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Get the GMO Out of My Mustard


Get the GMO Out of My Mustard

Vandana Shiva

India is the home of oilseed diversity—coconut, groundnut, linseed, niger, mustard and rapeseed, safflor, sesame. Our food cultures have evolved with our biodiversity of oilseeds. Sarson is called “Sarsapa” and “Rajika” in Sanskrit. Diverse Varieties of Sarson are are grown and used in India, including Krsna Sarsapa (Banarsi Rai), Sita Sarsapa (Pila Sarson), Rakta Sarsapa (Brown Sarson), Toria, and Taramira.


Preservatives, pesticides, herbicides and most GMO technologies are aimed at the disruption of life cycles, often at the bacterial level. We have yet to fully understand the bacterial (and other) flora in our own gut biomes. One only has to utter the term “precautionary principle” to get the shear stupidity of the modern approach. Yes, we salted, smoked, dried, etc. food in ancient times because that was observed to increase safety and longevity. Now we plunder on with “profit-first principled” beasts (including their facilitators–governments) using us as lab rats for their system. Time to bite the hand that chooses to poison us rather than feed us.


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Thank you, Vandana Shiva for being such an inspiring and eloquent (not to mention tireless) spokesperson on this key issue of our times.

For those who need to SEE how corporations like Monsanto take possession of policies and taint legal processes, check out this documentary:



This is a FALSE frame. It suggests that some collective, uniform, and unanimous WE is doing the dirty deeds.

Vandana Shiva, alone, speaks for millions of the world’s peasant farmers. THEY do not want this crap to be done unto them!

Millions of citizens in the U.S. and throughout Europe OPPOSE genetically “modified” foods.

The issue is the power of Monsanto. This corporation made a fortune on WAR CRIMES by spreading Cancer far and wide via Agent Orange.

In a functioning Democracy, such an entity would NEVER be given govt. contracts or primacy in military or any other dealings. It spreads death and disease.

This is about Monsanto usurping the rights of farmers and using its legal muscle to force the unsuspecting farmers into deals with the devil. Plain and simple.

I’d invite you to educate yourself were it not clear to me that you and your “first up to post” tag team buddies weren’t here to spread disinformation.

MONSANTO is not “WE.”

P.S. If owls had legal standing, they’d sue you for maligning their name!


It’s basic philosophy to realise that we are part of nature - not something outside of it. So we damage it at our peril.
It’s basic science to realise that through evolution, WE (as in all humans) thrive on nature as it was given to us - not as messed up by mad scientists on big money sponsored ego trips.
And it’s basic genetics that, given the amount of shared DNA among species, anything that kills one life form is bound to more or less mess up most others.
The proof of all this is before our eyes… on an alarmingly grand scale.


So the Obamas planted the White House organic garden just to distract us from all the GMO cartel (mostly Monsanto) operatives that Obama appointed to high level positions in his administration ?


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We don’t need no GMO!


Good grief! Give it a rest … Jumping on WO with your “we” routine is off the wall … if many of us whom you have maligned over the years had “legal standing”, we’d sue you for slander …


Another great piece by VS - so how does Sanders feel about GMOs? (smile)


This is such an evil thing to do to the Indians it actually made my very strong stomach queazy.


Wise Owl is A very informative poster and this is the second insult I have seen you throw at him in less than A day-
You need to give this “We”, “You”, “Us” bullshit A break- The spell checker crap has gotten much better, But,You are becoming A distraction, and there is no call for this anal retentive and petty smear campaign of yours- You are better than this and I enjoy many of your posts, But you are becoming more than annoying-
Stop this bullshit SR!!! WE don’t like it when You do this to Us…You are better than this!


Whatever the semantics, WE are all being screwed by Monsanto’s policies! The stuff can’t be recalled when it destroys the regular crops of the world. Like Pandora’s box, it can’t be closed once it’s opened and allowed to do its dirty work.
Monsanto is the epitome of evil and must be stopped. Americans have the power, but not enough of them have the social and political knowledge or will to do so. Monsanto owns the corporate media that affords them the airwaves to convince the masses that all this hoopla over GMOs is unwarranted. Most Americans are too distracted by social networks to care about much of anything outside pop culture.


The insidious and repeated attempt to turn what corporations do (often in unlawful ways) into an indictment of the great WE, The People, is a dangerous deception. It plays on the Judeo-Christian embedded belief in Original Sin–that we all are guilty sinners. But conflating that unconscious meme with what ACTUAL corporations do–against the will and wishes of a majority of persons–is a felonious use of the term WE.

Those who bomb cities and civilians, those who SIGN UP for military careers, those who work for “Defense” industries, and to a lesser extent, those who ideologically support these sickening wars are not indicative of ALL persons.

To constantly obliterate the citizen’s free will, separate voice, and right to dissent by endlessly lumping ALL persons into one pro-military UNIFORM camp is a LIE. It is a dangerous lie. It’s the message board equivalent of using police to force protestors to go home, shut up, and go along with “the program” or risk arrest and too often as a result of it–direct harm.

THAT is not consensus!

And I am 90% certain that the people who just so happen to be “available” EVERY day to push this same Talking Point work for the U.S. govt and/or one of its military privatized adjuncts. You are here to control the parameters of debate, push conformist messaging, and lay blame on those who do not have the power to set the agenda, alter the law, or as yet… shift the paradigm.

This form of blame is precisely how mainstream media operates as all of its message shapers also go to work blaming the Black kid shot down, the village people hit by a drone, the girl raped on the college campus, the Hispanic family trying to escape violence in their own land, etc.

This idiom is the idiom of The Dominator–typically the white male Christians who fill the U.S military and think that “god” gave them the right to wipe out anyone who is not made (or holds ideological conformity) in and with their image and likeness.

Your era is over…


As if.

The WE frame forces uniform compliance and spreads blame universally.

I will continue to point out the flaw in this messaging. For one thing, it annihilates the voice of the (Divine) Feminine which was created by Source to serve as complement and counter-balance to the extreme Yang (male) focus that has expunged life from the Great Mother… as is seen by the war crimes corp. Monsanto, in its sterilizing of seeds that took eons to craft; and seen in cloning; and seen in the ways that women’s rights are being obliterated.

No. You BOYS do not get to speak for females. For centuries, you imposed YOUR will over this earth and all creatures upon it using a false sense of dominion that was deployed VIOLENTLY.

Your all-male churches condemned wise women as being witches and in all of the church’s “mercy” invented torture and used it on thousands of women across a span of 2+ centuries. THIS was an attempt to do away with the Voice of Woman. A voice that conceives of this world along very different parameters, works senses that are NOT inborn to males, and as mentioned–was Divinely designed to serve as counterbalance.

All across the world women are taking possession of the power, voice, and agency ROBBED from them. Many of these women are at the forefronts of movements to stop oil drilling & fracking, plant forests, rebuild the earth’s soils, stop war, spread health CARE, protect public schools, etc.

Until the tendency of the male baboon pecking order to ignore, avoid, degrade, and/or render invisible HER voice is overcome, and the Necessary Counterbalance given due agency in ALL things that affect humanity AND this planet, do not DARE to speak in one all-inclusive idiom of WE.

That there is such piss poor understanding of women’s rights (or what Feminists have worked to raise consciousness about) in this forum is either a sad testament to the immature state of Progressive politics, or proof positive of an assertion I have made for 8 years–that this forum (along with others like it) is chockfull of soldier boys and girls, right wing Christians who push a 21st century version of martial patriarchy and its control of a newly minted version of church-state.

No. WE all do not subscribe to that and you have no permission to speak on behalf of all those millions who are seeking and finding other ways to live, think, be, and grow… ways that have NOTHING to do with the paradigm built by Mars and his warrior brigades (who once again are now legion), or the corporate conquistadors who ruin, rape, burn, pillage, and plunder under some misplaced notion of authority… to do so.

Not me Not one over-aching WE. And NOT in OUR names!

Do you not hear your infantilism and insistence that I conform to, and obey YOUR meme?

“WE don’t like it when You do this to Us.”


Yes. WE, the People of earth ARE being screwed by Monsanto. That is a very different language frame and message than the one that says that WE are poisoning the earth.

Certainly Vandana Shiva’s farmers are resisting this poisoning, and they number into the millions.

The active poisoner is a verifiable company (along with several of its cohorts). Notice how putting all persons into the role of “acting as poisoners” relieves the actual corporations from culpability for the harms that they do.

If people can be made to think of themselves as the ones doing the harm–particularly when binding laws like those contained in the TIPP and TPP are being put into place that will protect chemical killers from the killing that THEY do–it massages public consciousness into accepting the horrors in the same way that Advertising Campaigns which stress–deceptively–that costs will go up if GM products are labeled–convince about half the population that these travesties are safe and there is no need to label them.

We are said to be living in an Information Age. Advertising is so powerful that it plays a major role in the marketing of presidents and (cases for) war.

George Lakoff has explained the hidden psychological power of Word Frames (or word framing).

And Big Businesses (not to mention well-funded entities like Homeland Security) pay big bucks to glorify the reputation of their "brands. That’s why people are paid to occupy message threads.

Mass media makes cases for war built on shoddy evidence, most of it manufactured.

Torture is dismissed as other than what it is largely due to legal jujitsu with words! (Enemy combatant, not prisoner of war, and such)

My point is that given these examples (and they are hardly the full scope of them), those Talking Points that are repeated often–and the contexts in which they are used (largely to suggest conformity, uniformity, and consensus–what Chomsky aptly termed: The Manufacture OF consent), it is important to challenge frames of this nature. Make a critical examination of the context.

As a writer and former teacher, I think I have a keen acumen operating here. Another example of it is that I can recognize the word “foot print” of posters who act like chameleons by writing hundreds of posts on a regular basis and then “disappearing” only to show up under another screen name.

And even when I pointed out that people here WERE helping themselves to multiple screen names in order to dominate the threads with their messages, and even when the site exposed that very thing… still there are those who want to invalidate the insights that I point out. I do it–and regard this as part-time work–to offset the messaging that some very compromised (in terms of ethics) entities are funding.

I am always grateful for assistance in exposing those whose loyalties are to the corporations and/or govt. entities that now serve them.


Oh do please change the record!

Or at least read posts before your knee jerks at every use of the word ‘we’. My post ONLY used that word in relation to our shared genetic and evolutionary background, or in the context that any damage done by us (as in one group or another - any group at all) impacts us all. And in the context of GMOs I singled out ‘mad scientists’ and their funders as culprits.
What is your problem with that?
Your obsession that ALL the blame lies in some areas and NO BLAME lies in others makes it almost impossible to enter into dialogue with you - a shame as I suspect most posters here respect much of what you write.


“Your era is over…”
Oh ma Goddess, Siouxrose, we can only hope and pray, and work our asses off to end the patriarchal era. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, the biggest patriarchal, capitalist weener-slingers on the planet, have us on the brink of planetary destruction with their unbridled greed and lust for power (in the name of righteousness!) NOW is the time for all Matriarchs and their supporters to come to the aid of the Mother!
Thank you, Vandana Shiva, for being a great matriarchal leader. You’re positively inspiring! (You too, Sioux!)


Answer to wrong post of SEVERAL as usual…