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Germany's Electricity 38% Renewable in 2018, More Than Coal for First Time


Germany's Electricity 38% Renewable in 2018, More Than Coal for First Time

Juan Cole

Germany, a pioneer in renewables among the advanced industrial economies, now gets 38% of its electricity from renewables.


Yes and they increased cement production and knocked down hundreds of thousands of rainforest for palm oil to do it. Three cheers!


Not sure how more cement and palm oil figures into the power production equation ?

Cement is used in hydroelectric dams, coal plants and nuclear plants, none of those power sources been expanded in Germany during the 21st century. Renewable energy projects utilize more metals than cement.

If the US had not been subject to the Kochs, Waltons and Edison Institute’s propaganda machine during the past decade the US would probably be close to 38% renewables today.


Cole sez:
“Note that hydropower was down 16% this year because of the horrible drought Germany is undergoing …”

Ouch. So, the more fossil fuels we burn, the less able we are to rely on hydro for power generation? Seems almost ironic.


Doesn’t Germany charge an insane price for electricity tho?


I just read yesterday that rather than producing coal, Germany will be buying it from Colombia–hardly an improvement, since the fuel used to transport it must be added in to the cost.


What was ALSO said, is that they’ve got more production capacity from renewables, but they basically have to burn it off to save the transmission system, and, well, solar kind of doesn’t work at night so good.

But, there are ways to store energy, things that haven’t been fully explored, or just need further development. Musk is selling Big Batteries, so there’s electrical, there’s the idea of pumping water uphill with your overage, such as into storage containers or basins, mechanical, such as flywheel or maybe like giant grandfather clock weights, chemical, such as using power to electrolyze water, and pneumatic, compressed air. some or all of these means could be used to capture overproduction that goes to waste. If that got them from 38% to 40% that would be progress. But, fallbacks coal and diesel have familarity of use, and reliability. Diesel, it just works. Noble intentions, but you still gotta ‘keep it real’, and not let the idealists go and run off a cliff or something, taking an ‘eco-selfie’…


The Kochs don’t live in Germany, fortunately for the Germans.
It is fascinating that just a handful of Americans can determine what the US does or doesn’t do. That is how Germany used to be in the Middle Ages, when a handful of Princes would decide what the nation did or didn’t do.
It is remarkable that Americans allow themselves to be manipulated to such a degree by the Koch family, a very Third-World thing.