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Germany's Shuttering of Left-Wing Website Denounced as 'Illegitimate Act of Censorship'


Since when has the Alt-Right been punished? That’s all I’ve seen since the Virginia showdown. For a group of 2-3 million animals they’re getting lots of free air time. ( This is how the Trumpster was normalized and came to power-$2 Billion of free media. ) If you want to market something ( even racism, segregation and white supremacy ) it certainly helps your cause to have official sanction, by the newly formed right wing government, to saturate their favorite licensed media with " news ". Already whitewashed by overclassification kindly labeled to be " in the national interest ". Which is only now coming to cause some national indigestion because it’s coming from the wrong ( left ) side. Poor babies! I feel your privileged pain!
Greenwald is absolutely correct in being an absolutist on the 1st Amendment in our Bill of Rights. Who benefits from defining acceptable dissent? The status quo is aided and abetted by the call for orderly protestation ( nothing organic for the 99s. ) Protesters surrounded ( corralled ) by heavily armed security, with the tanks and helicopters sitting back in the locked and loaded position, hardly feel comforted by the implied threat of massive casualties. Holding a cardboard sign saying No to Neo-Nazis while known KKK and militia members confer and mingle with the police. Just shooting the breeze, I’m sure.


All speech should be protected. Other than calls for violence.

Oh wait, that’s exactly what happened there. That website was filled with comments to start a riot and “bash the fash”


Let’s search through your house for weapons. Ever play co-ed softball? There’s a violent bat, gathering dust, in your closet or garage. Cutting up vegetables for the special din-din? Oh noes… Your leftist ( tell ) weapons give your intentions away. Call the cops!
Meanwhile, back at the statue, chat up the cops while wearing swastika covered armored clothing and carrying your newest and shiniest AR-15. Then, set up the stand for the kill, just like they do on safaris in wildlife refuges.:wink: Good, clean fun, Yes bwana!
Where’s the tape of Anthony Bourdain chatting it up with Ted Nugent before the big hunt? CNN, of course. Fire, Ready, Aim Anthony; got the message, you want that White Supremacist market share. It used to be on the Food Channel(s) but the medium proved to small for the message, perhaps. On it goes as the normalization of the Alt-Right continues because a madman, manufactured by the MSM, is President. But, " oh noes " to the softball players and amateur home cooks, everyone. If your tastes are gauche or you swing from the left side of the white plate, shut up. We don’t want that kind of talk.


I am often tempted to say the majority of American people are TSTSTFE (Too Stupid To Save Themselves From EMPIRE), since I write exclusively on the meta-causal cancer of Empire.

However, this is both too harsh and not really true. Actually, the people have been conditioned with extremely sophisticated guile to be totally deluded, and lured by the ‘media/propaganda sector’ of the Empire to believe that after the collapse of the ‘supposedly last’ “Evil Empire” (aren’t they all, Ronny?) that there are no Empires left on earth — which is close since there is only one incredibly well disguised global capitalist EMPIRE.

It’s just not anywhere near as obvious that this one and only first in world history; ‘effectively-disguised’, ‘truly-global’, and crony ‘capitalist-fueled’ EMPIRE that is continuing to ‘capture’, control, and almost fully “Occupy” our former country as its nominal HQ, and merely ‘poses’ as, America!

Any serious discussion or attempt to educate the American citizen/‘subjects’ of this EMPIRE is censored out of all media (including; leftish, progressive-lite, and pseudo alt-media) to a far greater extent than any the most obscene of any swear words — to which I can attest on all such sites.

With the strongest taboos of any term (when discussed seriously) the word “EMPIRE” is like kryptonite to the EMPIRE — and the Empire expends massive amounts of effort to tamp-down any such discussion. So it is not surprising that only a few dozens of authors seriously address this gaping hole in public awareness.


Disagree, of course, with the German government’s taking down of this left-wing
anti-capitalist site –

But highly recommend that the TWO links in the article (pro and con sides) be read …

Why We Must Still Defend Free Speech by David Cole
NY Review of Books

And …

The Misguided Attacks on ACLU for Defending Neo-Nazis’ Free Speech Rights in Charlottesville
by Glen Greenwald

One thing we can be sure of is that every attempt will continue to be made to confuse the American
public on every issue … which is basically what propaganda of lies is all about.
And YES it does succeed as we have seen throughout all history.

Start with the concept that there is of course a pro and con side to almost every issue –
i.e., PIOWER can be used for good or evil.

And in regard to Free Speech, we fully understand (given Citizens United) that there is a pro and
a con side to Free Speech … and that MONEY is not free speech any more than the spreading of
demonizing HATRED for any group of people is free speech.
In the end it is always up to us to decide whether we are being fooled, whether we are being told
lies, or what the truth really is.

Despite manipulation and secrecy which distorts our reality, we do have knowledge of other times
and other events which can help us as we try to understand current events.

Things are not so easy in our judgment that we can suggest there isn’t ONE exception to the rule.

From the highest perspective, we can relate some of what is happening today to this history …
The history of Organized patriarchal religion which was created to underpin Elites/Royals/Wealthy
and its armies, its violence against those their oppressed in their own interests —
the Inquisition, Hammer of Witches, the Papal Edicts calling for enslavement or killing of those who
were “pagan” – or simply not Christian – all over the world.

And, of course, “Manifest Destiny” and “Man’s Dominion Over Nature” which were the licenses
granted to Elites to exploit Nature, Natural Resources, Animal-Life and even other human beings
according to various myths of inferiority.
And of course, “Introducing the Cross with the Sword” where nations were taken over by Church
via violence and lies.

We also have the examples of the “invaders” on this land, the violence they created which bears
similarity to the precedents of violence in the Inquisition, their violence against Natives and Africans
enslaved here to create free labor for Elites patriarchy.

Our Founders sadly supported these concepts and not only carried this violence forward for the
benefit of Elite patriarchy/wealthy, but BETRAYED the population of this new nation by actually
creating an Elite Patriarchy, continued the war on the Native peoples here, and saved and
supported the system of Slavery for the benefit of Elites.
This, of course, guaranteed the Civil War which also further benefitted Elites by splitting the
population into two camps of hatred which echo on today.

One of the things that I will say about the right wing racist poster that I have personally experienced
is that they are often now grouping together in gang posts to call for the MURDER of Jews.
Certainly that is the kind of HATE speech in question here because it is the end result of HATE speech,
as we’ve seen with Jews, Women, Homosexuals, Native people, Africans.

All of this will take some time to work though –
While we cannot be so naïve as to think that any liberal organization cannot be corrupted from
the top down, we also have to understand how anxious the right wing is to condemn and get rid of
the ACLU.


Not sure what that makes you who are fathoms below him then.


Disagree, of course, with the German government’s taking down of this left-wing
anti-capitalist site –

But highly recommend that the TWO links in the article (pro and con sides) be read …

Why We Must Still Defend Free Speech by David Cole
NY Review of Books

And …


ama –

Religion, of course, played a large role in the delusion … “The meek shall inherit the earth” … :slight_smile

But with respect and admiration for those who will refuse violence always, I understand their point.
Any revolution must be non-violent, but we couldn’t assure that it would remain so.
Some will say, “If there is to be war here, then I hope I no longer exist.”
As we watch the murderous conditions US/CIA has imposed upon the Middle East and Muslims with
one million dead and likely more, I understand those feelings.
And when we understand the pain and suffering brought on the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
by the US then I wonder what other nation will show us mercy should the same happen to us one day.

Empire is really a rather neat and clean word – we have movies about it – like “Jewel in the Crown” but
they show very little of the actual violence behind the scenes which is required always to run an Empire.
And in some reading, I understand that Roosevelt was not about to allow Churchill to resume British
Empire - though it didn’t look like they had the funds to do it at any rate – but seemingly Churchill was
able to delay D-Day for two years (overall extending WWII from 3 years to 5 years) with various excuses
in hopes of that cause.

And while NSA and spying on Americans 24/7 has been exposed, it’s become just one more reason for
revolution added to the very long list.
If you’ve seen the movie SNOWDEN, of course, you recognize the true dangers to the world US/CIA represent.

SECRECY, as well, is very little discussed which means that we really have no idea of the reality of this world
and this planet and the clues left in Roswell and other histories of the world and the stars told by native peoples
who existed here. Seemingly one of their first questions to Columbus had to do with the “Star” people.
Other clues from Roswell are added to more ancient clues told and etched into rock by other keepers of history.


VPN illegal?


If it’s a publicly owned or controlled venue it does. As soon as the government starts picking and choosing who gets to use “public space” it’s regulating speech.

POOF - there goes free speech


Well, virtual private network is a way of getting around restrictions set by your country, your location and who you are. As a foreigner in China, I try to play by the book. At any rate, it looks like things are headed more toward a stricter observance of the rules already set. I must say that I don’t miss Facebook or Twitter.