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Getting a Covid-19 Education: From Race to the Top to a Plunge to the Bottom

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/21/getting-covid-19-education-race-top-plunge-bottom

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On a per Capita basis the USA spends more per student on grades 1-12 education then virtually every Country on the Globe. They spend 34 percent more per student then the OECD average and this is higher then places with better results like Finland and Singapore.

For post secondary they spend on average 90 percent more per student.

In suggesting there needs to be more money available and an increase in that spending people in the USA should try to first determine where all that money going and why it is not effective.


Critical thinking by the People is anathema to the Owners.

There’s a Reason Education Sucks
–The Late Great George Carlin


It does not and will not in the foreseeable future go to teachers.
It does and will continue to go toward friction.

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To think we thought that Dick Cheney and his puppet Dubya’s no child left a dime was a bad program ?

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Teachers have long complained (at least officially) about how much of the education budget goes to administration. (Not very different from typical union complaints about the amount of revenue that goes to management…)

There is merit in the complaints, as seen just by comparing a typical government/public school with other schools, such as the Catholic school system. Thank God for the private schools that we have, that enable us to make such comparisons.

There also much more spent on security in the USA than many other Countries with full time armed officers around, metal detectors and the like. The US schools also invest more in their sports teams and facilities and this very much carries on up to the Colleges where they produce so much revenue for the college in question.

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