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Getting It Wrong on Paris, Terror, Racism & Student Protests

Getting It Wrong on Paris, Terror, Racism & Student Protests

Bruce Mirken

In the wake of Friday’s horrific terror attack in Paris, social media went nuts. Right on cue, while most of us were expressing sympathy and solidarity, assorted partisans started using the grim news to push their pre-fabricated agendas.

Among many ugly expressions popping up online that day, former New York Times reporter Judith Miller’s tweet jumped out at me:

I hope Judith Miller is really being paid well as the karma she is creating for herself will prove very, very costly.

Mr. Mirken is on the right track connecting the dots that fuel the hatred of “other.” But I think that’s the effect, and the cause goes deeper.

This is what I mean: A cursory look at history reveals that whenever elites diminish the pie so that the majority of individuals must get by on crumbs, a lot of anger and hostility brews.

Elites are very good at channeling all that anger in a horizontal direction so that people hate the Hispanic who gets food stamps while he or she gets by with a menial job and no food stamps.

Years ago, the shock jocks of right wing radio (Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh) were described as those channeling the politics of resentment. That’s what it is.

Many who resonate with Trump see in his words, a very primitive claim to “my turf.” People who realize that their salaries are not rising as fast as cost of living expenses want someone to blame for that. And Trump holds up the target of “illegal aliens” from Mexico.

For a time, blue collar male workers blamed women with jobs… all those uppity Feminists.

When 911 was launched, it created a new scapegoat caste. And the thing about a scapegoat is that they typically are easily identifiable. Arabs often have darker skin, the men have beards, and many of the women dress in an ethnic way that distinguishes them from the dominant culture’s population.

The fact that so many Nazi masterminds were imported to the U.S. military branches (Project Paperclip) after W.W. II means that their expertise has been tapped in such items as utilizing a scapegoat for political purposes, and using lies told often as media messaging that’s seldom understood for the potent propaganda that it is.

The beauty of nature is found in its diversity. How many colors can a rose’s petals have? How many species of butterfly, each with elaborately painted wings.

It’s reminiscent of King Solomon’s words from the Bible–that for all his rich garments, he was not arrayed as one of these flowers. Our human family is made rich by all of the ethnic & racial diversity. THAT is what should be taught!

In conclusion, what I am pointing out is the hatred is really fear of the outsider. And it’s this fear churned up into a fever pitch that is used by elites to make sure that the multitudes don’t look upwards to the top of the fiduciary (and political) pyramid to thereby recognize just who’s making life so miserable for so many.

Like the citizens of Flat Lands… too many just look to the left or right, and remain psychologically trapped by this horizontal blame frame.

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What even post-Reagan liberals don’t “get” is the degree of hate that has become the norm in our class war. We lived in a country where not everyone can work, and there aren’t jobs for all. The US shipped out a huge chunk of our jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare in the 1990s, and liberals have waved the banner of middle class elitism ever since. As a matter of policy, we have stripped the very poor of a number of fundamental human and civil rights, and yet there appears to be absolutely no awareness of this among our better-off. Oddly, those in foreign nations are more aware of our “war on the poor” than today’s liberals. What seems to be universally true is that hate toward whomever we regard as “the others” comes easily, and we find ways to justify it.

I did not know that the nasty, prevaricatory Miller was still being funded by the NYT. I guess that a lack of following the careers of faux journalists at that vehicle of the US political, corporate, and military establishments is indicative of how often I have read columns in the wretched and shamelessly fallacious news outlet since the 11th of September, 2001. I had thought the Times’ administrators had enough sense to have quietly dumped her years ago. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.