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GI Nik


GI Nik

Pat Elder

Cadet Private First-Class Nik Cruz was talking to America when he posted his photos on Instagram. Nik takes us inside his world. He wanted us to see his development from a fairly normal kid to a serial killer. Cruz is a product of American culture and he has a message for us, although we may not want to hear it. Cruz’s odyssey from ostracized youth to serial killer is noted for its adherence to a well-documented script. Cruz is the prototype. He is general issue.


Before his life is extinguished for his murders of innocent students, Nik Cruz ought to be required to observe the efforts of most any emergency room or trauma center who receive and are tasked with treating those with gunshot wounds. Instead of reading about how cool the US Army says it is to kill others with guns, those, like Nik Cruz, ought to be required to observe the horrible damage done by these assault weapons to those hit by them.
Corpsman training used to have films of such injuries and the extraordinary damage they cause to human biology. It’s purpose was to help medical personnel to realize what had to be done and/or how to effectively triage mass casualties when encountered.


Look at the psychological reality here. We have created a world in which the strong and the beautiful are considered “worthy” and everyone else is not. Nik Cruz did not match up to the standard. No bulging muscles on him, nothing noteworthy about his looks. He may have had a shy and retiring personality from being constantly bullied by the “in crowd,” those who did have the looks and muscles.

So he turns to the one place where millions of other young people turn - Fantasyland. In Fantasyland, Nik Cruz is not a loser (by the world’s standards). No, he counts as someone because he has the power that comes out of the muzzle of a gun. He is not Nik Cruz, loser. He is Nik Cruz, somebody not to be messed with.

So either the badly deranged Nik Cruz eventually snaps and brings Fantasyland to America as happened in Florida, or America recruits him, teaches him that in a uniform and in Iraq, he will be someone special, and then turns him loose to come back with PTSD and no real help for the problems which are still bugging him. The lucky ones get help - those who don’t either snap and gun down people or wind up putting a bullet into themselves.

The Empire has no need of weakness. It will channel the deranged into soldiers for the never-ending wars which provide the 1% with everything they could dream of. Video games are just one of many tactics employed by the Elites to have a steady stream of cannon-fodder for the military/industrial complex. The rest are just “collateral damage,” including the people they gun down. Look, you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, and you can’t take control of a country without a few people dying along the way. That’s just the way empires roll.

For a supposed “Christian country,” this nation has been very sick from its very beginning. The list of atrocities
against both foreigners and its own citizens is long and disgusting. Christianity is supposed to be a religion of love and caring for others. I don’t know what religion this country has - but it ain’t Christianity. Never has been. Maybe it’s the worship of the Almighty Dollar. People like Nik Cruz and his victims are the casualities.


While I agree with much of what the author says about the militarization of the use of guns and the normalization of taking a human life, his contentions that air guns and air soft guns are lethal weapons is the kind of ignorance and extremism that will guarantee a quick end to the current movement to ban military type weapons. Demonizing all guns, regardless of type and power level will be viewed as too extreme even with large segments of the non-gun owing public and polls support this. It feeds right into the NRAs propaganda that the left is after all guns, any guns, regardless of type. It’s a strategy that is sure to stop the current gun control movement before it starts. It is political suicide. The focus needs to stay on military style weapons.

The fact is that the air guns pictured in the article have a power level that would be lethal only to a small bird at 10 yards distance and are single shot designs, meaning they must be reloaded after every shot. They aren’t even classified by the federal government as firearms. Their primary use is target shooting and are hugely popular precisely because of their low power and very limited range. The last time single shot weapons were used in the military was in the Civil War. Moreover, air guns and air gun shooting are popular and legal in countries that have much stricter gun laws and which have no history of mass shootings. Had Cruz used the air guns pictured, the most lethal thing he could have accomplished would have been shooting someone’s eye out.

This “every gun is a bad gun” approach is playing right into the NRA’s hand. Keep the focus on the militarization and the availability of military style weapons.


As a Midwestern farm kid, who used guns for hunting, this article is absolutely cringe-worthy.
As an adult who got of rid of his hunting guns over 3 decades ago, this article is more than absolutely cringe-worthy. It’s just appalling what is going on in America with guns and under the promotion by our U.S. Army public relations divisions, no less.
What in the hell is wrong with our Congress critters; besides the obvious fact they are cowards, and from examples given here, much worse.
America is in the quicksand much deeper than I realized. And, it’s really shameful and unpatriotic.

  1. Video games.
  2. ROTC at school.
    These are new phenomena. A third old one,
  3. Movies and TV. I could never endure violent movies, even as a child. I don’t, really don’t get the draw for it. The US began introducing glorification of the military almost as soon as TV and movies came out.

It is a world problem.


And what would that accomplish; the man lost his humanity long ago? I didn’t even check to find out if the State of Florida provides for executions. It’s not worth the effort. Either his life is going to be expunged by an entity within the raptor United States, or his individual human being is going to rot in one of those investor lucrative US dungeons called state prisons.

DH Lawrence famously wrote, at some time in the beginning of the last century, an indirect comment regarding James Fenimore Cooper’s persona.

"The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted."


Great post! Reminds me of Chris Hedges…


This article is ridiculous as and at best misinformed, ROTC in high school allows those who want a career in a branch of the armed forces a step ahead of others. As for the whole headshot thing it’s a matter of insurance. The shooters chance of killing his victim is greatly increased when he shoots them in the head. Most law enforcement and military shoot center mass and shoot until the threat no longer presents a danger (death). The reason they shoot center mass is because it’s the largest thing to hit. Do research on military and law enforcement tactics before you write an article bashing their effects on society.


Good points. While I agree that that modern hyper-violent, gun-based blood and organ and brains spattered computer games are manifestly a serious psychological and sociological health hazard, the rest of this article pretty much follows the “beer leads to heroin” fallacy.

As I kid, I spent endless hours plinking cans and targets with Daisy BB guns then the more powerful .177 and .22 single-shot air-pellet guns. At boy scout camp, we also shot .22s rifles on the target range and miniature trap shooting with little .22 bird shot shells. In my later 20’s, I later bought a cheap Marlin .22 semi rifle and a scope for target shooting, and maybe getting into shooting and eating small game, but while I enjoyed fishing, killing fellow little mammals just wasn’t my thing - so this rifle has sat unused for more than 30 years. I later would shoot some larger guns other people owned like a brother’s .357 magnum pistol (without hearing protection - ouch!) and an old Mauser.

But then in those days, all this shooting activity was purely sport, no different than fishing or Frisbee golf. There were no military connotations - and deliberately shooting a gun at another human, even in “self-defense” never entered my mind. So maybe it is the decline in traditional outdoor hunting sports - with the gun manufacturers focusing on “self-defense” paranoia and military fantasies in order to keep sales up that is the problem.


?!? Eyes roll…


So now, on top of everything else, the US-left has dropped their former near-unanimous opposition to capital punishment?


Although I don’t always agree with Chris Hedges, I find his articles well-written and enjoy reading him. That you would put me in his class of writing is…humbling.