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German Study: Alarming Levels of Dangerous Plastics in Children's Bodies

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/14/german-study-alarming-levels-dangerous-plastics-childrens-bodies

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Anything you can make from Hydrocarbons in oil can just as easily be made from carbohydrates in vegetable crops like Hemp.
Go back to living in harmony with nature.


Was Jefferson Airplane was a half century ahead of their time with PLASTIC FANTASTIC LOVER ?


This, is why we used to have something called “Regulations.”

To all those out there who think Trump is so strong and wonderful, "He’s killing your kids!"


And agencies that monitored and enforced the Regulations


Y’know, we may need to bring back PCBs to fireproof these plastic kids.


“WHO” do you believe these days:


Of course, as sure as studies show POFA is dangerous and is found in the bodies of 99% of Americans, Trump will open the floodgates and push for massively increased production. After all, science is fake news.


As gruesome as he is, this started way before Trump.


LOL, Not buying that either

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Your tap water is no better. Probably chlorinated.

He’s just adding insult to injury.

I suppose all the old hippies that warned us way back in the 60’s that we were poisoning the planet are clearing their collective throats as we speak…

“I told you so…”
Just doesn’t even begin to cover it.


My case is sixty years on duty. Sure, I went surf’n way back when, But then along came Vietnam, right away people started call’n me a communist. Then came Nukes, Round-up, the building department, Iraq, Plastic pollution control, pipelines, the war on drugs, terror and the war on Earth itself.

Now we have plastics at the molecular level in our bodily proteins. There is no way to force capitalists to do anything; they are backed by military empire and militarized police. A direct confrontation is not advisable. Even so, the design flaw of capitalism is faster and faster growth to infinity on a finite planet. Cannibal capitalists eat anybody who makes a mistake in the rat race, and the race is more and more packed…

Every day normal humans have zillions of brain cells, conversation with friends and associates opens idea combinations using a bio computer that will never be matched by chess play technology or artificial intelligence. This brain power can create a new story underlying a new reality and it will do so as soon as most sees the new reality will be more fun.

Cosmic powered biology manifest as human talks to itself on purpose in many places. More will follow. What will life be like in a world economy that consumes less than one Earth? It is important to gain a hazy outline before capitalism collapses entirely.


1968, I was 17 and this moved me like little else…no, not I told you so, that never holds water…this will help…


Pretty tough to do, my friend, when growing hemp is ILLEGAL!
How the hell that can be is beyond me!


The Spirit moved me. Have a little Sunshine.


You might want to Google Hemp Farming in America.

I think you’ll be surprised.

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Ah, yup.