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Get an IUD While You Can


Absolutely nothing, other than being a comment concerning the all-too-casual headline to the article. Just remarking on the damage I have seen caused by the IUD. One should also take care in crossing busy roads. That has nothing to do with the economy, defence or public affairs either.


Well okay then.


Thanks for your email. My comment was not meant as a political comment in any way. As an OB/GYN I know many people
for political/religious reasons stress the side effects of contraceptives and I was just trying to put things in perspectives.




Thanks for your email. My comments were not intended to be political in any way. They were intended to provide information about IUDs.


MEALOUTS IS A TROLL, you don't need to respond to him, thank you for your ruminations.

you seem to be in favor of non hormonal IUD's over say the nuva ring. I still am highly concerned by the prospect of smaller IUD's for women who have never had a child, this has got to hurt...A LOT, RIGHT?? And aren't the risks of IUD's falling out real? Then you have an emergency situation, or at the very least an urgent one. You suggest its less risk than a pregnancy, but compared to alternative birth control methods... (like the nuva ring)?


I can tell you why, because the mainstream media started to shit all over Trump! So, we got our fill, while sitting on the toilet, flipping through news stories on our iphones, giving everyone pink eye, but we will never be without a the need for places like commondreams.org.

Now either shoot up a place of worship or piss off, everyone has far important things to attend to.


I’m in favor of women having a choice. We always educate them about checking for the string
every time before taking any chance. If a chance is taken we also tell them about “morning after”
pills and a copper IUD which can be used for an emergency. For any pain ginger seems to be an
inexpensive, side effect-free alternative to pain pills. More pregnant women have serious vascular
complications than any IUD or other contraceptive user as the science consistently shows.