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Get Ready for Trump’s Climate-Denial Offensive


Get Ready for Trump’s Climate-Denial Offensive

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Lost in the din of Donald Trump’s Twitter rampages was the report last week that the White House is “fiercely divided” over Trump’s campaign promise to “cancel” the Paris climate accord.


Americans shoot for the quick pay off and the corporate short term. We don't seek to build long term profits for the most part as we prefer the big buy out. We are inherently impatient to be suddenly rich!

You get the sense that when looking at the way the Chinese do things in a big way that they are planning on being on top eventually and so they build with an eye towards permanence. The Chinese love 100 year mineral leases for example. They don't intend to sell any of the islands they are building in the So.China Sea etc.

They plan for the long term whereas we have embraced a get rich quick mentality that is often self destructive.

A China run mainly by solar/alternatives, even in the short term, is beyond formidable in the long term! They build on what they have already built while we sell what we have built as soon as possible.


Our so-called prez gets his diction from Charlie Sheen. And we expect him to be educated in Basic Science 101?