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Getting That Secure Feeling Yet?


Getting That Secure Feeling Yet?

Miriam Pemberton

Millions of Americans are feeling uneasy, disgruntled, and insecure. That message sounded loud and clear throughout our turbulent election year.

The Trump administration’s latest budget proposal isn’t likely to change that.

It comes down to this: lots more money — $54 billion, in fact — for the military. That’s “one of the largest increases in defense spending in American history,” as the president put it in his recent speech to Congress. And less money for pretty much everything else.


The Us spends more than any other country proportionally for the military. It is not depleted. We need to take care of our own backyard. A secure country is one where 1 out of 5 children are not living in poverty. That is what the numbers are in the US today.


It seems to me that the US military is the number one contributor to world insecurity, and should be slashed by at least 90%.


The US military is also a huge source of greenhouse gas emissions, burning so much fossil fuel each day.

Trump and his band of pirates figured the 10% military budget increase is needed just in case a significant percentage of the folks who voted for him figure out they were duped and start coming after the gubmit with their assault weapons. It will take extra soldiers to "neutralize" the rebellion.


Yes, but remember war is profit for these psychos.


Good point - but all that oil that they can snatch and have a war for it.


Recall Dubya Regime players telling us they would be able to pay the entire costs of the Iraq occupation with money they would make from all of the oil they would steal from Iraq ?

"If we fix it so's you can't make money on war, we will all forget what we are killing folks for" - Woody Guthrie


Mattis is absolutely correct that more diplomacy is needed. However, we need diplomats willing to work with other countries rather than trying to bend them the US's will. As long as the US continues to jab at other nations and piss them off, we will never be secure. The US must stop jabbing. In other words, the US needs to stop being an aggressor.


Indeed it is.


It has also been a way to selectively decrease the population.