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Georgia Woman Paroled in Case Highlighting Abuse of Trans Inmates


Georgia Woman Paroled in Case Highlighting Abuse of Trans Inmates

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Ashley Diamond, a transgender woman who sued the state of Georgia for housing her in men's prisons and subjecting her to abuse since 2012, was unexpectedly paroled on Monday following a grueling legal battle.

"I'm overjoyed to be with my family again and out of harm's way," Diamond said after her release. "Although the systematic abuse and assaults I faced for more than three years have left me emotionally and physically scarred, I'll continue to fight for justice and to shine a light on the gross mistreatment of transgender inmates in Georgia and nationwide."


If there is no justice for all, there is no justice for any!

Our criminal "justice" system is a shameful gulag of abuse, delay, false charge/convictions, prison guard sadism, warehouse for disturbed people, and a for-profit mechanism that secures profits through official corruption and jail for non-crimes like cannabis. Hopefully that MO will be smashed and ended - if only we had leaders who actually were leadeers - courageous, visionary and reformers rather than shills for the status quo and profits above all else!


Marijuana ought to be at least decriminalized--reduced to the sort of offense that is punished only by fines about like a speeding ticket or community service to work off the fine for those who can't pay the fine otherwise. The article didn't say what she was accused of or even whether she was convicted or being held for trial. Georgia, being part of the old confederacy, is really eager to re-institute slavery by sentencing as many convicts as possible to hard labor. It should be possible to settle for sentences to community service to get slave labor--especially for those who really do NOT fit in with a normal prison population. It might be better to hold even male homosexuals in women's prisons than to hold them in men's prisons where they are likely to be raped by other inmates.