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Getting Down to Business in Cuba


Getting Down to Business in Cuba

Medea Benjamin

In case you missed it, the United States and Cuba now have diplomatic relations for the first time in 54 years. Unfortunately, the outdated economic embargo is smothering the tremendous potential this opening offers.

First, some background.

The embargo, put in place in the early 1960s to punish the revolutionary government, has held back the Cuban economy and poisoned U.S.-Cuban relations for decades.


The Cuban economic embargo was nothing but payback by the economic elite in the U.S. When Castro kicked out the 1%, like Texaco, they lost untold billions and billions of $ in Cuba. That is the reason Communism has been so demonized by Amerikan propaganda networks as a grave threat.


Medea Benjamin the capitalist? Win/win for whom exactly? I suspect American companies see another low wage country opening up for business and salivate at the prospect. Perhaps the Cubans see how desperate the US is to have partners in business and hope to benefit from it and I’m sure the Cubans are aware that US government funded NGO’s and fifth columnists will be right behind. Hopefully the community gardens that developed because of the embargo will survive the consumerization of Cuba.


It’s a pretty good bet that the US has some nefarious plans for Cuba, but Cuba has an experienced adviser that is pretty good at thwarting such plans - China.


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Like Viet-Nam, Cuba will become fair game for the global corporations to set up shop. Just as VN is included in the TPP, Cuba can be included in the next NAFTA, and welcomed into the economics of privatization. Predatory capitalism continues to be the global common denominator. And the Blue Planet continues to obit its Sun.