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'Getting Angry on Social Media Not Enough': Thousands Across 6 Continents Mobilize to Combat Destruction of Amazon Rainforest

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/06/getting-angry-social-media-not-enough-thousands-across-6-continents-mobilize-combat


Take a look and see if this movement has the criteria for you to join and fill the streets:

They are well organized, strong in numbers and determined to fight the root of the evil.


Seems to me that the biggest thing people could do is work to get Bolsonaro out of power as quickly as possible.

The practice of preying/praying on indigenous people land was learned by our fellow United States of America when we first slaughtered the buffaloes to starve our indigenous Native Americans. Then we raised cattle on their reservations and sold them back to Native Americans. Capitalism. Not exactly a lateral economy. I like John Perkins “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.” The World Bank and International Monetary Fund expanded the land grab (without actually grabbing the land) by making all types of loan to countries to exploit indigenous peoples knowing the countries would be unable to repay especially with cost overruns added to the loan. Can’t pay? Well guess who owns your electrical grid now? US. Nasty Capitalism is so right it is wrong. Onward christian soldiers marching toward the prosperity gospel. Mathew 6:24, Mammonites.

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Just a brief note kemosabe: no indigenous peoples are “our” indigenous peoples.

Or stop eating beef.


Yup. That would be good too, especially if it comes from Brazil, which much of it does, particularly with fast food burgers.

While I applaud activism about this issue, it seems a bit like picking at a scab when cancer is the disease. Deforestation is a symptom of a deadly disease called capitalism. If TPTB are even slowed down a little in their rapacious activities, they will simply go rape somewhere else. Besides, do wee not have our own climate disaster in the making with commitment to fracking? Where are those protesters?

I am not trying to minimized the horror of the Amazon fires. I just don’t believe it will get very many Americans off their butts. Protesting this or that (as is happening all over the world) is not changing anything. We need to cut to the quick and protest the over-arching nightmare of capitalism run amok. Of course, our Jobs, our very right to thrive and survive are dependent on the Corporate Monster. Gee, should we protest, or should we put food on the table? They have us by the short and curlies.

Your correct. I misspoke when I said “our.” Maybe I should have said the indigenous Native Americans that were in the United States before we pillaged. My apologies for being politically incorrect. Thank you for pointing this goof out to me.

I don’t think smitty70 was indicating ownership. Just laying out a general term of inclusiveness.