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Getting Real About School Safety


Getting Real About School Safety

Karen Dolan

Can we get real about school safety?

Since the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, there have been at least 239 school shootings in the United States. 438 people were shot and injured in these shootings, and 138 people were killed.

On Valentine’s Day of this year, 14 high school students and three faculty members at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas School in Parkland, Florida were gunned down in the hallways and classrooms.


Agreed - trying to address what causes mass shooters in the first place is the answer (coupled with reducing the availability of guns), not adding MORE guns. But typical US thinking is so very hard to counteract - look at terrorism. Rather than try to address the underlying CAUSES of terrorism - the US military presence in 170 countries, its support of Israel and dozens of other brutal dictatorships worldwide, its suppression and overthrow of democratically-elected leaders worldwide, its murder of thousands of innocent people with drones all over the world, etc, etc, etc. - the US just keeps doing all of these things, creating 5 terrorists for every 1 terrorist it kills. Rather than address the CAUSE of a problem, proactively, the US responds Reactively, to the EFFECTS of the problems. Applying this same backwards approach to mass shooters will have zero impact, except to cause MORE deaths and injuries.


“A better way forward for school safety is to invest in training teachers…And to invest in restorative justice practices that nurture kids while holding them accountable”

Yes, versus SRO’s, restorative justice should be practiced to keep at-risk kids in the class and to prevent out of school suspensions and juvenile hearings.

However, in my view, without investing a lot of money in it, restorative justice practices will get weak results even as they hinder other students’ education.

Class size, full schedules, lack of counseling support services, teacher-rating-dependent demands that teachers devote their energies to test scores - all make mere teacher training in restorative justice an unfunded mandate that allows cities to a) claim they acted, they tried it, and, see, kindness didn’t work; and/or b) to blame overwhelmed teachers when it doesn’t work better.


It seems to me if We want to get serious about school safety, We need 3 things:

  1. A National Healthcare System, paid for by your taxes, that encourages everyone, all ages, to be screened for any evidence of any Mental Health issues, and then appropriate treatment and periodic followup.

  2. Legislation and Laws that “Prohibit and Punish” any politician that accepts Money for Political Favors, any Lobbyist or representative of Industry that offers any politician Money or Payment on any sort, for Political Favors or Influence of any kind.

  3. Strong Gun Laws that require Thorough Background Checks, Lengthy Waiting Periods, Mandatory Gun Training and Safety Courses, Computer Registration of any and all Gun Purchases that are available to all Law Enforcement Agencies Nationwide, and a Complete Ban on any and all Weapons of War, including “all” Semi-automatic weapons and any Single Shot Weapons that can be altered to become Semi-automatic.

In addition, any weapon sold, must have an “Insurance Policy” paid for on a yearly basis, that protects any victims who may become harmed by the illegal use of that gun.

Making gun owners responsible for the usage of their guns, is common sense.


US schools, especially the affluent suburban ones, are already becoming like minimum security prisons - security cameras (even on the schools buses) and controlled access through metal detectors. Paranoid parents drive their kids to school even if it is only a couple blocks, and parents get in trouble with authorities if their pre-teen kids are seen walking or bicycling anywhere on their own (or god forbid, taking a city bus anywhere - like the kids in the urban neighborhood I lived in until '06 did all the time).

As a kid I walked 3/4 miles to school starting at the age of 6. You entered the school at any door and the only security was the principal or assistant principal. Once I graduated to a “real” bicycle with 20" wheels, rode all over town (on the lower-traffic streets, not sidewalks like you see even adult cyclists in my city do today.

I can’t imagine such restrictions being imposed on a child. The consequences cannot be healthy for the kid or the greater society the kid will soon be part of.

If I was a parent today, I’d migrate to Canada so fast it isn’t funny.


It’s not just “conservatives” who are calling for armed guards, is it?

Democrats will pair this with sane approaches to prove their “responsibility”, and be lauded by the corpress for same.

It will be interesting (if that’s the right word) to see how the movement sparked by Parkland survivors reacts to this strategic subterfuge.

I imagine some will be coopted by arguments for “political pragmatism”, and the rest will find themselves no longer a fit subject for the focus of the media spotlight.


Turning schools into prisons is one way to end the school to prison pipeline.


I read a headline from a Gun Cult site proclaiming “All mass shooting incidents in the USA have one thing in common and it is not guns”.

I shook my head and moved on.


Please, find a rock and crawl under it.

A really big one.


I thought so too!


The boundary between “conservative” and “violent subhuman thug” is becoming almost impossible to discern…


" these crisis actors"

You can’t support that debunked claim.


No argument from me there Yunzer.

This one issue about Guns, separates those of us who can live without them, and those who value them more than life itself.


Teachers keep getting the job that society should deal with. More responsibility for the teacher who has the job to determine if a child is depressed, angry, acts out. Give their parents jobs that pay a decent wage and allows them to spend time with their children. Give them a roof over their head which a decent paying job might allow for? rents/housing and utilities have skyrocketed along with healthcare while 10% of the population make fortunes and another 20% make a nice living and what’s left is nothing.

This is a societal problem to be solved, not by the teachers alone as they are over worked and underpaid except in rich districts


As there as what you say is that it is the republican party that has convinced you that democrats are trying to take your guns away which is a gift to gun manufacturer and bullet producers. It makes you insanely stupid people go out and buy more guns and bullets.

I have never heard anyone in my circle of liberals/progressive readings that want to take your right to own a gun away from you. WTF, you think citizens and childs should own AR15’s? You think your AR15’s will deter the mightiest military on the planet. Look at your own thinking outside the box of NRA/Fox and all those other hate filled sites.


Over played “God given right” “liberty”.It is working out in most of the industrialized world like UK, Australia and others. You think your guns will protect you? from a tyrannical government? What a fool.


Actually, I would support getting rid of all the guns. They cost society far more than they benefit it, by a wide margin.

Short of that, I can’t see allowing you to have anything more than a flintlock musket or flintlock handgun, provided you’re enlisted and active in the National Guard. These are single shot weapons that our founding fathers were talking about when the Bill of Rights was enacted. That’s the “right” the Second Amendment was meant to secure, not the lunacy that you and your ilk have your wet dreams about.


You can start here:

A breakdown of the $229 billion gun violence tab that American taxpayers are paying every year

The True Cost of Gun Violence in America


How Guns And Violence Cost Every American $564 In 2010

I wouldn’t consider the Puckle gun to be a true machine gun – nice try though, it’s just that people around here check things out. They sure as hell don’t think some imaginary god figure granted them the right to own a firearm.


Well, I guess you could try to make those arguments, but the facts wouldn’t be on your side. Welfare generally reduces misery, including hunger and ill health.

See: The Safety Net Is Good Economic Policy


Welfare Reform and the Safety Net

On illegal immigration see:

Facts About Immigration and the U.S. Economy

As for abortion, this is not about economics it’s about your moral objections being used to inflict your desires on others – an odd position for someone who is so strident about personal liberty.

And finally – our education system. Really, you’re going to argue that we shouldn’t educate ourselves and our children? Wow!

You should provide a source for these kinds of claims. Based on the brief research I just did, I doubt you can substantiate this. As for the cost, you’re selectively measuring just one cost (the cost of crime supposedly committed by illegal aliens), as opposed to all of the benefits and costs of having undocumented immigrants. The data show that there is a net economic benefit from immigration. While similarly educated Americans may see a slight decrease in wages due to the presence of illegal immigrants in the workforce, this is an artifact of those workers’ status. If they had work permits and could freely enter the workforce, the would have more bargaining power and their wages would probably not be less than their American counterparts. But, on the whole the economy is better off than if they weren’t here. See: Illegal immigrants benefit the U.S. economy

Gee, the press must be suppressing this information. That’s a daily rate of between 2,192 and 6,849. Seems like that would be some real news! I’m guessing this is total fiction.

Hmmm, don’t remember arguing for that. Although I am for preventing violence caused by guns, I’m not much up for arresting everyone that owns one on account of the crimes they are going to commit in the future. Guess I’ll leave that to Chief Anderton.

Oh, just a reminder, Adam Lanza, Nicholas Cruz, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were all 100% law abiding citizens right up to the point where they pulled the trigger at school. That law-abiding citizen mantra doesn’t really buy you much.


You’ve “seen” a video? Show me the evidence he and other students are “crisis actors” or you’re a lying piece of shit.