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Get Them Rags Off: From Slavery Onward, A Black Woman’s Body Was Never Hers Alone

Get Them Rags Off: From Slavery Onward, A Black Woman’s Body Was Never Hers Alone

To mark the start of Black History Month and the birthday of Rosa Parks - "The only tired I was, was tired of giving in" - we honor Recy Taylor, the 24-year-old black mother abducted and gang raped in 1944 Alabama by six white boys who were never indicted. Taylor was one of too many unnamed, unheard black women victimized in the Jim Crow South by a common "weapon of terror." But uncommonly, Taylor spoke up. Her rape prompted an NAACP campaign for justice led by a tough women's rights activist - Rosa Parks.

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I am sitting here crying over '‘man’s inhumanity to man’. And I am enraged by our pride in our country, our reverence for our slave owning founding fathers, our acceptance and ignorance that wealthy people ‘deserve’ their wealth. So much is wrong in this country and we take such pride in it. There are no words, just tears.


The standing joke among visitors to Jeffersons plantation , was the number of slaves that looked like their master. Jefferson might have fathered them but as far as he was concerned because they had “black blood” they were still slaves and subhuman.

If you don’t read the book then watch the documentary. You’ll never be the same. Recy Taylor’s harrowing ordeal should be included in all US History books.

Recy Taylor was not silenced, she named the men responsible. After the rape her home was torched forcing Recy (husband and baby) to move in w/her father and younger siblings. Her father spent his nights sleeping in a tree w/a shotgun in his lap in an effort to protect his family. The men were never indicted. Recy Taylor was never able to conceive again.


HI Tom _Johnson1—and what’s even worse—Mooves, ( sp?) of CBS the 2 NBC guys, along with the old one Tom Brokaw or, however he spells it and the stork looking one working for the Today show--------it just keeps on going so wheter it’s a car full of white boys-or power positions of white men----- and of course, Harvey----in Hollywood. At least, in Hollywood women, of many races are working together now with #METOO. But for women in slavery----too late— too late-----as the white men kept thumping their Bibles and the black women too : (