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'Get It Done or Don't Call Me Again': GOP Admit Their Tax Plan Is All About Rich Donors


'Get It Done or Don't Call Me Again': GOP Admit Their Tax Plan Is All About Rich Donors

Peter Certo

It’s unpopular. It’s expensive. But the donors want it.


Fire up the guillotines and start with the donor class (b/c they seriously have NO class)! After we have dealt with at least a baker’s dozen of the narcissistic hoarding dregs we move on to our elected whores by giving them an offer they can’t refuse – pass laws demanding the 1% repatriate their off-shored trillions and tax a-a-a-l-l-l-l-l of it at the Eisenhower rate, or … join the dregs in the loss of their heads!


You always new the day would come when you will have to fall on that sword for you’re masters…The sacrificial political lambs…


This is the opportunity for Repubs to stand up straight and show some spine. Tell your donor class to F**k themselves - the 99% are those who need our attention. Though a life-long Dem, I{ do believe we need more, not fewer parties, and all who want to be called “leaders” - as in political, must truly care for the masses of people who are desperate for America to lead. The current tax cut garbage is for cowards and the elite of greed and avarice. Show spine you Repubs and you will gain stature, votes, and you could even claim and gain some grass roots donors - see Bernie Sanders.
Tremble at the voices and insane demands of your billionaire class and you will be thrown out by voters.

Good luck - courage or cowardice - you choose


Every single Congressman or woman, every single Senator, regardless of party, that votes for this tax plan should be voted out at the end of their term. Replace them with people who do not place donors over the citizens of the USA.

They will not get my vote and hopefully not yours either. That is my pledge to myself.

We are destroying any future of this country if we don’t make several changes quickly. Right now, we do not have a Congress that believes in us; that truly believes in this country.

We have the power to stop this. We have the power to force change.


Chris Coillins is from New York, not New Jersey.


Exactly what is that supposed to mean? Even after mentally cleaning up the grammar and spelling mistakes I still don’t get it.


Sorry, but unless we can dump all of the Party of No and at least half the Dems next year we are going to be stuck with a increasingly bloated oligarchy until the revolution. Our over respected Stupreme Court’s asinine attitude toward money equaling speech has done exactly what Roberts apparently was trying to do, drown out our democratic voice. Money doesn’t talk it swears (B. Dylan) and the top tier are acting like drunken sailors.


Once you rent out your soul the tenant tends to fight eviction.