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Get Ready, a Potentially Record-Breaking 'Heat Dome' is Coming


Get Ready, a Potentially Record-Breaking 'Heat Dome' is Coming

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A massive "heat dome" is heading for the U.S. that will bake much of the country to potentially record-breaking temperatures next week, the Washington Post reports.

Only the Pacific Northwest is expected to escape the heat wave, while the rest of the country can look forward to some of its "hottest weather with respect to normal," the Post's weather editor Jason Samenow writes.


Heat baby! Heat!

Summer's here and the dying begins. Pray children for an early winter when the living is easy. Grandma dies and Grandpa too. Poor baby born just to die along with them too. Asthmatic's heart wearying in the struggle to breathe. Too hot to live ...too hot to work ...too hot to go out and too hot to stay in.

Oh Lord hear my prayer. Let there not be a power outage else I die right then and there. Oh Lord of the holy Air Conditioner, spare us. Let there not be a power outage else I die right then and there!

Heat baby! Heat!

...and we are only just beginning when you think about what will be in store in the years to come.


Not surprising, I guess, but the words of Country Joe have been running through my head a lot this week:
"Whoopee we're all gonna die!"
Not that that brings me any comfort.


Congress has subpoenaed 350.org to explain why Exxon lied about climate change. Why the F... would these fools ask 350.org. Why not just ask Exxon why they lied? Is stupidity a natural trait among Republican Legislators or did they attend Trump University to learn stupidity?


While many are arguing about or lamenting over this dreadful “election cycle”, human induced climate chaos is ramping up in ways that are new for every living being . . . every living system on earth.

I write this today in the midst of massive flooding of streams, rivers, lakes and giant trees that were downed by straight line winds throughout the north woods of Wisconsin.

In my many decades of knowing and loving this area I have never before witnessed such devastation; invasive species, dying trees and extreme weather incidents like the one that roared through 2 days ago.
We hear this every day from different parts of the world post extreme climate event: "I've never seen this before . . . . . "

Particularly hard hit was an area by Lake Superior: http://www.kare11.com/weather/storms-ravage-wis-roads/270710382

Human induced climate chaos was predicted by James Hansen (and others) years ago.

A warmer atmosphere will hold more moisture and will then produce more torrential downpours. When you are in these downpours, it truly feels apocalyptic. And the WINDS . . . . . !!!!

And now this heat dome is going to infiltrate most of the country.
Just checked the forecast for Chicago area-----90-100 for 7 days!

I don’t even know what to say anymore. It’s completely insane how humans are knowingly (??) destroying the life forces of earth. It is beyond comprehension that climate change is reduced to practically nothing in the presidential race. We've got fossil fuel funded, pro fracking Clinton and climate change denying Trump (yes, I know, there is Stein)

Catch the last part of Democracy now-----I agree with everything Eddie and Langston Glaude state regarding race, the status quo, climate change, this election and their response to Sander’s endorsement of HC.


Speaking of temperatures, when are Americans going to start using Celsius?


I know that's right. Denver has had almost straight 90's since June. 90's used to be occasional here.
So where are the Democrats? Republicans are nuts but what about the Dem's?
What has Obumer and the Clinton's done to push climate change policies that will help the planet. A day late and a dollar short. In many cases they are as bad as the Repugs. All the climate summits and meetings that have come up with nothing, guess they want to go down with the ship. Freaking corporate pigs. I hope it hits D.C. especially hard, you think that would wake them up?


As tthe song said - We've only just begun ...!

You note how people are saying all around the world at how they have never seen this before. None of us have nor will we just ride out this storm... An endless worsening of the climate faces us.

What isn't being said ( except by Hansen) is just how swiftly these big changes are starting to happen. Think back only ten years and you didn't see these torrential floods and killer heat domes

We gaze at the future and envy our past.

In a heat dome... Any power outage will cause old folks and the infirm to die. That is our present and it is just a fact.

Sister, if you are rural it would be wise to get a generator which can power an air conditioner.


Worldwide greed, stupidity:



Solar paneled, earthen home wereflea! It is cool underground, high on a mound, dry and a bit safer from tornadoes/straight line winds and falling trees.

That does not diminish my abject terror and deep grief as I watch the world burn and flood.

Nor will it guarantee safety. Foolishly I thought the more informed I was about AGW (anthropogenic warming) and habitat destruction the better prepared I would be emotionally for environmental collapse.

Not so. Still walking around in shock after this latest storm and as you stated---we've only just begun and it is happening fast isn't it? And we still have some (albeit dwindling rapidly) arctic ice!

My stomach is in knots while trying to maintain a brave face for my daughter.

The impending heat wave is no laughing matter. It most likely will be very deadly.

On a happier note------I love the Carpenters (Crescent Noon)!

But this song is more apropos (thanks to Paul Beckwith for posting it):


Hug your kids, spend time with those you love, smell the roses.

Be. Here. Now.


We're doomed.

You can thank greedy rich people for it.


What I understand is that they are not asking why exxon lied, but what agenda the 350s' are pursuing by going after exxon. The subpoenas are by the deniers in congress, not only to 350 groups, but also to state attorney generals who are suing exxon for hiding what exxon knew decades ago. The object is to scare off people from going after exxon.


Thanked you for it the first time you posted it but lol thanks again.


What do you mean doomed? The goose is fine! She's just a bit tired. Just one more golden egg ... Just one more. She'll be alright. Just one more golden egg.


So when you say climate scientists lied then I guess you believe that the melting North Pole is all a big fake right? Hmm? How do they manage to fake all that missing ice anyway? Boy that is really sneaky to do that?
Really sneaky!
Also why would tens of thousands of scientists all lie about the same thing when the oil companies would pay them to say climate change is a fraud? You'd think they'd rather take the money instead?

Oh and by the way... Try to remember that it is all just a lie (according to you and Trump) when next week the heat stops pretending.


If you think this is bad,

Just wait until Clinton starts a world war. I've noticed that global temp increases always correspond to a few years after global conflicts, even including the massive emissions of my war Desert Storm. The Persian Gulf still hasn't recovered from hundreds of oil wells blown up prior to us getting there. The sky was black with this goop dripping everywhere and it was dark at noon. The chit stuck in your throat and you realized that war is worse than any other option.


Also on that note, follow the weather patterns of areas after fracking! Thanks for video, we really are doomed. Mother Earth will prevail. Humans, not so much.


They have enough trouble pushing global warming with temps at 100F. It's gonna be a totally lost cause at 37C.


For decades, we've been 25 degrees above normal -- what they're saying is we're moving
into weather which will be 35 degrees to 45 degrees above normal.

Normal has been buried in the records --