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Georgia’s Election Disaster Shows How Bad Voting in 2020 Can Be

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/21/georgias-election-disaster-shows-how-bad-voting-2020-can-be

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Let me correct the sub-headline:

“The state’s Republican leadership did nothing to prevent this democratic disaster from happening, even though it had happened before, just two years ago.”

should read:

“The state’s Republican leadership did nothing to prevent this democratic disaster from happening, in order to ensure that it would happen again, just as it did two years ago.”


The “Right to vote” is secondary in my opinion to the fact that the voter had to vote for one of two candidates that had compromised their principles. With Stacey Abrahms, her support for Israel and her refusal to back a one-State solution, makes her less than Progressive when it comes to a coherent foreign policy. Otherwise, her positions seem inline with all Progressive views. She is a moderate voice, but she stills stands in sharp contrast to the openly pro-corporate Republicans she runs against. I’m not sure of Stacey, but generally both candidates in any election are beholden to a ‘higher power’… and I do NOT mean the public interest!
A Progressive approach would require all citizens to vote. Maybe some nice incentive could be added ($500 tax rebate?) to help the electorate make the extra effort. A Progressive approach would also have a State funded website available to all citizens so as to facilitate an easy examination of all of the candidates in any election, municipal, county, State or federal. But neither progressive approach will ever get the support of the elites. Instead what we routinely witness is that almost all candidates surrender to the Establishment long before they win an election. This is usually because the candidate ended up relying on the Party to bail them out of whatever financial mess they happen to find themselves in.
Everyone should vote, but we also need candidates on the ballots who haven’t been compromised or else what’s the point?

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Stacey Abrams amassed a gigantic sum of money to fund voting rights endeavors in several states via her group Fair Fight – she took $5 million just from the noted “stop & frisk” advocate and racist, Mike Bloomberg.

Yet even after losing a close race in 2018, she apparently, despite her very high profile, huge warchest, and moderate friends in high places, could do nothing to make voting fairer in her home state. In my view, she is either incompetent or a grifter.

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