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Georgia Sen. David Perdue Ready to Save His Ocean-Front Mansion From Rising Seas While Voting to Burn More Oil and Gas

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/13/georgia-sen-david-perdue-ready-save-his-ocean-front-mansion-rising-seas-while


So…he’s doing a CYA move. Imagine how shocked he’s gonna be when his McMansion is swallowed up well before his life ends, say in just two or three years. That’s what feedback loops do-results come faster and faster and no one can model this correctly.
I’m more concerned about the unique cultures left on the Sea Islands, already under intense pressures from developers and climate change. Once they’re absorbed into the Monoculture, our world will be once again be poorer.


Wealthy hypocrites like Perdue couldn’t care less about rising sea levels or the rapidly increasing number of severe storms. They all have heavily-subsidized federal flood insurance, and receive a hefty tax write off for any out-of-pocket costs said insurance doesn’t cover.
The rich really are (in)different.

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