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Get Ready for the First Shocks of Trump’s Disaster Capitalism


Get Ready for the First Shocks of Trump’s Disaster Capitalism

Naomi Klein

We already know that the Trump administration plans to deregulate markets, wage all-out war on “radical Islamic terrorism,” trash climate science and unleash a fossil-fuel frenzy. It’s a vision that can be counted on to generate a tsunami of crises and shocks: economic shocks, as market bubbles burst; security shocks, as blowback from foreign belligerence comes home; weather shocks, as our climate is further destabilized; and industrial shocks, as oil pipelines spill and rigs collapse, which they tend to do, especially when enjoying light-touch regulation.


In the extended link to the rest of Naomi's article, she outlines the fleecing of us Citizens by the PTB, in the aftermath of Katrina, to the tune of Billions of Taxpayer Dollars going to Politically Connected Frauds, followed by a slashing of Public Services, to the tune of Billions, to compensate for this Theft.

Today, in NY's Newsday, is an article on someone who cashed Welfare Checks meant for his deceased brother.

Him, they nailed.


Yes Naomi, you were correct on many levels.
But once----- just once---- could you talk about these things that are bringing down most all life on the planet without mentioning your books?


The entire article is enlightening indeed, especially the closer look at Pence. With talk of impeaching Trump filtering through online articles and comments, it's wise to remember that Mike Pence is far more dangerous than Trump. Pence's record has been completed overshadowed by Trump's buffoonery, masking a modern fascist ideologue, that the public will accept as a legitimate leader. Conditions could be far worse under Pence leadership.

I'm reminded of the relationship between George H W Bush and Dick Cheney. Cheney was the brains of that duo as is Pence to Trump. The GOP leadership had no problem with that arrangement, as Bush did what he was told; they found reason to protect Trump and Cheney regardless of unconstitutional behavior by that administration. The GOP leadership can't count on Trump to follow orders, so good reason exists (or will exist) for congressional Republicans to impeach Trump, and foist their preferred choice, Pence, into the presidency.

Either we impeach both of them, which will never happen, or we make life hell for Trump up until we make him a one-term president. Pence cannot be allowed to ascend.


I won't mind making trump's experience as president a living hell. Let's turn his orange hair to grey. Esophagitis from chronic heartburn will complement the grey hair well.


Speaking of capitalism: any similarities between the irrational exuberance of the 1920's and today . . . .
If nothing else, human behavior is tragically predictable.


Early in 2006 I had business in Louisiana. While in New Orleans (after extensive touring of the affected zones), I had occasion to casually discuss the reconstruction (yes, let's go there historically, too) with a contractor who was positively giddy with delight at the graft that was raining down on his business. I can attest that Shock Doctrine is a great and accurate term for the fleecing of the host for the sake of the parasites.


Well - Naomi I remember first as an anti-globalization activist and writer/reporter.

No mention of the cancellation of the Trans Pacific deal - but I haven't yet read the full article.

Rachel Notley of Alberta (premier) - has endorsed the XL pipeline renewal.

I see that Trump is muzzling science - as did Harper in Canada (previous Prime Minister).

No need, in some ways, as one of the most revealing articles I have is "Unscientific America" by New Scientist out of the UK.

Let's cut to the chase - Trump at al is an accurate reflection of US society, in many - perhaps most respects.

A mirror.

Yet I can't believe the average American is really in favor of what Trump represents - which is unfettered capitalism.

But then - I could be wrong.

Still - change at a breathtaking pace is now evidently the order of the day.

James Hansen has posted a couple of quick posts - in effect saying how disappointed he is in both the Republicans and the Democratic Parties.

What do you Americans think ?

Is the new regime an accurate reflection of American society - all inclusive ??

PS: OK - I've read the full article as per the link.

Despite disaster capitalism at work - Trump was voted in, presumably by the same people the system abused.

Maybe Americans are too busy surviving - or fighting foreign wars on foreign soil - to understand science - or disaster capitalism - or anything but survival ?

Maybe the system is going to collapse, before anything at all can replace this mess ?


I believe that 3rd in line is Paul Ryan. IF he's any better, it ain't by much.


Not sure if it is OK to post a facebook thread, but I'll try, as the author Phil Rockstroh, was once a valuable contributor to the articles written here on Common Dreams:

Phil Rockstroh comments

"Notice something: The corporate media is now covering the Dakota Access Pipeline story. Why? Very simple. A US president deemed the story important. The fact should tell you everything you need to know about former president Obama’s true agenda regarding the pipeline, in particular, and about his agendas, in general, as president.
In short, the problem was not those meany pants, obstructionist Republicans who thwarted at every turn a decent man possessed of good intentions from serving the interests of the powerless and oppressed. Fact is: Obama was, from the get-go, a corporate/national security and deep state Trojan horse. Obama was an ardent and highly effective servant of the White supremacist order. Maybe the most cunning they will ever have in their service. You just know, they hate to see him go.
Moreover, that is why anti-Trump protests, online memes, and general liberal outrage will lead nowhere if allowed to be merely channeled into the service of the Democratic Party. Their candidates, yes, even Elizabeth Warren and Saint Bernie, are Judas goats. Trump’s ascension to power was enabled by the selective morality, wilful blindness, lesser-of-two-evil casuistry, snark-before-self-awareness, psychological projection, and belligerent obtuseness inherent to liberals. If one truly does desire to put up an honest and effective fight, the first battle that must be won is the war with the enemy within oneself.
After you have survived the battle, and you will, dear liberals — if the dead-behind-the-eyes, gasbag Trump can defeat you, as he did in November, anyone possessed of a heart, soul, and functioning forebrain should make quick work of the manqué within you — then you will be primed, ready, and fit for the struggle ahead. The fight is not with the latest Con Man In Chief but with the capitalist/imperialist order that spawned him and the duopoly that maintains the gangster state known as capitalism, the ruthless, soul-defying order whose uniformed thugs will soon be descending on Standing Rock."


Your entire post is excellent and you encapsulate the big questions.

As to your last question . . . I believe that we are in the midst of the inevitable collapse but as far as replacement . . . that is where climate change factors in, we are running out of time (run out?)for a replacement of this mess------our chances of having a habitable planet are diminishing with each day. Indeed it may be too late no matter what we do.


And the likes of Scott Walker took copious notes, while nodding along like the teacher's pet in the front row of the class.


I see Phil Rockstroh has gotten completely 'round the bend,' but losing touch with reality is an increasing concern.


Damn right--yet another problem with impeachment.


Trump was voted in by the electoral college, a crony-filled backroom of ignorant greed. DWS and crew gave us DT. Lest we forget.


Reading this I can't help but think that Katrina was a trial run of sorts. This is the plan that will be implemented for the entire U.S. once these pro-corporate thugs decide what the next major "terrorist attack" will look like here in the states. This has been their plan for decades now....to turn the U.S. into their own personal third world country, where they can force us to work for pennies--just like in China! Wow! No more regulation. No dumb environmental rules. No worry about minumum wages. Their dreams may come true all too soon.

Can we make it different?


I think we can, mainly because business people who really are "smart" understand that people have to have money to buy things and a hell hole world is in know one's interest. I think perhaps the biggest problems we face are incredible ignorance and the overarching interest in short-term profits.


Wow. First of all, why would she? That's how she makes a living. Second, people should know about and read her books. Do you disagree, or are you being negative just because it's fashionable?


Well, if we now have single-party government, and the 300+ million citizens of this country are powerless, utterly at the mercy of the fascist wing, then I guess there isn't much left to say.


That seems to be what we've been implementing, slowly and from the bottom up. The country shut down/shipped out a huge share of our jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare aid in the 1990s. This created an abundant surplus of job-ready people who are desperate for any job at any wage. We have no mercy on those who are left behind. Few can risk losing their jobs by "rising up." Wages have steadily fallen behind the rate of inflation, and we've significantly expanded the number of people who can be paid even less than the minimum wage.

Meanwhile, US corporations have largely gone international, and are no longer dependent on US workers or consumers. It does look like we've slowly been transitioning into just another third world labor state, making products to be sold in the more affluent countries.