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Georgia Runoffs: How You Can Help Flip the Senate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/18/georgia-runoffs-how-you-can-help-flip-senate


Is this how you get working class people to the polls supporting democrats—?---What about healthcare—can we at least push Biden’s public option-----?-have a real conversation about healthcare. Florida just voted to raise the min wage------I do believe the State of Georgia min wage is like $5.50??? Run on raising the min wage to $10 right away and work it’s way up to $15.

KEEP IT SIMPLE-------these two issues may be boring but they will change lives and they will win elections.


and don’t start putting boring old NeoLiberals and corrupt cronies in the cabinet until after the election!

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Yep, perhaps… if “our” party would spend less of it’s graft, blatant corruption & obvious bribes on CRUSHING policies remotely Democratic-sounding, for it’s billionaire oligarch sponsors, and DSCC stop being a wholly-owned subsidiary of Koch’s autocratic (frequently foreign) corporatocracy? So maybe, if the party would be more than a crude, sneering, dead-eyed stereotype of oblivious Kleptocracy? Last thing in the world anybody needs, is MORE brain-dead Republicans!



~https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/11/19/chld-n19.html (not exactly, paragons of subtlety, our leaders?)


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So, put your heart, soul, and money into electing a couple of neolib Senators after the Democratic Party just trashed the left for their November 3 losses. Since the left is to blame, I hope the young and progressive of Georgia stay home and let Schumer do it his way. It worked well in Kentucky and Maine. Control of the Senate is an illusion anyway. Who is going to control Manchin, Sinema, and other reichwing Democratic Senators?