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Georgia Voters File Last-Minute Lawsuit to Stop GOP's Brian Kemp From Counting Votes in His Own Race


Georgia Voters File Last-Minute Lawsuit to Stop GOP's Brian Kemp From Counting Votes in His Own Race

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Accusing Georgia's Republican Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp of exploiting "the official powers of his office to interfere in the election to benefit himself and his party," a group of Georgia voters filed a last-minute lawsuit just before polls closed on Tuesday seeking to bar Kemp from overseeing the vote count in his own race against Democratic challenger Stacey Abrams.


Krooked Kemp must be jailed for his interference in the election process.

Throw away the keys.


If it were anyone but a Trump Republican I wouldn’t worry about it as much. Being that it is however, this is a no brainer.


The sh*theels always wear flag pins.


can I do ten thumbs up on that notion?
Iḿ rooting for Georgia waking up tomorrow totally (un)kemp(t)!!!

Stacey Abrams all the way!

DN conversations in live stream have the kind of team we need for this election


We need some national election laws. Republican states can’t be trusted with the keys to the ballot box.


I’m thinking that out right election fraud is a Federal crime. This being(?) needs to be arrested and put in jail without bond.


Well watching MSM you would never know that they aren’t generally pro-Trump, almost giddy.

Already, the dominant narrative of the talking heads is that the Democrats perhaps ran too “progressive”.

And so it goes. We are fucked.


I believe you mean, we are clucked.


That too, and then some.


Hey, there are predictions now that Democrats will actually manage to take back the House.

I’m not a fan of the oligarchy, or Corporate State Democrats, but some chance to keep SNAP in tact, and to keep some check on Trump and his Republican thugs from completely dismantling Social Security and Medicare, would be good news in my cluckpinion.


The “Katerine Harris” of George –

This shouldn’t be allowed in any state.


Did you mean to say that they “generally ARE pro-Trump”?

In the end, perhaps every worker in this capitalism f-up will vote for their job?


To be perfectly clear, yes MSM, the corporate ownership, the overall bent of MSM is indeed pro-Trump, pro-Republican, pro-oligarchy, pro-neoliberalism, pro-militarism and the rest.

MSM gave Trump more coverage than every other candidate combined during the Presidential campaign, and MSM will pave the way for what is coming, the normalization of Trump as Trump will remain in the White House no matter what Mueller reports. Part of Mueller’s job of course, is to ultimately protect corporate interests.

Trump is all about corporate interests, on steroids. Thus, in the end MSM = pro-Trump.

In the end, perhaps every worker in this capitalism f-up will vote for their job? I honestly don’t know what your point is here…please clarify for the chicken.


Psych –

OK, so you kind of phrased that wrong in your post –

With my limited viewing tonight across the networks – and I really don’t watch MSM at all –
what I noticed was that PBS seemed to turn to reports by GOP officials for the news – i.e.,
“There was no Blue Wave.” C-span seemed to all day long be avoiding the election but
giving the right wing a lot of opportunity by means of call in’s to call for votes for Trump.
I plan to take a look at some later reporting –

The nation was in high anticipation of this election, but only CNN seemed to be reflecting that
thinking. We have seen more of the inclusion of females in opinion groups and panels and
shown on TV. That was true of a number of the networks. (Exclude Fox, but I only spent a few
seconds on that network and they seemed to have a very effective female right wing propagandist
dominating and who looked to be permanently placed there.)

OK – what’s the vote here . . . ?

A steal by Koch Bros. across the nation – with collusion of both GOP and DP?

Weather here in NJ wasn’t good all day and I did hear a young woman talking with someone on
the phone in a deli suggesting that if they both voted they’d only be “canceling one another’s vote out.”

Disgust of Dems with the Dem Party which made voting for the “lesser evil” harder to do?

Will this demoralize liberals or make them angry enough to work even harder to target right wing?


Yeah Chicken, we get to see Nancy Pelosi as Speaker again.

Corporate Democrats will never embrace the progressive agenda that supports the masses.

Only a third party devoted to the masses, will bring us out of the ashes of the Burning of what’s left of any Democracy we think we have.

Other than that, I’m having a nice evening. How bout you?


Well I haven’t lost my realism regarding the Corporate State Democratic leadership of the party. Of course not.

I rest a little easier however knowing that a fucking fascist with some right wing Republican pricks as his wrecking crew won’t be able to dismantle Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP and the rest of what remains of the safety net.

There is no doubt, even WITH all of what is bad about the Corporate State Democrats, we are much better having some check on this fucking fascist Trump, however withering and imperfect it will be.

There is no logic whatsoever in some notion that a Republican majority in the House would have been a better outcome. Surely many Trump-leftists were pinning their sick dreams on further destruction by the fascist, misogynist, bigot Trump.

As clucking absurd as that is.

As to my evening, yes, I’m feeling a bit better about the next few years, and especially maybe there is a chance I’ll be able to keep SNAP in tact until I can get on my feet, and that there will be some check on this fascist.

I’m repeating myself. Hope your evening is good as well.


What Kemp did BEFORE the election is every bit as important as him being able to count the votes now:


“His own failures to address flaws”? Come on! He created the flaws in the first place!