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Get Trump's Finger Off the Nuke Trigger


Get Trump's Finger Off the Nuke Trigger

Eric Margolis

President Trump's ability to trigger a nuclear war is "pretty damn scary" said former U.S. intelligence director James Clapper this week. Remember when Trump vowed to "bomb the shit" out of his enemies?

I don't have much respect for Clapper, who brazenly lied to Congress and is a ringleader of the deep government’s efforts to overthrow Trump. But this time, Clapper is 100 percent right. He's scared and I am too.


It is imperative that this mentally unstable and dysfunctional, president must be removed from the oval office before it is too late. Frankly, Trump scares the hell out of me! And if Trump starts a nuclear war I will blame all the cowards in Congress that let this happen rather than using their constitutional authority to stop this maniac before he kills millions!



He is surrounded by three and four star generals - I am not all that sure that this is all Trump’s plan.

I doubt they would allow him to nuke anyone.

That being said - the high road is surely to dismantle any and all nuclear weapons as per the intentions of the long ago attempts at this - save for an absolute minimum response capability.


If the “truth” is ever told, the Duopoly would blow up.

Everything being done, on both sides, is being done to prevent just that from happening.

I hope someone reveals the level of corruption that has existed for decades within the Duopoly, before it’s Empire kills us all.


But don’t put Pence’s finger on it.

Grassroots Direct Democracy


No president should have the sole authority to launch a first strike. Congress must have the power to agree. Legislation to accomplish this sharing of power has still not been passed. Is Trump crazy enough to launch a first strike on North Korea. Who knows? Would the military follow such an order. Again, who knows? When Nixon was in his darkest days in the White House some people around him told the military not to launch nuclear weapons ordered by Nixon unless these people agreed. The basically these people were willing to do something illegal to save the world from a nuclear strike ordered by Nixon. The situation now seem somewhat similar with a mentally unstable president having the authority to launch a first nuclear strike.


I think you give too much weight to Trump’s bluster, Eric.

He will not do anything that his “advisors” (read handlers) do not instruct him to do.


Yes, he likes to dance with momma to: Rapture.


I’ve just gotten the new issue of Foreign Affairs (Sept/Oct 2017).

And read so far two thoughtful articles, one by Andrew Bacevich: "Saving “America First” ", and “Trump and the Deep State” by Jon D. Michaels.

I was particularly struck by the Michael’s essay - arguing that America does not have, at least yet, a true ‘deep state’, and in fact America’s bureaucracy is a national treasure, even though too many functions have been privatized and outsourced.

Andrew Bacevich - I wonder if he might not run for office ?


There are two good articles about this on lewrockwell.com

The second is a broader perspective about the nature of what the government is up to. It eventually gets to the real point, that the conspiracy is against the American people.

If the generals want a pre-emptive war, they will get it. Trump is nothing but a puppet and a neutered blowhard.