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Get Ready for Unnatural Disasters This Hurricane Season

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/04/get-ready-unnatural-disasters-hurricane-season

Last night on the agitprop machine I saw that crewcut child McClwhoever, acting interim designated fall-guy of DHS, assuring everyone on the SE coast that we’re just totally prepared, got absolutely everything we need, no problems here, you betcha… in response to questions about FEMA provisioning. Savannah, Charleston, Wilmington, Hatteras, please remember tonight and tomorrow: DHS has got your back!

Another sense in which the 2019 hurricane season shall probably continue to be “unnatural” is advancing climate destabilization, of which Dorian is the latest extreme. Bob Berwyn of Inside Climate News wrote one of the best pieces of climate-science journalism I’ve ever seen about the significance of Dorian, if you’re interested in the technical details:

Why Are Hurricanes Like Dorian Stalling, and Is Global Warming Involved?

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If Trump has never seen a category 5 hurricane, should we strap him to something solid in the path of one, so he can get a first-hand view?

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This is what happens when you have difficulty counting beyond 4.