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Get Ready for Bush 2.0


Get Ready for Bush 2.0

Peter Certo

Political reporters have a saying: There’s always a tweet.

That is, for nearly every political moment or presidential decree, there’s an uncannily on-point comment buried somewhere in the presidential Twitter feed. Often it features the president expressing a past view that’s diametrically opposed to whatever he’s doing now.


Everybody get your old shoes out. Bush may be gone but we can throw them at Boltons head.


Congress must have learned something from Bush and certainly the public has. I don’t think there is that much left in Syria to destroy. We have done Iraq. How did that work out? It is pretty much agreed by everyone in the country except Bolton that bombing North Korea would be crazy. Probably Iran would be the most likely target for war mongers. Would Congress go along? I doubt it. The Iran nuclear agreement seems to be working although the hawks might create false evidence that Iran is cheating. The Iranians are always careful not to anything that would lead to an attack by the US. I would say there should be a concern about events in the South China Sea. There is a contest for power between China and US in that part of the world and other counties with claims on islands could also be involved. And Japan and China are both important powers in that region.


With his popularity in the toilet Trump had to bring in the war hawks in order to precipitate the war he needs to bolster his sagging reputation. Of course he sang a different tune before he was elected, in his state of narcissistic denial he had no idea of how despised he was to become and so, had no clue that he was going to need to Trump up a war in a futile attempt to save his reputation.


Screw the shoes. Get your heaviest, steel-toed boots!


I really want to hear my mother admit that she was fooled by rump’s campaign rhetoric.


Radical, I like it.


And where, and to whom, does much of that money go? It has been gushing like Deepwater Horizon for 17 years now, with no signs of ever stopping! As a wise man once said:
“Follow the Money”.


Our “economy” has something very much resembling an opioid addiction to ongoing war.
Do not expect peace to break out. Seventeen years at $32 Million dollars/hour is a powerful drug.


Forever wars instead of freedom and progress. The American way or bust.


Congress has learned nothing at all. That was demonstrated in the last few weeks by its refusal to end the bloody and immoral fiasco in Yemen.

No leadership in Congress is what has us here. Only Russ Feingold voted against the Patriot Act, and only Barbara Lee voted against AUMF.

There will be no change until something drastic happens, and by then it will likely be too late. As Ben Franklin contemplated, the American experiment has been a spectacular failure.


While every academic, well educated and well informed person agrees that John Bolton should be in prison for crimes against humanity, we all debate his punishment. Many don’t believe in the death penalty, especially for mentally challenged people (like Bolton), but are willing to make an exception in Bolton’s case due to his especially egregious behavior and the resulting carnage that Americans still have to deal with.
Personally I would not execute Bolton for his serial killer mentality and his slaughter of innocents around the globe, but I would rather place Bolton in a secure psychiatric facility where we could study this monster and try to figure out how he ended up such an enemy of the American people (and the rest of the globe!).
Our current reality though is that this incredibly naive right wing hawk is again back in the White House determined to wage war against any and all that try to curb corporate domination of our society. Bolton believes that the Boeings, banks and Big Oil companies of the world should run the planet and damn all those who stand in the way. This is why Bolton is such a favourite of MSM. Whether it is FOX, CNN or CBS, none of the networks can get enough of this professional clown. The network sponsors insist on nothing less and the more drivel that we’re subjected to by Bolton and his ilk, the more likely that the public will accept his philosophy of ditching the 99% to increase the bottom line for Wall Street. Bolton in dangerous, delusional and immoral, but he is a company man first!


More precisely, Bush 3.0.