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Germany: Thousands Surround US Air Base to Protest the Use of Drones


Germany: Thousands Surround US Air Base to Protest the Use of Drones

- Common Dreams staff

Demonstrators have formed a human chain near a US air base in western Germany to protest against lethal drone strikes.

The demonstration was organized by the alliance "Stop Ramstein - No Drone War", which says the Ramstein base relays information between operators in the US and unmanned drone aircraft on missions over Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria and other places.


The fact is just as Germany prepares for war against Russia , towing the US dictated line as Russia as an aggressor, the majority of the people are opposed to such a war.

Few of us, in reality, live in Democracies. Consent for the actions of our respective Governments only exists in the fictions published by our , or rather their , media.


The world's people are waking up. Many have their own national pride and are sick of being spied on, having their resources stolen by US operated multinational corporations controlling their puppet governments and/or their governments being overthrown by US CIA operatives on top of having US bases on their soil with all the prostitution, drugs and bars our bases bring. All one in the US has to do is take a minute to realize how we would feel if this were being done to us by a foreign government. And guess what? It is being done to us by a government ever more foreign by the year!!


How about also protesting the US and Nato egging Russia into a hot war? Millions of Americans and European should be protesting Nato's Nazi like war footing. Kick those fuckers out of Europe.
Before they kill every living thing on this planet.


Col Larry Wilkerson was asked what has been driving NATO's push to the east since the fall of the Soviet Union. His answer: "Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, and all the rest of them."


Do you live in Germany? I'm wondering what's the feeling of the German people on Nato's push for war with Russia?
thank you


The sleeping giant is awakening.

A bit of hope here from our German brothers and sisters even as we sink to the customary level in the States of coercion and deception.

Go people! Stay the course. Here and abroad.


Thanks for the reply. The reason I ask is because Germany just downgraded Russia from a partner to one of the top ten global threats up there with Isis and terrorism. That combined with
Merkel sending some German troops to Russia's border, per request of the US and Nato. What I know from visiting Germany a few times. I would imagine there must be a lot of outrage Germans at this news.



Hooray for the Germans ! Now all peoples of the world demand that the U.S. bases close in your respective countries. An end to Imperialism and war and weapons sales.


I certainly hope this information is correct.


Solidarity. Vivir Bien.


"On The Road To WW3"
I posted this on a previous article. But I wanted to post it again, because I think it has an important message relating to this article.


Actually, I think we have already conquered Russia:

Putin Endorses Controversial $4 Billion ‘Russian Disneyland’


Yes, all you impoverished folks out there run us out of your business and affairs as we are to fat, stupid, lazy, addicted to the remotes, and ignorant to govern our ourselves or our government, as our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution empowered us to do. We need everybody else to save us from ourselves.


"The fact is, just as Germany prepares for war against Russia.." ?
Please explain.


That should thaw relations quite nicely.


Bravo to the German activists - their action should be an example to Americans!
We have to "surround" the Dem convention sham fraud in Philly with hundreds of thousands!
Occupy Philly!


There surely must be some way to blame this kind of unrest on Putin's strategy to invade and occupy bankrupt Europe and undermine NATOs heroic kinetic actions for freedom and democracy.


That can't be a protest. Where are the barricades, military vehicles and massed formations of police in full riot gear? How can you have free speech as public expression without a clearly defined, rigidly enforced and highly militarized "Free Speech Zone" to freely speak in as folks in the US do?


The incessant western MSM propaganda cannot stifle discomfort at the idea of Drone's and their potential destructive cowardly means to murder others. However, to cut a long story short? How many people are aware that German sovereignty has since the end of the second world war been undermined by the cease fire agreement designed, through Washington's desire to have Europe as occupied territory, towards rendering it a moot point in the scheme of things? In other words Germany, prior to and since unification has been tied hook, line and sinker to western capitalism and its military is obligated to whatever its NATO boss decides is good for it. It has no freedom in the matter. Its allies Holland Belgium and Luxembourg have. So have France and the UK, Italy and Spain. Germany is not so sovereign nor can it be allowed to be free and independent. It can rather appear to be. It can appear to be the leader of the EU too.

The price germany pays for its past to-day is to have become indoctrinated. Its history is one of abject apology. It pays homage to Israel and is in the forefront of propaganda, austerity and emperial design. It has a young healthy well educated and thriving population. It rightly assumes a leadership role within the EU. But it betrays both by its policies and actions. It reverts to becoming more fascist than democratic. It drags its allies along behind the foreign exploits of the USA and in particular its adherence to NATO's agenda and its ever increasing and monumental adventures abroad. It aligns itself under the umbrella of freedom with dictators, fascists and racist ideologists without hesitation. It indulges lies and deceit to expand its greed for power. It betrays its own people and more importantly the entire European project within which it is an integral part. It has pandered to subjective and unadulterated falsification of history and promoted its neighbours to indulge the same. It has done so for what it deems to be, its own interests. It is shameful and unworthy of those many millions of citizens within the EU who have become impoverished and confused, afraid and disturbed by feelings of helplessness. Expect and be certain that European elites will face massive revolts across the European continent before this decade is out. And should war break out, it won't be the Russians or the Chinese these people in tall buildings will have to be concerned about either!