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Get Ready to Pay the Costs of a New Cold War With China

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/11/get-ready-pay-costs-new-cold-war-china

About the “cuban missile crisis “ …

I thought Russia put missiles in Cuba as a response to the us putting missiles in Turkey pointed at the Soviets.

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This is just another long term distraction to benefit the MIC while ignoring the real problems of this country. The final looting of America is right in front of us. And at home it will be like Russia-gate: if you don’t buy the nonsense then you must be a Red Chinese commie sympathizer. If you live long enough you get to see the same bullshit over and over again.



The difference this time is that both China and Russia have the present capability of sinking US capital ships- including carriers, far from any battlefield.

This is both a good thing- and not so good.

The good is that it means a full scale nuclear attack is unnecessary and less likely than in the previous cold war(s). The not so good is that it becomes ‘easier’ -less risky, to escalate and hit the switch.

Although American trade is only 4% of the Chinese economy, there is no reason to give this advantage to the present Chinese strategies. Many poor countries need the trade that now goes to China for their development. High tariffs on Chinese goods would not be paid by American consumers if they buy products from other countries.

China has many one child families and many psychological studies have shown that the fostering of intelligence is much greater than in larger families. The US will face strong competition in the future from these well educated, intelligent workers.

China has done much to make the world a better place and American policy should encourage these tendencies. War with China will make things worse.

Does this mean that Russia is being tossed aside as the ever present enemy? In favor of the newly manufactured enemy China? And don’t you think both of these countries consider us the enemy? And aren’t we all the victims of a hierarchical class of massively powerful, unfathomable wealthy bastards that want us workers/slaves to their power and wealth divided and conquered as we surely are? Workers unite!

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Oh I am sure they will exchange out the two for whenever it fits the narrative. “We have always been at war with * country *” etc.

It seems the only thing America does want to take after China is the repressive social systems like a regulated media.

Just another showing that America has essentially always been the aggressor.

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The US will face strong competition in the future from these well educated, intelligent workers.

I would venture to say that the average Chinese is much better educated than his/her american counterpart.

While the Pentagon is planning for America to foolishly involve itself in a “long war” with Russia and China that will, in all probability, end in disaster for America at a minimum, and for the entire human race, at the maximum, America in the 21st century stands at an important crossroads. One road leads to a stubborn effort by a declining America, an America that continues to ignore the will and welfare of its people, yet forges ahead with a misguided policy of seeking to establish an unquestioned and unquestionable global hegemony, an American world empire. The other road leads a wise and enlightened America, an America that embraces the will and welfare of its people, to willingly end its drive for global hegemony, understands that we have entered a multipolar world where power, both military and economic, is dispersed among a number of regional powers, and that comes home to finally deal with the many serious internal problems it has ignored for decades.

All the BRICSA (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) countries, amongst others, have tired of chafing under the weight of the American dollar’s financial dominance as the world’s “reserve currency.” Unlike small countries of limited power and influence, such as Iraq, Libya, and Syria, the BRICSA countries are rising powers which are industrializing rapidly and have rising, increasingly prosperous middle classes. And the BRICSA countries are very unlike the aging, steadily weakening economic and military superpower of the moment, the United States of America, with its dissipated, hollowed out industrial core; rapidly shrinking middle class falling into poverty and 21st century neofeudal serfdom; crumbling, decaying infrastructure; and its underfunded, unappreciated, disrespected public school system.

In 1945, at the end of WWII, the United States of America was a mighty colossus astride the Earth. An economic powerhouse, the world’s foremost conventional military power, holder of a monopoly on atomic weapons, the United States of America seemed overweeningly self confident, invincible, and unassailable. Unfortunately, for many years America let the heady dreams and delusions of power overcome a sober, dry eyed, and carefully considered constant reassessment of its place in the world.

While America was consumed with flexing its muscles and counting its money, the rest of the world was busily reconstructing itself from the disaster of WWII, rapidly developing its economic base, putting in place educational systems that would serve as the platform for even more growth in wealth and power, and creating their own rising, prosperous, innovative middle classes.

Meanwhile, the United States of America, simply believing its own press clippings rather than reviewing and reassessing its wealth, power, and military might vis-a-vis the rest of the world and taking the necessary sober, prudent steps to protect and insure its primacy in the world, began to eat its own seed corn by letting its small but powerful class of super wealthy people establish itself as a predatory, kleptocratic plutocracy of the 1 percent, an American oligarchy. The American plutocrats, seeing what their fellow countrymen would not see, the impending decline of the United States of America as the world’s foremost economic and military superpower, began to take advantage of the situation by starting to dismantle, liquidate, and offshore our national economic patrimony — the Great American Economic Patrimony (GAEP) — for their own selfish benefit. This destructive process has been going on for several decades, and is now far advanced.

And as the American plutocracy deliberately and selfishly weakened America internally, externally the rest of the world, chiefly the BRICSA countries, was catching up. Sadly, America today is mired in acrimony, savage inequalities, decay, indecision, and decline.

Meanwhile, the BRICSA countries are getting ready to knock the United States of America out of its seat at what used to be America’s exclusive table of world power and wealth, and sit down to eat America’s financial and economic lunch. America can either wisely and graciously make room at the table for these rising upstarts and by doing so, save a comfortable spot for itself at the table. Or America can continue on its current course of folly, and eventually be forcibly removed as the world’s foremost economic and military power.

The world has fully recovered from the devastation of WWII, the threat of the Bolshevik dictatorship in Russia collapsed with the end of the Cold War on December 31, 1991, and the inevitable rise of new regional powers to challenge the near global hegemony of the post-WWII United States requires dramatic new thinking by the American government about its place in the world and the emerging new structure of global power arrangements and international relations.

The 21st century world is moving on from American near global hegemony to a multipolar world in which various regional powers, such as the BRICSA countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), will each have their own sphere of influence in which they will exercise a great deal of power and sway.

The wisest thing the American government can do is recognize the inevitability of this development and to gracefully step aside; in fact, to take advantage of this development to renegotiate its role in its overseas alliances, close most (all?) American military bases overseas, bring the troops home, shrink the size of the American military establishment dramatically, cut the War Department budget deeply, and begin to deal with the myriad internal problems it has been ignoring for decades.

That’s what the American government would do if it had wise leaders with foresight and true interest in dealing with America’s internal problems. Unfortunately, with the insatiable greed and thirst for power on the part of the American plutocracy of the 1 percent and the psychopaths running the American military-industrial complex, I wouldn’t count on America making a graceful exit from dominating the world stage or having a relatively soft landing following it.

If we’re lucky, WWIII can be averted. But I think that the United States of America will be in for the shock of its relatively short life when it finds that the now rising regional powers of the world will no longer simply bow down and kiss the feet of America. And I think that America and its citizens will end up suffering greatly (and needlessly) because America will basically have to be coerced from its position of near global hegemony.

“Admittedly, such ties have also harmed blue-collar workers who have watched their jobs migrate across the Pacific and tech companies that have seen their intellectual property purloined by Chinese upstarts.” Crap. See “Stealing Intellectual Property” is Fake News, COMMON DREAMS Sept. 19, 2018.

“not to speak of deterring the further adventurism of Vladimir Putin’s Russia”. More crap. Care to cite any examples? Meanwhile this whole – “article” – reveals nothing so much as the adventurism of Donald Trump’s America.