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Germany: The Rise of the Right


Germany: The Rise of the Right

Gwynne Dyer

Angela Merkel’s slogan in her campaign for a fourth term as Chancellor was terminally bland and smug – “For a Germany in which we live well and love living” – but it did the job, sort of. Her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) is back as the largest party, so Merkel gets to form the next coalition government. But the neo-fascists are now in the Bundestag (parliament) too, for the first time since the collapse of Nazi Germany.


Huey Long was a demagogue and Trump is channeling him? Seriously? The same Huey Long who advocated for free healthcare for all and setup a charity public hospital system? Who accused Wall Street of hording all the wealth of the country and proposed a tax plan of ZERO taxes for those who earn under $1million, and 100% taxes for those who earn over $10million? The same Huey Long who setup a free university system? And advocated for a basic living universal income? And who actually pushed Roosevelt TO THE LEFT? If anything, Bernie Sanders is channeling Huey Long… and the accusation that he was a demagogue… doesn’t that accusation come straight from Wall Street sources? Hmmmmmmmmm.


From what I know about Huey Long, demagogue (“a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument”) is a pretty accurate label. Donald Trump, to quote another commenter here, won the election by campaigning from the left of Clinton.

Myself, I’d think very carefully before disagreeing with Gwynne Dyer, he’s proven to be correct way more often than not.


Well, I have been contemplating a move to Europe but this gives me pause. Does anyone have any thoughts on Scandinavian countries like Denmark or Sweden? I know that the Danish center right party is in power now and the next election is 2019 and the DF is a sort of Trump-like party that made some gains in the last election. But would they ever gain more than a foothold and turn on even immigrants of western countries? For that matter, would all of the European far right (outside of the UK) ever gain more than just a foothold?


Did the author forget that xenophobia, islamamophobia and pernicious nationalism was largely responsible for the successful brexit vote?


“Houston, we have a problem”. Way that an intended pun?


I agree, a very shallow liberal essay I’d say



Do I hear the sound of snare drums?

Of hobnailed jackboots trodding cadence on the cobblestones?

Is it of Horst Wessel the marching multitude now sings?

Be afraid.

Be very very very afraid.

For this time there is no Red Army to save us
from ourselves.


This article is dangerous and foolish. Many people are driven to vote for the far right because only the far right recognizes the threat to Europe posed by Islam. By self-censoring and tiptoeing around this central fact the author has chosen not to understand his topic.


I don’t see economic distress being at the bottom of this. Trump supporters are not that economically distressed in general. Rather the basis seems to white supremacy. The idea that the white race is superior, at least if the whites are Christian. It involves a combination of racism and religion. The migrants from various countries that are flooding into Europe are causing a backlash, even in countries like Sweden. The US already has large numbers of non-whites and they projected to become the majority in the a few decades. The German Nazis were white supremacists who considered Jews to be a race and an inferior race to the Aryans as the Nazis referred to themselves. Supposedly Hitler’s views were very influenced by the white supremacists in the US South. Improvement in economic conditions will not end this racism. It is too ingrained. Communities need to recognize manifestations of white supremacy and deal with it. It is unlikely to end any time soon and must be fought against continuously by people working for racial equality.


You are being too literal. The author is only suggesting that Trump is channeling demagogic methods common to most populists. Yes the populist Huey Long is suffering by the comparison because he was an advocate for the little guy while Trump is not. However that is comparing policies not techniques. Note the comparison to the horrid Father Coughlin as well. The mention of populists was merely to illustrate that they share techniques if not policies. Notice how Trump pays lip service to his base’s attitudes and manipulates their loyalty thereby. Meanwhile Trump’s talks it up with his base but in reality he caters to the 1%. The disdain he feels towards ordinary people is just part of the role Trump is playing.


It is a historical fact that economic stress encourages civil unrest. When the economic stress is relatively light (a mild recession as compared to a full bore depression) the cracks in society begin to show. Fringe groups and misfits always look for somebody else to blame for their troubles but when economic stresses mount more people begin to listen to their hateful rants. Racists find a new audience to an old script. Xenophobes point at any large groups of newcomers of whatever origin while other hate groups target gays or religions or race but much of the new support these groups get is mostly because others are resentful at worsening economic conditions.

Dwyer is right that the trend to the right in Europe is worrisome. When money is tight, the result is less tolerance for others.


I guess Germany wants to follow the lead of that exceptional nation that goes by the name of USA when it comes to the rise of the right. Don’t do it Germany. We need you and other nations to step up and stop the madness consuming the USA.


The problem for Europe is all the refugees that are fleeing their countries because Western nations have been bombing the hell out of them for decades now. It is not about Islam as you suggest. Talk about self-censoring and tiptoeing around the central facts. The only thing the far right does is incite fear, deflect the truth and blame the victims.


It is premature and incomplete to call this AfD as a Nazi party , it is risen to power on the backs of the populists movements all over the world. Widely supported by east German population and Russian speaking emmegrees it is a party of economic distress regions which is fueled by often employed technique of a racial or ethnic divide . Technique used by Trump, Hitler and other populists.

Unfortunately it is yet another evidence of Putin’s artful KGB style destabilizing operation in western democracies. The case of “raped Lisa” in Germany was heavily promoted by Russian state media , which is very much resembling US Facebook ad campaign to steer racial tensions.


I think the author gives too much credit to the right and without acknowledging the destructiveness of neo-liberalism. Merkel’s lose of votes probably has as much to do with her neo-liberalism as it does with the growth of the right. The author does acknowledge that her campaign offered the people virtually nothing but doesn’t name the underlying culprit as being neo-liberalism.




Which part WOWed you ? Continuous Putin sponsorship of right wing groups in Europe or US?

I , in particular, was wowed on how far 100k investment can go.

But here is a good summary on German semi successful interference


So pretty much what the Great Terrorist State - America has been doing for decades, only minus the coups against leaders, the military destabilization and the influx of weapons to poor people. GTFO with that crap.


The info you provided just proves how Brainwashed & susceptible to False Information you are! Cheers.