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Germany Showing 'Lack of Solidarity' Over Greece: Stiglitz


Germany Showing 'Lack of Solidarity' Over Greece: Stiglitz

- Common Dreams staff

Prominent economist and Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz accused Germany on Sunday of displaying a "lack of solidarity" with debt-laden Greece that has badly undermined the vision of Europe.

"What has been demonstrated is a lack of solidarity by Germany. You cannot run a eurozone without a basic modicum of solidarity. It is really undermining the common sense of vision, the sense of common solidarity in Europe," the Columbia University professor and former World Bank chief economist told Agence France Presse.


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Wow! Greece has completely kowtowed to the Troika and that is not good enough. An even stronger indication that this is about power and punishment, and pushing the global neocon bankster fascist agenda in Europe.

The TTIP is also part of the corporate governance global domination plan (along with its companion TISA and TTP).

I’m looking for some way to support Greece’s transition out of the EU.


Thanks to Stiglitz, and surprisingly Krugman, for speaking out so forthrightly from their privileged positions as esteemed economists, about Germany’s hypocrisy and shittiness in this scam. Can we build momentum to effectively call bullshit on Germany and the Troika?



Solidarity within the EU, and from the USA, are called for. But USAns should not be vacationing in Europe. We need to STOP flying. The larger holistic frame of “Climate. Jobs. Justice.” as the recent day of action in Canada was framed, needs to guide our thinking and our organizing. We need to put ALL our actions in the multi-focal framework of solidarity with the living systems of the Earth, and with all peoples.

Economic activity from dis-integrating the Earth’s ecology (or any exploitation of the Earth’s “resources” and peoples) may provide short-term support for some people, but the “long-term” ecological disaster is upon us, and must be addressed in the very fabric of all political and economic and financial decisions.


Well, there was once Ilse Koch, “the Bitch of Buchenwald”

  • History repeats itself. Now we have Frau Merkel, the “Bitch of the EU,” and Hillary Clinton, the wannabe “Bitch of the Fourth Reich.”
  • Both of them enjoying the misery they can immerse people in, for their own profit and power, and that of their bankster supporters.
  • Some day there will be trials and justice…some day…


Another article on Greece

Europe is blowing itself apart over Greece - and nobody seems able to stop it
Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras never expected to win Sunday’s referendum. He is now trapped and hurtling towards Grexit

Banksters run wild! EU going down the neo liberal economic drain!

Meanwhile back in the good old USA we have a double agent who has returned home

Eric Holder, Wall Street Double Agent, Comes in From the Cold
Barack Obama’s former top cop cashes in after six years of letting banks run wild


Alayne Fleischmann
That was a gutsy move on her part to come forward like she did… I recall the interview she had “Democracy Now”. I remember when she was asked if she was worried about her career. She said something to the affect that she wasn’t concerned, she would get by.
Gutsy lady!
Alayne Fleischmann , unsung hero!


Agreed: Worth watching, absolutely. The bastards want to privatize the planet.


Germany at it again: Fascists! The international community must mount pressure against the criminal 1%. This is happening across our globe. Stay strong dear Greek people and go to the BRICS countries.


Always been an admirer of Stiglitz. Sad to see him resort to the tactic of dredging up memories of the war that devastated Europe and putting Germany’s terrible history on display. Are we now to demand more compensation from Germany to rescue Greece. America did both a noble and self-serving thing with the Marshall plan which served to energize our economy as well as to put Europe on its feet. Perhaps Europe would be wise to do the same thing today, but Stiglitz is out of line despite the soundness of his economic advice.

We have enough villains some dead like Saddam Hussein and Ghadafi, and some still living like Putin, Iran’s leaders and Assad.
Stiglitz should be wise enough not to add Merkel to the list.






Iran’s leaders like say Mohammad Mossadegh? The only reason he was an enemy was his sidelining the power of the Mullahs, democracy reforms, and worst of all the nationalization of oil production and distribution of profits.

The attack on Greece by bloody Hedge Fund Managers and the rest of the Banking Cartel has been assisted by Merkel.

The US assisting Hitler on the one hand, while decimating German cities on the other wasn’t really all that noble.

But then great mythologies persist, like your litany of villains. So when exactly did Saddam Hussein come to be a villain to the US powerful elite pulling the strings in the ME?

You can’t possibly be asserting that US foreign policy only aligns itself with the forces of good right?


Thanks for the link JJ.


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villains ? where are rummy ,Bush, cheney, rice , et al …who invaded whom? are you serious? All lies including 911


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No, only with the forces of wealth, power and greed which, for the US Fourth Reich is mainly masturbation.