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Get an IUD While You Can


Get an IUD While You Can

Olivia Alperstein

As soon as the presidential election results were announced, alarm bells went off for anyone who cares about reproductive rights.

Lawmakers around the country have been moving for years to restrict abortion rights. But for millions of women who’ve taken proactive steps to prevent unplanned pregnancy, there’s a much more direct threat: the next administration coming after their birth control.


Like any medical device, IUDs have associated risks and are not for everyone. Do your research before you decide.


Evangelicals have used the GOP as their main platform in their war against women for a few decades now. They have already lost the culture war they waged against the LGBT community, so now they are bringing up all guns in their last stand against equal rights.
It was never just about abortion. Abortion was just the first step in Christian conservatives master plan. That plan of course is to establish a Christian caliphate here in the US where women can be removed from public life. In the future, women will only be permitted to perform housework, child rearing, and felatio.


This is a great way to get women to hate Trump, convince them its his fault they needlessly had an IUD inserted. Those things are no fun, and if you haven't already given birth I'm gonna speak up for your cervix here and say "fuck no". Order your birth control online through one of those Canadian sites like everyone currently saving boat loads of cash is already does.


Killary would have been worse on reproductive healthcare. Plus, nobody was going to fool me into fear voting. Trump is breaking up the corrupt system and Revolution is just around the corner. After justice Cruz makes a 5 member conservative majority on the court, the vile DNC will finally have gotten our message and begin to fight for the reproductive rights we lost.


There are a number of different IUDs and there are different sizes. There are those for females who've never been pregnant. They are as effective and sometimes more effective than sterilization. Fertility is unaffected after the IUD
is removed. There are IUDs that utilize copper and those that utilize a hormone. The affect is just on the uterus and
not the body. With a smaller IUD it's effectiveness doesn't last as long as for the larger ones which can last up to 12 years for the copper and 7 years for the hormone IUD. Periods diminish with the hormone IUDs and may increase with the copper ones. They can be removed at any time.


The risks associated with pregnancy are greater than those with contraceptives. 50% of all pregnancies are unintended.


As in ramping it up to eleven, yes he is breaking up the corrupt system. Although him making this more obvious might just promote a Revolution. I would say one could hope but we saw what 8 years of "hope" got us.


KC2669's comment was a parody of the dominant attitude of the commenters here on Commondreams - although many of them have been AWOL since November 8.


I have noticed the AWOLness too. Wonder why?


IUDs are associated with infections that cause sterility and also other very nasty complications, such as ectopic pregnancies.

One should be cautious about their use.


Guess you forgot that women serve in the military, are the majority for heads of households, Serve in the congress , are in every profession including CEOS. The fact that there are some women who are anti female - well I can't wrap my head around that. There is a million woman march scheduled for January with many men joining.


What does that have to do with the economy, defense and the rest of public life?


Are you from the US?


Why? Because they probably did not vote- just got wrapped up in the excitement.


That still is personal , and should not be associated with political.


What does that have to do with politics?


I guess you've been dreaming again.


Women voted for Trump! Still cannot wrap my head around that.


Yes I am