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Germany Profits from Greeks' Hardships


Germany Profits from Greeks' Hardships

César Chelala
As Greeks suffer in multiple ways the effects of the economic crisis their country is going through, Germany has profited handsomely from the Greek crisis. This is a conclusion of research carried out by the Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH). The study shows that the Greek debt crisis resulted in a reduction in German bund rates of about 300 basis points (BP). This led to interest savings of more than EUR 100 billion (equivalent to more than 3 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) during the period 2010 to 2015.


“A great number of small size enterprises have suffered the consequences of declining consumption, lack of liquidity and emergency taxes. It is estimated that more than 65,000 of them have closed since 2010”: This was the plan all along, the real agenda behind the EU. This was to make the EU safe for big, multinational corporations and businesses.

“There is something incongruous where one of the richest countries in the world continues to profit from the miseries of a poor country like Greece.”: Capitalism’s nature is to be incongruous, perverted.


The return to the Might Makes Right clause is on display in FAR too many places.

The U.S. (under what many intelligent people take to have been a False Flag) lets loose and bludgeons Iraq and much of Afghanistan. That sets a diabolical precedent!

Israel lets loose on Palestine.

The French have regained an “interest” (colonial style) in Mali.

China is buying up arable lands across Africa.

The Saudis are bombing Yemen.

And inside the U.S., barely a week goes by that doesn’t feature either a mad, lone gun-man shooting at a crowd of civilians (or school-children) or a police officer using ridiculous levels of LETHAL force against a civilian… conveniently rendered a “suspect” after his (or her) death. Note how this modus operandi fits the entire protocol of drone killing in Afghanistan: Anyone hit by a drone is de facto considered a terrorist.

When militarism becomes the law of the land–as was the pathetic outcome inside Egypt after its version of “The Arab Spring,” and drug cartels rule numerous Central American and South American (mostly in Columbia) towns, and journalists and environmentalists are increasingly gunned down because the truths they would reveal are inconvenient to the corporate-oligarchic agenda; and when women’s bodies litter Mexico and much of central America and NOTHING is done about this…

Then quite clearly, Mars rules. Barbarism IS on the rise since the ungodly promotion of war, an ignition switch SET by the Bush Junta (and furthered by Obama’s administration since both answer to the Deep State which is itself married to the Martial underbelly that’s run adrift since some of its covert members managed to assassinate JFK, and got away with this crime with impunity) has unleashed demons, worldwide.

ONLY a universal commitment to peace, ransoms paid to those who turn in weapons, and a cease and desist order enforced (how, I can’t say) against the U.S. M.I.C (since it provides close to HALF of the world’s arms and arms trafficking) can begin to turn the M.A.D. ness around.

MILLIONS of US do not accord with this military madness. WE do not give our consent to all this killing. It is NOT being done in our names! THAT is a lie. Mars is not OUR god. Militarism is NOT how WE would see matters resolved. And WE are far greater in number and more evolved in collective consciousness than the barbarians that have taken control of this nation and several others.


With economics, the technical stuff is all smoke and mirrors for some very simple principles:

  1. Those with money are rewarded for having it. (The Rich)
  2. Those without are punished for not having it. (The Poor)
  3. Those who manage the scam are rewarded. (The Banks, and The Lawmakers)
  4. Those who brainwash others into accepting the scam are rewarded for doing so. (The Politicians and Media Controllers)
  5. Those who control resources in line with with the scam are rewarded. (The Corporates)
  6. Those who thwart anyone who dares challenge all this are also rewarded. (The Police and The Military)
  7. Anyone who protests the inherent injustice is spied on, beaten up, jailed and branded a national threat. (People who write this sort of text… or dare go further).


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