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Georgia Special Election: Nobody Said It Was Easy. They Said It Was Important


Georgia Special Election: Nobody Said It Was Easy. They Said It Was Important.

Jay Bookman

There are two ways to look at it, I guess.

From the point of view of the Republicans, they won Tuesday’s special election for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, and that’s all that matters. Politics is binary: You’re either going to Washington or you’re not, and Jon Ossoff is not. Karen Handel is. Republicans can also accurately claim to have taken their opponent’s best shot and remained standing.


Amygdala charged. Select "R" instructed. "R" selected.


This is the take away: Another failed neoliberal. that is all. Trump barley beat HRC just like Handel barley beat the neolib. this whole "Yet nobody...would have predicted a Democratic showing this strong back in January," is a concessionary lowest common denominator response. Yes they would have-in fact it happened about six months ago. Neolibs are a failure. Plain and simple. Analysis beyond the simple statement is conjecture, excuses and "alt-facts."


Another loss for Team "Corporate Democrat". Lets see, the demographics were favorable, central command downloaded a mountain of cash (nearing the 30 million mark), a campaign that made Hillary Clinton look like a flaming lefty, a deeply hated president, a despised republican party and a bumbling republican candidate that could barely string sentences together. And they lost again (Woo Hoo, only by single digits this time!!). Time for us to move on. The democratic party is a smoldering pile of losers too dumb to understand the obvious. I need a drink.


Ossoff: 'I won't vote to raise taxes on anybody.'

The D-Party: 'Stay the course, imitate Republicans.'

The voters: 'I'll just vote for the real Republican (again).'

The upcoming midterms--when D-Paty voters stay home--are shaping up ugly. On the bright side, David Brock is making serious bank.


It would have been quite an upset had the Democrats won in a district that has voted Republican for the last four decades. Any maybe had Offoff hammered away at Trump he might have won but he choose not to. It might have helped also if he had a stronger resume and actually lived in the district. But he did make it close in a clearly red district in the Bible Belt which gives some hope that the Democrats could surge to many victories in districts outside of the Deep South that are more evenly divided between conservatives and liberals. There are districts where a Republican candidate has to do more than repeat the name Nancy Pelosi to win an election.


Oh Goodie, they almost won. Lets give Mr Offoff a participation medal because we are all winners, today.

How many times does this have to be said. Republican lite doesn't work; you have to give people a reason to vote for you. Doubling down on yet again, another failed Democratic party policy, is shear lunacy. I had to pour a second scotch just to read your comment. Wake Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Democrats are now 0 for 5 in special elections and they still have no strategy for winning other other than trying to out-Republican the Republicans in these traditionally Republican districts. It's a reflection of their national strategy of staying center right with their version of neoliberalism which is only moderate in comparison to the Republicans. Rather than do a post-mortem on these losses, stay-the-course Democrats such as Bookman choose to call it progress that the margins weren't worse.

The bottom line remains that all the Democrats have to offer in 2018 is that they are not Trump, but claiming they are not Republican is arguable. The Democrats remain a party without an identity and nothing to offer voters in terms of real choice. Unless they make some serious fundamental changes, soon, they're going nowhere in 2018. Same old, same old.

On the other hand, maybe the Russians did it. :slight_smile:


Ossoff did worse than Hillary, or didn't you notice?

He outspent his opponent by a lot, just like Hillary. Or didn't you notice?

So why did donors waste $25 million?


This is a state that didn't expand medicaid----and healthcare wasn't a major issue. 14 Men deciding healthcare behind closed doors is not an issue? Trump who polls 30% is not an issue. The largest transfer in wealth to the top 5% is not an issue.----I heard a Rev from Georgia on DN explain healthcare for all in a conservative way.

Why select a guy from outside the district? And all the media said that this was a well off district.Maybe someone will report on the real make up of the district. I live in a district with one of the wealthiest cities in the country---and I'm sure they vote republican,but we have a democrat who supports medicaid for all.

Money came from Hollywood -so don't these people watch movies? How about as a campaign issue support the elimination of donations from corporate donors and special interests like the banks and healthcare industry. The former congressman took bribes from the healthcare industry--what a perfect set up.GET RID OF THE CLINTON CORPORATE DEMOCRATS.


Republicans own the companies that make voting machines and they own the servers on which the vote is counted, without a paper trail in much of any of it. They do it with a virus that infects the entire network then automatically self-destructs, leaving no code trail.

Knowing this, does anyone think this crop of Republicans would do the democratic thing? These folks - apparently ALL fo the national office Republicans used the Democratic Party voter rolls that the Russians hacked from the DNC to call every single person who said they would vote for Hillary. But that's not collusion, is it?

They have something like 2/3 of states gerrymandered to Hell and gone. If voter suppression continues, the Democrats man never be in power in DC again.

Even if the majority is not Republican and not conservative, the government will be Republican until folks get sick of them, and I'll say that won't bother the Republicans a bit. They're quite happy with minority government.


Good thing the Green Party had a candidate in the District.


There was no Green Party candidate running in the Georgia 6 special election.