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Get Ready: Protesters Vow to 'Flood the System' for Climate and Planetary Justice


Get Ready: Protesters Vow to 'Flood the System' for Climate and Planetary Justice

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

From the tar sands of Alberta to the port of Seattle to the communities in the blast zone of oil trains, organizers across North America are calling for a "wave of resistance" this fall to "shut down the economic and political systems threatening our survival."


Did you really have to do that?


I wonder whether they chose the name from the Agents of SHIELD series.


What exactly are they supposed to be doing?


Shut down the political and economic system? Easy enough.




Mustering a wrecking crew is child’s play–it’s been done countless times. But oh yea dreamers where are your historic gems of perfected replacements for that which was destroyed? Imagining a perfect world ain’t the same as building it.


O.K.: So far we have, “stop reproducing” and “stop voting D&R”. How about hurting the system into oblivion by total, rolling, non cooperation? People in cities across the globe do not pay rent, do not shop anywhere, do not travel except on foot and bicycle, withdraw their money, occupy their buildings, sit in everywhere, fill the jails thereby crashing the “justice” system and coordinate with folks in rural sections to form food caravans to feed the resisters for the LONG haul??


[quote=“Giovanna, post:8, topic:8694”]
How about hurting the system into oblivion by total, rolling, non cooperation?
[/quote]It’s a good idea, very good, but I question whether there are enough people who could disrupt their lives sufficiently to make it work. How many millions do you reckon it would take? I’d guess at least 20% - 40M adults. And even that many might not make a dent. 100M would for sure make a dent, but if that many can be organised, we can just do a total replacement via the ballot box.


“Now let’s build foundation under them”–that is under our dreams of a better world. We begin with the vision of equality, peace, brotherhood-sisterhood then get to work.


At least 500 generations of humans have been intellectually able to comprehend your recipe. In fact it has been articulated by men / women of great stature-- Jesus, Gandhi. Marx that drew vast multitudes of followers. Yet the promise always becomes corrupted always fails to deliver on the promise that Human Nature can be wished away.


Understand frustrations. Same world over and while I agree change is needed, I’ve yet to see or read any actual workable solutions… Can’t just displace an institution that has been around for hundreds of years… Many people wouldn’t or couldn’t cope and it would be a slide, very quickly, into anarchy


The reason we should re-think the “white supremacy” notion, aside from the fact that people of color have been taking leadership positions in govt/the corporate state for some years: America created a hell of a poverty crisis. Not everyone can work (health, etc.) and there aren’t jobs for all who urgently need one. The US shipped out a huge number of our jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare in the 1990s. The majority of poor are white. They aren’t getting that whole “white privilege” thing, although some do talk about the preferential hiring of people of color. The reality is that poor white people are consider (and treated ) like pigeons, not legitimate human beings deserving of the most basic of human rights. It has been “open season” on our homeless for years, as they’ve been beaten, raped, even killed by citizens and police alike. There are no protests, no weeks of media coverage, no concern whatsoever.


“Human nature” is simply the ability to adapt to circumstances more thoroughly and quickly than any other species.

The corruption comes from the psychopaths that run things for their own benefit and amusement. Earlier cultures knew they needed to do, and did, namely get rid of the psychopaths. We don’t do that, so they are able to, and do, exploit us unmercifully.

It’s not by chance that we have constant wars, that healthcare, education, and even food and shelter are luxuries, and that the ones that rule us hardly even pretend to listen to us these days.


Massive non-cooperation is not possible without an alternative. Building that cooperative communiity alternative first is vital if you expect more than another fleeting Occupy moment.


I tend to agree, though I’m not sure it’s for the same reasons. Surely if we got, say, 100M adults to pull out of the system it would have a big effect even if we didn’t have enough solidarity for any other purpose?

But, as you don’t quite point out, we do need solidarity --your cooperative community-- to put together a new world rather than letting some power group exploit the situation for their own purposes as is usual after turfing out the odious. Without that community, it would again be Ave bossa nova, similis bossa seneca.


This is all well and good, but misses the tragic reality of our current predicament. You and I, rapacious consumer and 1st world “environmentalist” are both fossil fuel addicts. Our food, our clothing, our trendy lattes and REI backpacks, our solar panels, our wind farms, all of it…totally and hopelessly fossil fuel dependent. Go check out Chris Martenson’s website and watch the “Crash Course”. If you like snarky commentary go look up James Howard Kunstler. Human beings, white, black, asian, privileged, unprivileged…we all owe our existence to the fossil fuel bonanza of the last 2 centuries. We are bacteria in a petri dish, and fossilized carbon is our food. Fossil fuels, electricity, and metal ore processing are tied together. When fossil fuels go, so does modern civilization (including gay rights, feminism, democracy, universal healthcare,clean water, public sanitation, and the environmental movement). It is impossible to sustain 7+ billion hairless apes on planet earth w/o increasingly larger fossil fuel extraction year over year. That is what you miss. It isn’t just the teaming masses in Asia that are “superfluous population” its you and me. We wouldn’t exist without fossil fuels. We are fast running out of these key commodities. Carbon levels will fall without our intervention from insufficient affordable oil and gas. And then a lot of us are going to perish in terrible ways. So be careful what you wish for…if the choice is between fracking North Dakota and watching my children starve or succumb to violence, well, “Drill baby Drill.”


The third rail, the real difficult change, is curbing fertility. It’s an idea that is dismissed broadly. And that’s why we’re stuck with our current disposition. We’re mammals. Male and female. We have sex, and sex is at least among our most powerful instincts.

Although most humans recognize that the planet is in trouble, and coming decades are likely to see damage to our habitat, still we continue to procreate – to usher newborns into the world. So we’re in a major pickle. I don’t know if it is still the case that upwards of 200,000 people arrive in this arena daily. We need income to pay our bills. The more affluent of us have hybrid or electric vehicles; the rest of us – the vast majority – continue our transit in internal combustion engine vehicles. And the capitalistic system depends on our growing numbers for their profits.


Actually, prairiedog, we are in accord; it’s an idea I’ve suggested at other CD forums. In fact, I’d go further: all voters in the country should simply shun the polling booths on polling day 2016. If nobody votes, how can any legislator be elected to Congress? How can any of them continue in office?

A well organized social media campaign could do it. Maybe not everybody would refuse to vote. But, until it’s attempted, we’ll never know.


It is universally accepted that cutting out cancer is the appropriate course of action when such cells threaten organ failure. Believe that healthy cells can take their place in time.