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‘Get A Life’: Clinton Bashed Anti-Fracking Activists During Private Labor Meeting

My first thought too. To not remember this disaster is unforgivable if she is going to push for nuclear power. Actually we haven’t come anywhere yet. If she wants to advocate for nuclear power it’s going to take a completely different type of reactor than any that have been built in the US so far which means starting small. Even if you are serious about nuclear power as a solution, the last thing anyone should be advocating is the same damn crappy designs we have now.


I’m sure you will like Trumps environmental policies. And assuming you don’t, you will fight mighty, but vainly, just to get him halfway to Clinton’s environmental policies.

And yes, anyone who asked a politician to “promise to never take fossil fuels our of the earth again auction” does need to get a life. Maybe they should ask for something more doable like a unicorn in every garage.

Any new reactors currently being built or will be built in the US are much improved, “walk-away” meltdown proof Generation III types like the AP1000.

Somehow, I suspect that there were geological reports indicating that NY State did not have much shale gas anyway…

I think you may be thinking of Vermont, which also has a fracking ban but has few shale gas resources. But the Marcellus Shale and the Utica Shale extend from PA into New York. The Southern Tier of NY (where I live) was a particularly attractive target for the industry.

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Gosh Yunzer, I didn’t realize you were such a big fan of fracking and nuclear.

You plan on vacationing at Fukushima?

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Yep, it’s gonna be a long one. The struggle to defeat the vile and dangerous HRC administration, that is. Never mind expounding the obvious; we know about the dangers and damages of oil economics. What needs focusing is how to thwart the neocon agenda once and for all. Short of taking the cause to the streets I don’t know. Boycotts of mainstream political wealth are the most effective but I don’t see any organized political opposition in that direction.

Fracking has been going on for generations along the coast here in California without all the problems that I read about in other areas. Hillary may be right about anti-fracking activists. A lot of the claims against fracking seem like hysteria to me. The anti-fracking groups need stronger arguments than just name calling.

Many, many people worldwide were and are working to protect their homes, families, and indeed, the entire planet from the continuing harm caused by dependence on fossil fuels. This gargantuan task should not be made even more difficult by remarks such as those quoted above; in recent days these remarks have been cited over and over again in conservative media in an attempt to marginalize environmentalists and validate pro-frackers and climate-change deniers.

The above is critically important. Her supporters, and progressives who are voting for her because they fear Donald Trump, must challenge her on her support for fracking. Otherwise, because it is primarily right-wing media covering the emails, her pro-fracking comments and her campaign staff’s endorsement of fracking have gone uncriticized. She should not have any illusions that progressives will tolerate an administration that promotes natural gas fracking.

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I’m sure you are incapable of complex thought. I’ll try to make this basic for you so it is not too difficult to follow.

When I expose the views of X candidate, it does not automatically mean I am for X candidate’s opponent.

If you have any questions, I’m around. I can provide a walkthrough to help you grasp the concept.


Here’s our new, improved version that is 100% GUARANTEED never to go into a meltdown!

Never say never. Not to mention that you c
an’t trust the nuclear power industry.

Two things to consider:

  1. The gas/oil industry likes to argue that fracking has been around for decades, and, technically speaking, that’s true. But the particular type of fracking that has generated so much concern is shale fracking: it combines high-volume hydrofracking and horizontal wells. This type of fracking is a relatively new development and most definitely has not been around for generations. It uses a nasty mix of chemicals and far, far more fracking fluid (millions of gallons of fluid per shale well) than the type of fracking that has gone on for decades. Indeed, the same gas/oil industry that uses the “fracking is old” argument also uses the “look at the wonderful new shale fracking technology that we’re using” argument.

  2. A lot of the fracking that is taking place now is happening in areas that are much more heavily populated than the areas where gas and oil extraction have typically occurred. Having a multi-acre shale gas well pad placed literally in your neighborhood is a lot more dangerous and troubling than living a couple of miles from the nearest gas well (not that the latter is so great either). There are places in PA where the distance from a gas well to the nearest home or school is measured in hundreds of feet. And there are places here in NY where major gas transmission pipelines are literally in people’s back yards. And there are places in PA and NY where major, multi-acre gas compressor stations were constructed in the middle of residential neighborhoods.

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Hope you don’t mind… used your post on face book…

Thanks for the reply. I will read up AP1000, but a quick skim of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generation_III_reactor makes me think I will stay with my conclusion that as a voter, I will never support zero new Gen III designs (of which AP1000 is one). I will consider Gen IV research reactors and if they are working well, scaling them up. But that will never be a magic bullet and we are going to have to implement a lot more conservation and renewables in this country and worldwide, we still have to wrangle in population growth.

She’s for fracking, nuclear power (where we’ve had numerous leaks but not mentioned in MSM, drilling for oil and she has sold public lands to Russia for uranium, among numerous other selling of public lands. She IS NOT AN ENVIRONMENTALIST!!! A true environmentalist knows this. And no, the real environmentalists (not those who simply pay lip service) are all against fracking, oil drilling, especially in public lands and are for renewable energy.