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German Study: Alarming Levels of Dangerous Plastics in Children's Bodies

Here in N IL not only chlorinated but (at least at one time) Fluoridated. Dunno about today.
Then there’s the Soma of course

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Yes pollution of land water and air, plus the addition of microplastics in our bodies began decades ago but dump’s destruction of the regulatory agencies have left us more vulnerable and without the structure to fight against persistent and increasing abuses


Right you are and even more important than regulations would be a return to a living connection to to the needs of our host.
I don’t mean a return to living in caves or the like ,but a deep connection that allows us to know instinctively whether something is good or bad forthe health of Earth.


Worse than chloride in water is fluoride.


I hope everyone comes back to read this thread and to read this link.

PCB laced microplastic is displacing phytoplankton as the beginning of the food chain and potentially billions of us may starve as a result. The flood of starving migrants will flood our community’s long before the high tides of global warming causing cahos, war, and mayham like the world has never known and no wall, army, or new green deal will prevent it.


Tanks man…I really need it bout now. See my comment above.

Perhaps this is the manufacturing of new human species, albeit with plastic parts, or a sub species or something to truly create a separate so that finally the master minds can say “they” are indeed the “superior” one. Science fiction is made of such ideas. And science fiction often becomes reality.


WHO … The propaganda arm of the petrochemical industry. Most cheap bottled water is Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtered. The process leads to de-ionization of the water resulting in a weak acid that leaches plastic as it seeks to re-ion. In industrial use of RO water, it is piped in special stainless steel pipes. Pipes of common materials would rapidly be ‘eaten’ through.

No, it was that guy who told Dustun Hoffman, (The Graduate): "Plastics. “There is a great future in Plastics”.

But more seriously, the whole “Teflon (later after the patent expired, “nonstick”) coated” cookware thing is a classic example of the modern capitalist method which (per Bernays) fabricates consumption of something that is totally unnecessary nor even an improvement on anything (a properly seasoned cast iron pan is much more “nonstick” and durable). Things are starting to change, but up to a few years ago, you could not find anything that was not Teflon-coated even in the high-end stores.


You perfer cholera and typhoid fever? And many perfectly fine natural water sources (notably wells and springs) have higher fluoride levels than is put in drinling water.

From the article [my bold]:
“The new German research was made available by the government upon request by a Green Party inquiry into the effects of chemicals on public health. Hoffmann said that there has not been enough research on how plastic chemicals affect the body, and how they are ingested.”

i love research, but i strongly disagree that “there has not been enough.” The reason we continue to be poisoned by an ever-expanding array of toxic chemicals produced by human industrial processes is not due to “lack of research,” it is because profiteers run the political economy, and they intervene in the political system to block regulation of their profit-making activities, even when poisonous.

We know PLENTY ENOUGH to ban many poisons, prohibit their use and manufacture and sale, and get them out of the economy. We need to DIS-EMPOWER the looting class, prioritize ecology, and democratize the economy.


That’s why i make my own toothpaste, deodorant and suntan lotion. All from natural things and about a tenth of the price.


Fluoride causes thyroid problems. Doesn’t matter where the water comes from. The fluoride is not for killing diseases like typhoid and cholera. Fluoride is supposed to protect the tooth enamel, and when they were sold on the idea, folks weren’t told about the other effects it has on people. The winner? Aluminum companies, which have fluoride as a rather useless byproduct.


I don’t agree with their saying more tests should be done on animals.


Fluoride reduces tooth decay because it kills or reduces the bacteria that leads to decay. There are much healthier ways to do that. A lot of the fluoride used is a by-product of chemical fertilizers.

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