC-reported new cases in Georgia was 729 per day. In the previous 5 days the average was 625, for a 17% active case acceleration over a five day stretch. That’s Georgia’s second chilling harbinger.

I have been updating CDC-derived statistics since March 22. The upper Northeast is getting pretty clean. However, lots of extremely Republican states seem intent on maxing themselves out lately, putting business first and grandpa’s funeral last. Details at *ttp://quakerworks .net/statecoronavirusstatistics.htm

I count 15 people with masks in that long line and 6 without, as best I can see. The social distancing looks like maybe 4 feet between sets of voters, including duos. Two hour lines, huh?

“locking in an older and whiter electorate…” Yep, locking them in all right. It’s not the immediate transmissions that will take most of the victims, it’s more two or three transmissions down the road that the elders have to worry about.


Looks to me like whatever happens in November… it is going to be ugly!


“poor planning, limited training, and failures of leadership.”

Sounds familiar.


It’s ugly now.


Yes. The GOP. implements voter suppression. The Dems job is to bang their spoon on the high chair and otherwise make a ruckus while not using any of their levers if power to stop it. Together they consolidate their death grip on the body politic.


Georgia’s own and VP hopeful, Stacey Abrams, was going to lead the voting rights reform movement there. As far as I can tell, her actions accomplished very little.

No state should be paying that much for voting machines, as they should be extremely simple and made with commodity off the shelf hardware. With code so simple a (computer literate) 10 year old should be able to read it. Seriously, no state should ever buy proprietary hardware, especially not touch screen voting machines, most of which are insecure.

The voting mmachine should just function to mark a paper ballot which should be readable by people if need be. They should use paper ballots and clear plastic ballot boxes. The faster people can vote the better. I dont think mail in voting should be depended on, however election day should always be on a weekend, or it should be a work holiday.

Just dont make the mistakes we made in my state where the state bought machines with innumerable known security holes when they were already obsolete. Despite being advised by literally some of the most respected computer experts in the world that it was a bad decision, they were determined to do it anyway.


Probably true. But I don’t count Abrams among those who actually have the power to stop the GOP voter suppression shenanigans. For that, I point the finger squarely at the Dems in DC, aided and abetted by their brethren in the Party apparatus — DNC, DSCC, DCCC, etc.

She’s probably acting in good faith, if a bit naively.

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It’s been ugly for four years.


US Politheatrics would be pure farce if only it didn’t result in so much killing all over the world.


Can it happen here? Of course, it can. Look at what has happened so far in 2020. Can’t the officials responsible for the most fundamental right in the US get it right? This situation seems to me very similar to Wisconsin’s: willful neglect to change voting practices during a national crisis that has killed thousands, threatened the lives of thousands more, and has no end in sight.

If these officials in every precinct of every state haven’t figured out a better way to handle the new normal before the national election that will allow every eligible voter to cast their vote without undue delay, dire consequences will follow; i.e., there will be hell to pay!


What state did that?

I like the idea of an Election Holiday, but I expect the usual suspects would loudly voice objections to it. The US has been dependent on suppressing votes for too long to control the outcome of the elections in certain districts and states. That practice is at a fever pitch now thanks to the Repulsicans. I don’t see anybody in those states seriously trying to change that. McConnell the Turtle will move even slower on any measure to change it.




They want to suppress votes not so much because of anything people can do right now, which is locked down by external treaties so we would run into opposition if we decided to fix them (jobs promised away to other countries, they claim)

Yes, FTAs have effectively made it so that right now we cant change much of economic importance by voting, (this is by intent, to lock in bad policy, to give corporations certainty in investing) unfortunately, however, there is always the chance that we might wise up to that so they made escape extremely costly once certain things silently occur… soon it will be so insanely expensive to get out we’ll be trapped unless literally the whole world has a revolution. people will literally be starving, I predict, and we wont be able to fix it.

What a mess…

Here, short PDF on one big problem,


Yes, it’s a felonious farce.

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The kinds of margins that they want only happen when they are protected from competition, oother kinds of things that are coercive in one way or another (outsourcing is one, so they plan to putsource/offshore a lot of in country currently public sector jobs, simply because its cheaper, to do that they have to privatize them, so they are… I am worried, with good reason to be that we’re walking into atrap as far as police, which will result in our getting even worse police, real murderers from the worst Third World countries as subcontractors- We dont realize the dets of capture that already exist today, we have no clue, almost nobody does. Which makes us extremely vulnerable. Its as if we’re in a trial for our lives and our lawyer is corrupt and works for the other side and we dont know, yes its that bad. the whole country needs to unite to deal with this mess and we’re being shamelessly manipulated by both parties that most certainly are in cahoots with one another, what we see is fake. This is easy to prove - just look at the hige gap between facts - as shown by FTAS, and what we’re fed as the truth.

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And one with a folding chair … approaching third world territory when the election is decided before you get to the ballot?

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Between the pandemic, voter suppression laws that still haven’t been addressed, the DNC still screaming about evil russkies, and doing nothing about launching a nationwide voter registration drive, and of course the continual absence of sleepy Joe from the campaign trail, and what we see is all the makings of a repeat of 2016.
If things don’t change soon, Trump is a shoo in for a second term.

There really is no choice … Write in None of the Above. Our children will figure out how to prove it to us regular people … We won!

None of the Above is the people’s choice for 2020 ! Now We the people know we are together on a new way of walk’n and a new way of talk’n.

We find out together what we want to do next.