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Getting Fooled on Iraq, Libya, Now Russia


Getting Fooled on Iraq, Libya, Now Russia

Robert Parry

A British parliamentary inquiry into the Libyan fiasco has reported what should have been apparent from the start in 2011 – and was to some of us – that the West’s military intervention to “protect” civilians in Benghazi was a cover for what became another disastrous “regime change” operation.


More brilliant writing by Robert Parry. It says a lot about the USA that Perry is consigned to the internet instead of given a place of prominence. Truth hurts, in more ways than one.


Not only are Clinton & MSM wrong on Russia, they're using Trump's approval of Putin to attack him for wanting to be a 'strongman' like Putin.

Along with being anti-TPP, Russia is an area where Trump's position is far better than Clinton's.

Which changes his other reprehensible bigoted positions not a whit.

Vote sane. Vote Green.


I would extend travel to outside North America to at least a year, and not Australia (USA like). I was in Europe for two years solid, and when I came back I thought, America's F__KED UP, sorry it is what I thought. Your idea is spot-on. American people would benefit from experiencing, and understanding how other people go about their lives, what interest them, what they want from life, etc. You can never get that experience through a television, or computer screen.


Thank you for this article. It mirrors the facts on the ground. Ms. Clinton comes away from her stint as Secretary of State looking like a warmongering fool. I'm afraid that assessment of her abilities is true. Just very recently she made allusion to President Putin, saying that she has no problem standing up to him and will if made president. The only problem is that she is courting nuclear disaster for no damned good reason, none at all. In fact it is she, her predecessor and the current man in her former position who are the authors of the worst foreign policy in many number of years. Just how many people have died because of these three (including the Rice woman)? I would estimate millions. What a horrible legacy!


I would like to have a voter initiative and referendum in favor of re-establishing the Fairness Doctrine and revoking corporate charters for non-compliance.


" should finally inject some sense of responsibility in the West’s politicians and media, but doesn’t."

This has been the case since 1945. There is no way the USAian leadership WANTS the USA to act as a responsible global citizen, based on the history of the USA since 1945.From offering nuclear weapons to the French to deal with the Viet Minh to smashing Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia to deliberately destabilising the Middle East and Afghanistan to supporting vicious right-wing military juntas throughout South America to messing up North Africa...........Sorry USA; you have become a grave disappointment. As for demonising Russia; what kind of bloody fools are you?

I suppose a wealthy country that can't even organise a working public health service for all of its citizens really can't be expected to do much for anyone.


The US is not going to war with Russia. Russia can fight back.


The unfortunate truth of the matter is nothing our government reports should or can be considered accurate.


Regime Change is simply our Government's M.O. from the time that they did it to us, using their same team, in 1963.


Thank you Robert Parry for consistently telling us the truth. Thanks too for the excellent commentary by the above CD respondents. Earlier I read a report that follows Mr. Parry's thoughts by Andrew Levine at Counter Punch that I will link below. Between these two authors, I think, we can draw a very accurate description of our political dilemma.


Thanks so much. This is the best summary of our foreign policy that I have read this year. Spread this far and wide.


Very welcome, thanks...


Of course it is just sabre rattling. I could see war with Iran or another Middle East country in the cards. There might be a proxy war with Russia but definitely not a full scale one.


Still that too nearly resulted in a nuclear exchange on a few occasions during the Cold War. Of course back then we had more levelheaded presidents like Kennedy. Can we really expect HRC to keep that kind of levelheadedness? I personally am not holding my breath.


I will vote for Greens, yet ... one of the things I don't agree with them is that they against using veto in Security Council at UN. I think it is dangerous since majority will side with US. It will force Russia to quit UN and may cause more problems than it will solve (even WW3). It is not perfect, yet it is safer this way.


Both listened to their handlers.

Stupid move to trust Sidney there Hillary.

Though I am sure Bush Jr. had his to trust just before the 9-11 attacks. Remember the Mossad caught filming the event from the Jersey side of the Hudson.


Logically yes, yet events may unfold that will not follow logic, with psychopaths in power loosing madness may take over, mascaraing in "Yes we can"


Don't be too sure. There is a marvelous, telling line in "The Maltese Falcon" (Dashiell Hammett): Gutman, the fat man, tells Sam Spade, Bogart, "In the heat of action, a man may forget where his best interest lies." Words to ponder.