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'Giant, Champion, Trail-Blazer': Civil Rights Icon Julian Bond Dies at 75


'Giant, Champion, Trail-Blazer': Civil Rights Icon Julian Bond Dies at 75

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Legendary civil rights activist Julian Bond, one of the original leaders of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, a former chairman of the NAACP, and a vocal critic of the Vietnam War, died Saturday night after a brief illness. He was 75.


I do miss those times and the leaders and activists that arose to lead the Civil rights movements , the Anti-war movement and to speak to the cause of justice. A number of leaders from the Black community all arose at the same time and this caused a shock to the entrenched system.

I can not help but notice today that the Black voices that have access to the media are the sports athletes or the Rap stars with the message conveyed to “You can get it ALL too if you just look after number 1”. It that “American dream” repackaged to make it look like anyone can make it no matter the color or creed if they just follow the rules.

The true champions of the people are a dying breed it sad to say . It either that or what is much more likely the media is making sure we the people do not hear of the next generation of the same.


Hearing Julian Bond always brought me back to the root of ‘radical’, meaning - just that - root; good, robust and vital. To friends and family, my deepest condolences and gratitude for his life so generously shared so publicly.

One of the most valuable messages today is perhaps that ‘radicalization’ bears a negative connotation only because opposition to full respect for the roots of ideas, values, respect, and love is dependent on separating living reality from full healthy roots. They are treasures when history and daily life are a healthy full continuity and well stewarded, defended and their wellbeing for ALL demanded as the premise of society. It is the good fight. Though Julian leaves, Julian’s contributions do not ever leave as long as folks weave awareness and love for them and the spheres and constellations set in motion with every breath.

Julian Bond - Presente!


Great gentleman, with " cool " under pressure, to spare. He finally just wore out in the best way you possibly can. Role model and with persistence to burn; really tough to think about this. All the young lions; going, going, gone. Vaya con Dios, Julian Bond.


I used to see Mr. Bond around Atlanta and had the pleasure of having lunch with him in a small group one day. He was certainly an inspiring figure and will be missed.


OH I tend to agree , yet at the same time it remains a dying breed given such social movements need a means by which they can get their message out so that it becomes a broad movement.

Those in power seek to assert control over every single means of doing such so as to prevent that.


He was well known before 1971 so I’m not sure why we are given this shortened picture of this true champion for justice. He will be well remember. RIP.