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Germany's Shuttering of Left-Wing Website Denounced as 'Illegitimate Act of Censorship'


Germany's Shuttering of Left-Wing Website Denounced as 'Illegitimate Act of Censorship'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a move critics characterized as a dangerous threat to freedom of expression, the German government announced on Friday its decision to shut down a left-wing website it claims has links to violence that broke out during the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany last month.


How long before CD gets “shuttered”? Nice knowin’ ya, CommonDreams…


No way. Robert Reich probably has more articles published on CD than anyone. Bill Moyers might be next. Reich served in Bill Clinton’s administration and Moyers in Lyndon Johnson/s administration.


Agree 100%. No censorship by government! If people are educated to be so stupid that they cannot discern anything - then it is kind of all hopeless anyway. Has advertising made people so stupid and manipulated that they can’t make sensible judgments. I don’t need government to sanitize what I read.


This is why ALL speech must be protected. Your side doesn’t always get to choose who speaks.


This is indeed “slippery slope” fears made manifest. It is why I shudder when I now see liberals in the U.S. applauding all efforts to forcefully or legally silence the alt-right, despite sharing the liberals’ disgust about what such factions are saying.

The neoliberal controllers will not brook either hard-right nor the anti-corporatists (including anti-capitalists) to the left; as both represent a challenge to the neoliberal order. The last thing progressives should seek is to legitimize the suppression of free speech no matter how ugly, or yes, hateful that speech might be (assuming it is not in itself an inciting of violence or crime). For, as Germany’s action shows, the sword cuts both ways.

Greenwald is absolutely correct about this.


Agreed Alt-Right must be free to express it’s side as we do ours, it takes all types and a variety of thoughts and ideas to make things work.


Sunshine is the greatest disinfectant ------


The revolution will not be reported or televised


Apples and oranges. The companies removing Reichwing hate sites in the USA are private entities and pretty much have the right remove anyone who violates their terms of service (or threatens their profits.) TV and radio stations self-censor all the time and no one gets their knickers in a bind. Having a government close a site is true censorship and is a different can of worms. The power and monopoly of companies like Google or Facebook and the Justice Departments attempts to get info on visitors to the J20 site are serious problems that need to be investigated and fought while private companies removing sites will sort itself out. Google has already restricted search terms that led persons to sites like World Socialist Web Site and other left wing entities but I saw nothing in the news.


By “in the news”, do you mean the MSM; and, not the Internet? The reason I’m asking is that there’s been some reporting of this on Internet sites. For example:

The Truth Will Not Be Googled – Aug 19, 2017 – Claire Connelly – ZeroHedge republished from RenegadeInc.com

…New data released by World Socialist Websites (WSWS) revealed that sites such as Wikileaks, The Intercept, Electronic Frontiers Foundation, the American Civil Liberties Organisation, CounterPunch and many other organisations with the audacity to provide context about the activities of federal governments not reported in mainstream publications have experienced a significant drop in traffic after Google altered its algorithm.…


What the left has got to realize is that we are in the early stages of a corporate takeover with the opposition holding almost All the cards. When we protest we must take a serious page from the civil rights movement and adopt a strong policy of non violence or we will see our civil rights dry up like an earthworm on a hot summer day. Violence only creates resistance.


The right to speech and assembly must be guaranteed but access to venues are not part of the equation. Students and others have the right and responsibility to peaceably protest positions and speakers with whom the vehemently disagree.


The places reporting on the subject are not those with high traffic; in other words, places where I hang out. My point, though poorly stated, was that there has been a ton of reporting on “censorship” of Reichwing sites in the MSM but virtually zero on the assault to socialist sites.


There is a difference between “peaceably protest” and “shut down”


FYI: Read and sign the WSWS petition against Google censorship:

An open letter to Google:
Stop the censorship of the Internet! Stop the political blacklisting of the World Socialist Web Site!

(Note: Google is censoring many other groups in addition to WSWS (world Socialist Web Site wsws.org)
The list below includes COMMON DREAMS and DemocracyNow!)


So one thing we should be doing, is PRINTING OUT much of what we are reading… and keeping it in our possession … this so, if we loose the fight against censorship… we loose much of the info on here… it’s important that EACH NEIGHBORHOOD or family or region, has their own sources of HISTORY… That info cannot be far away in some digital form, that no one can get to once we have trouble with electricity.


Well there is the small matter of postings advocating demonstrators throwing explosives at police instead of stones (along with instructions on how to make them), and the weapons police found in their searches. It is a slippery slope, but there are also some legitimate restrictions.


Thanks for the list.
By the way, I’m in China and I can get all these for now. What I can’t get is google, Facebook, and most blog sites.Most people who read online a lot get a VPN. But it is becoming more difficult, and anyway I always felt it was an illegal thing and haven’t used one.


Worldwide oligarch (capitalists) take over of so called democracy. Small moves forward against capitalist take over and 10 backward.