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'Get the Insurance Companies the Hell Out' of Healthcare System

'Get the Insurance Companies the Hell Out' of Healthcare System

Jon Queally, staff writer

Right-wingers like Charles Krauthammer don't "think anybody should buy it"—and too many Democrats actually don't want to talk about it—but that doesn't mean advocates for a single-payer or 'Medicare for All' healthcare system aren't responding to news about rising insurance premiums for the Affordable Care Act (AC

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Health care costs rising?

Hell, Obamacare, Hillarycare, that’s nothing — just another little BS
“identity issue”, and ‘symptom problem’, all of which are caused by only one thing, — the EMPIRE.

This Disguised Global Capitalist Empire is just going to keep on effin the
American people to death on all the ‘issues’ and all the ‘symptom
problems’ caused by the same EMPIRE — with the help of the Empire’s
deceitful political puppets of both Vichy Parties — until or unless
“we the people” WakeTF-up and ignite a loud, powerful, sustained, but
non-violent Second American “Political Revolution against EMPIRE”, or
until the Empire enslaves and disposes of most of us.

It’s all your choice people. ---- Bernie already made his choice of weakly
calling for a vacuous, undefined, and gutless “Political Revolution”
without any ‘object’ — “against what? Against WTF??” Bernie — and then
he collapsed like a cheap suitcase, when he “coulda been a contender,
instead of a bum, which is what he is.”

We need to do what Bernie failed to do, and be honest with ourselves, our
children, our grand children, our country, our environment, and our
whole fragile little world — and ‘call-out’ this VEMPIRE and kill it
by simply ‘exposing’ it to the light of truth as an EMPIRE.


Public option?? BS. Medicare as it stands is not very good, covering only 80% and with premiums and co-pays and no dental. Guess the elderly can just loose their teeth? Obamacare is a travesty and so is Hillary.


Bill Press is an outstanding spokesman for single payer and other issues espoused by Bernie Sanders. I wish Press would run for office.

Well, healthcare is expensive and at some point someone has to pay the piper. Colorado is trying to implement a “single payer” system. They gonna hike taxes by 20%. 10%payroll tax plus another 10% on any other income incl social security.




Yes, but … they are being TAXED for health care… AND NOT … .charged exorbitant amounts by a private for profit system… I’d be glad to be taxed that amount … and have no bills or almost no bills after ward…


Excessive privatization is a black hole that can never be filled…


Um, so, what about our being taxed for MIC… ?? Isn’t that as you say, using someone’s labor … for your defense?.. So, then, according to you, we shouldn’t be taxed for anything?..
You make no sense… as it is now… the share holders of the private health care companies… are making a killing… off sick people… there should be NO RETAILER between you and your doctor… and no one else making out like a bandit either…


If the UK could afford the world’s best National Health System in 1948 when bankrupt from fighting WW2, so can the USA afford a proper public health care system. Government-run health-care is not a black hole and has been proved to be the most effective deliverer of health care to all.

All it takes is a courageous socially conscious government. That is something lacking in the USA.


Well, fighting useless unnwinnable and illegal wars is expensive and at some point someone has to pay the piper.

If you are going to waste money, why not spend it on providing decent health-care and decent education, clean water reticulation and repairing worn-out concrete bridges instead of just smashing up other countries?


The amount is probably the same, whether you pay it yourself or the government takes from your paycheck as taxes. Oh, and the 20% taxes in CO are on top of the medicare taxes.

Agreed. And the US gets nothing out those wars either. If people care for their freedom they should fight for it themselves. Look at Iraq, got rid of Saddam first thing they did turned the whole place into a fundie shithole.

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I’d like to see an analysis of healthcare costs across the board (not just on the exchanges) over the last 10 years. Maybe someplace like the Kaiser Foundation has done one.

The rates just seem to be skyrocketing. Why? It is true that many millions of people are now able to get healthcare coverage as a result of the ACA, but how many are really able to afford good healthcare, even with the coverage?

About the only good thing you can say about the ACA is that it has put an even bigger spotlight on the need for single payer medicare for all.


Well, this is predictable, no?

Obamacare is a rehash of Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts healthcare package, and just a bit more corporatist because, well, we are not all Massachusetts, and Romney had to behave up there.

Obama started with the premise that truly governmental health care or single payer health care were “off the table.” He stated that single payer would take too much money out of a large industry and enlisted the pharmaceuticals companies by assuring that no one could negotiate drug prices or purchase drugs outside of the protected American market. He then enlisted the IRS as a collection arm of the insurance industry. At the same time, requirements for healthcare providers and for insurance moguls were embedded in a 2000±page document to be read, understood, and interpreted pretty much only by on-staff insurance company legal professionals.

And we wonder why healthcare costs have risen.


Obamacare’s individual mandate set a precedent, being the first time in history the government is forcing you to buy a product from a private company…fascism in a nutshell. Yes, I know the gubmit requires you to buy auto insurance, but only if you own and drive a car. Obama’s mandate applies to all Murkins having a pulse.

When Sanders said “let’s go with single payer and get insurance companies out of the business” in his primary campaign, Hillary Clinton’s response was “single payer will never happen in America”.

Campaigning for Clinton this week Oprah Winfrey said: “you don’t need to like her, you just need to vote for her”.

Why didn’t Oprah remind us that taxpayers are on the hook for 20 plus trillion dollars for Wall Street bank bailouts. more than enough to cover a decade of single payer for every Murkin and retire every student’s college debt ?


Wrong, healthcare is not expensive if greed is controlled. You want expensive, try warfare where the paeons pay the piper with their blown off limbs and decapitated heads while elite aholes smoke cigars, drink expensive whiskey, and laugh on their way to the bank.


“premiums will increase an average of 25 percent next year” - I think that this is an underestimate given how much my premiums have gone up this year. The Silver plan that I have had will go up to $231/month for two people, which is AFTER a $647 dollar MONTHLY Federal subsidy. Last year I earned a little bit less but was only paying $127/month for two people for a comparable Silver plan. Now, I can only afford the Bronze plan for which there are four options: two plans at $2/month, one plan at $151/month and one plan at $177/month (all after large federal subsidies). The Bronze plan is obviously lower quality with higher deductibles and co-pays than the Silver Plan. Looks like a kind of bait and switch scam by which the government/insurers were practically giving away Silver plans relatively cheaply the past few years but which are now priced beyond the reach of most lower working class people with the Bronze plan now replacing the Silver plan. Capice?


Sounds sensible to me. Blind Freddy could have seen that Iraq would dissolve into a 3-cornered civil war as soon as SH had gone and the USA just made it 4-cornered and gave the idiot jihadists from elsewhere the excuse they had been waiting for to make it 5-cornered. The Pentagon should have known better.

The USA would have a lot to offer the world if it would simply stop being bloody stupid in its foreign affairs.