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'Get the Insurance Companies the Hell Out' of Healthcare System


“America, as I believe you know, is crazy”.

Sorry, but I cannot resist typing that we realised that in 1783. Which is why we quit.

Good luck!


Insurance is not healthcare.
Healthcare is not insurance.


Without controlling the cost, any single payer system will eventually go broke.
For example- I was on Medicare when I lived in the US. I had an echocardiogram done . It was about a thirty minute procedure done by a technician and read by a physician. The hospital charged Medicare $7000 dollars. Yes, you read that correctly , I said , SEVEN THOUSAND dollars. I assume Medicare didn’t challenge the amount because , I got the payment receipt/ record as having been paid immediately.
If Medicare has x amount of dollars to spend every year , but has no idea how much is needed, well, bankruptcy.
My wife needed a colonoscopy in the US. The same hospital wanted to charge her $10,000. She waited until we moved back to Germany and had it done for 250 euros! Why so cheap? Because the government insurance program controls the cost.


“HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell said that 72 percent of those enrolled in an Obamacare plan should be able to find a plan with a premium of less than $75 per month”
Yeah, right. How about you, Sylvia, find that one for us. The hell with this. Single Payer, or better, a public health system. No BS. Public health. NO insurance companies anywhere in the mix. And controlled health prices, starting with pharma. May as well have public laboratories making the pharmaceuticals as well, after all they are they research facilities which in most cases did the original development of the drugs, on public money, only to turn it over to private companies at massive costs. And any life-saving drug at high prices needs this treatment to bring the costs down where they really belong.
And, while we are at it, how about prosecuting and convicting and publicly executing pharma executives and insurance executives for mass murder? Okay, a pipe dream, but that is what they are, mass murderers. (and I am not for the death penalty)


Thanks George, I was going to comment along the same line.

Why not put that military budget toward the care of people rather than the destruction of humanity and the already compromised environment. We know why. Because war is profitable for some folks. Very profitable.


The cost of healthcare that is financed via insurance companies will never be affordable (due to cost of the insurance premiums, deductibles and co-pays) to the majority of the working class under the current capitalist for-profit system. Regardless of whether one wants to admit it or not, the cost of the health(care) insurance is reflective of the costs of the health care services and products utilized.

The important question, as it relates to this article, is this: “Why are insurance companies, as for-profit intermediaries, even needed in the process?” They simply represent another for-profit method of extracting money from society for no other purpose than to generate profit for the capitalist elite ruling class.

Think about it a for minute, under this for-profit system, the way the insurance companies and healthcare providers make money is for people to be sick or injured! Why in the world, based on the capitalist for-profit system, would the current system function morally by preventing illness and keeping people well? That would be totally contrary to the nature (really a requirement) of capitalism the requires continued growth … including growth of profits.

The current for-profit healthcare system makes money two ways on the healthcare provider side that determines the basic costs of healthcare:

  • Keep increasing the cost of services, and

  • Keep the people coming back for more, supposed, needed care. Repeat as often as possible.

The current delivery of healthcare in the U.S. via for-profit insurance companies and for-profit healthcare providers is, in actuality, institutionalized and legalized theft of money from individuals … and the entire economy.

Healthcare is a glaring example of why production (products produced and services provided) needs to benefit all of society instead of benefiting a few of the elite ruling class by generating profits at the expense of the many.

Until healthcare is treated as one of the “commons” the situation will only get worse.


Michael Moore gave some interesting and Horrifying stats (on his Show Michael Moore in Trumpland) 50,000 people in the US die every year due to the costs of medicine in the USA. He also pointed out that it was Hillary Clinton who was laughed at and bullied for her attempts to coordinate a public health system. I have yet to meet any doctor, nurse, technician etc. who is happy with our current system driven by insurance companies. My father had a group practice bac in the day and had to hire out of his pocket ca. 10 extra people just to take care of the paperwork for insurance. As he got older, he explained that he was outraged that he had to call a clerk with maybe a high school education to beg for a few more days for a patient of his to stay in the hospital. My family of 3 have to now pay 1700.$ a month for decent coverage. Yep, we are part of those entrepeuners that are supposed to save the economy (at this rate we will have to live in the urban myth garage in order to stay covered. I have also experienced public healthcare in Norway and Germany. Norwegian medicine has too many bureaucratic arms that do not connect or talk with each other. I believe that the bureaucrats should all have a background in medicine. 10 years ago in the German system, everyone has a right to medical care and then on top of that (like a menu) one could choose extra insurance for fancier rooms and doctors…maybe that system could alleviate the stress of the elites in our country. I won’t even start a tirade on big pharma, most western democracies have a cap and negotiate the prices they are willing to pay for drugs.


NPR this morning emphasized that the 25% Obamacare increase was an AVERAGE across the US, and that increases vary from Indiana at 0% to Arizona at 100%.


Good point. It would be far more helpful (while adding credibility) to show the increase by state and how many insurance companies are offering coverage.


EVERYBODY IN, NOBODY OUT BUT THE INSURANCE COMPANIES AND BIG PHARMA. A PERFECT MOMENT FOR HILLARY TO PUSH MEDICARE FOR ALL - But we need an improved, expanded MEDICARE. And we need it now. in other words SINGLE PAYER NOW~! Thanx Obama for your plan which has proved to be the farce we all knew it was, at least those of us who were paying attention. The contradictions abound - so in fact you did the single payer movement a big favor!


After ACA price increases were announced this week, Clinton added “Medicare eligibility at age 55” and “a public option” to her remaining stage shows between now and November 8.

Oh, wait !, Clinton’s promises plus three bucks buys a cup of coffee.


How It Would Work for Taxpayers
All Coloradans earning income would have to pay taxes
to support the system. ColoradoCare would collect a 10
percent payroll tax on workers based in the state, with
the employee paying 3.33 percent and the employer
paying 6.67 percent.
Non-payroll income would be taxed at 10 percent.
This includes self-employment, interest and dividends,
capital gains, business income that is reported on
personal tax forms, real estate income, retirement
account distributions and Social Security benefits. A
portion of Social Security and retirement income would
be exempt from ColoradoCare taxes — up to $33,000 for
an individual and $60,000 for couples.
High earners would pay ColoradoCare taxes only on
income below $350,000 for a single person or $450,000
for married couples who file their taxes jointly


I think Julius C. said it best. “et too Obama, et too Hillary”


The Republikan Health Care Plan: Pay Up Or Die!


Actually, what Julius Caesar said was “Et Tu, Brute”.

Which generally translates into English as: And You, Brutus?
The word “Also” is implied by the context.


The Problems with Medicare are the result of Republikan “Poison Pill” clauses inserted into “Must Pass” legislation over the years.

Like the G Dubya Bush era provision that Medicare CANNOT bargain with Big Pharma for lower prices the way other large customers do.
In essence, the Republikans said: "If Medicare wants the medication, they will pay Whatever Price Big Pharma asks for it, no matter How Little it actually costs."

Because Republikans have been trying to Kill Medicare from day one.


Yeah, that’s what i got too. If you work you get taxed 10% your pay. If you’re retired or have business you pay 10% of whatever income you have (with the 30k exemption of retirement income). You pay the “single payer” then he pays your provider. That’s how it works in Canada too.


Single payer is the only way all Americans will have health coverage. Why should the insurance companies decide who gets medical care and how much it will cost? Take the profit out of the healthcare industry.


Beautifully stated–that’s a “Right-to-Life” to stand by! Life also owes each and everyone a right to a living. So, let’s expand socialized medicine to include all other necessities that make life possible on earth.


How do you go from health as a right by virtue of being alive to somehow stealing others’s labor? In a capitalist system investors do no seem to have a problem whatsoever in stealing others’ labor. If we are to live as a society then we need to share and pooling resources is a way of doing that.