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Get Ready for Round Two: GOP and White House Work to Revive Fast Track


Get Ready for Round Two: GOP and White House Work to Revive Fast Track

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Even as they celebrated last week's quasi-victory against clandestine, corporate trade deals, civil society groups warned the fight over Fast Track was not over.

They were right.


Rep. Coward stated that s/he was against Fast Track before s/he was for it.


“The self-licking ice cream cone” the military industrial complex - contractors and minions that drive the secret world that has been driving the “terror” model of influencing policy is the hephalump in the rum. This seems to me to inseparable from the war on whistle blowers. And it is drunk on power.


If there is anyone out there who believes this, and every other trade agreement they can dream up, won’t pass eventually, then I have a bridge I want to sell you. Corporations own our planet. These people marching in the street are wasting their time. Until we topple the U.S. Empire, nothing will change. Get yourself some good gin, some good chocolate, sit back and enjoy the end of the world. That is the only possible outcome for this species.


Do you have an old rusty musket, a drum and sticks and a flute? When I read remarks like yours I think of people who urge others to attack the machine gun nest and say, " I’ll be right behind you. " Have you ever shot someone? Have you ever been shot? Have you ever disarmed someone with a serious weapon? Like I’ve mentioned here before, my friend Eddie was a 19 yr. old, sign waving protestor, at Kent St. when the bullets flew. He was 15 ft. away from catching one. SXIT HAPPENS is my favorite tee shirt because it’s been true and depressingly accurate since my days in Oh Bee ( Ocean Beach ) in the 1980s. " Careful what you wish for, you just might get it " is something else you might consider before saying the only answer ______ ___ ______ ( go ahead, fill in the blanks ).


Meant for " jangels " , sorry jj.


I never would have predicted a democratic President aligning with the
oligarchy Republicans to resist the Democratic house of representatives.
The local government resisting. The beginning of the revolution? And
you think Hillary won’t betray us for their Corporate liberal globalist


I was not suggesting an armed insurrection. In fact, that would be the last thing we would want. Just more people with guns running things. New song same as the old song.

We need enough people to show up in D.C and New York (the media center) to overwhelm any resistance. More people than they can shoot. More people than they can arrest. Imagine if only 2% of the sheeple who go to the polls were to converge on D.C. instead. The empire would fall. And yes, I would be willing to stand at the front of the mass. So please don’t presume what my intentions or my willingness to participate are.

Of course, the fact is, this is never going to happen. The American public are the worst collection of narcissistic idiots any society has ever known. That’s why I say we are doomed to extinction. The sooner the better as far as the planet is concerned.


Here’s something to contemplate. See ISIS driving all these brand new Toyota trucks? Boycott Toyota and picket it. See who’s making all the mobile military equipment ( anything with metal tracks or big, all-terrain wheels ) and boycott and picket it. AMG and General Motors come to mind. Complete with the most grisly war photos from the MENA and S. America you can find. And, drag out all the smuggled photos from war zones vets have secreted away, enlarge them and post them for American women and children to see. Do it consistently for 6 weeks. A people’s Truth Commission, of sorts. Then, let’s see what happens.


The GOP has been practically shitting on Obama’s head since day one and what does he do, he licks the shit and follows along just like a good Niger


The only basis for real victory will be against Empire, not the superficial and subordinate ‘symptom problems’ that Empire causes.