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'Giant Leap Backwards' as Global Carbon Emissions in 2017 Soaring to All-Time High


'Giant Leap Backwards' as Global Carbon Emissions in 2017 Soaring to All-Time High

Julia Conley, staff writer

"The urgency for reducing emissions means they should really be already decreasing now."


Human population still projected to continue growing until we top out at 9 billion.

What could go wrong?


The leveling off emissions the last three years was largely due to a slowing down of the Chinese economy. Apparently this projected increase is being attributed to China although it is not explained why. There has been a gradual decrease in emissions in the developed countries over the last decade and a gradual increase in the developing countries which has led to annual increase of about 3% until three years ago when emissions leveled off. Chna’s emissions are so large that these fluctuations in emissions are generally determined by what happens in China. The bottom line is that the developed countries are not reducing emissions at fast enough rate and the developing countries need to start reducing emissions pretty soon. If things they on their present course the result will be catastrophic.


It should be obvious now that no government is going enact the drastic measures needed to avoid the inevitable collapse. Small steps are no longer an option. Easing into inadequate regulations will not do much to avert the coming disaster. I think most people will be taken totally by surprise as this ecological nightmare transpires. It will gain speed and take on a life of it’s own that humans won’t be able to stop. Oceans are choked with plastics, an offshoot of oil pollution. Species everywhere are disappearing at levels to say for sure that we’re in the 6th mass extinction. Toxins are dispersed everywhere on Earth’s surface and deepest oceans. Forests no longer sequester carbon, they emit it. Methane is being released as the tundra thaws and methane,(aka natural gas) is a far greater greenhouse gas than CO2. So folks hang on, grab a lifeboat and hope you survive the coming cataclysm for it WILL be bad.


Why hope you survive? Nah. How about becoming aware enough to honour and respect and live within the interrelationship among all living things so that you can depart with some semblance of integrity and dignity - because depart we will. All of us.



…as the good Doctor says, live a life of excellence…


…don’t think I wanna see what comes after…


“Carbon emissions in the U.S. declined 0.4 percent in 2017 according to the Global Carbon Project—less than in previous years.”

Looking at the numbers on the linked website the US carbon emissions are now at 1993 levels.


i despair of humanity -
we know these things - people who think this is a hoax are not in the majority
i do not understand how we can continue making and making and making things so that extremely wealthy people can hoggishly gather more resources and wealth to themselves.
we know that these class of people have to be dragged kicking and screaming before they will stop.

the problem we face is one of mass extinction of life on earth - insects, birds, mammals, invertebrate, the whole shebang going groan and suffer as we all die. and are no more. maybe a good thing for our beautiful blue planet.

mass production - once hailed as the panacea for all economic evils is proving to be a lie.
we keep making and making the same things, over and over, every year another new and improved version.
the only way our world can heal is if we stop making more bloody things that we do not need and we throw away so that our world is choking on gargabe, foul and dangerous gases, dying - we are dying.
stop making more things - there are enough consumer goods in the world to stop.
how will we live? we will use the materials - from electronics to canned food - that we already have.
that should keep the whole bloody world going for at least 50 years.
it will take a concerted effort, and a leap of faith - what do we have to lose?
the only thing we should fear is fear itself.
resist, remove, peace


It is time for nations to put a ‘pollution’ tax on products from countries that are making no progress on curbing emissions of carbon and methane. A base year could be chosen for each country with taxes at zero when emissions are below that level; or, a target level could be established as a base, with the tax continuously raised (depending on the increase) or reduced to zero when the target is reached…

Naturally, the ability to verify reported emission levels needs to be enhanced.


Which link?


The pdf report



Thanx. That seems like progress, but my understanding of climate science is of the popular science variety at best.


Hi Tank,

“What could go wrong?”

Well, here’s a really far out conspiracy theory.

9 billion people on the planet is way too many for the Oligarchs. They would like to see that number drastically reduced.

The real reason behind the Global Oligarchy amassing huge sums of money is for one reason.

The Global Oligarchy wants to build cities underground for them to live in for indefinite periods of time after the Global Catastrophe arrives.

This will require huge sums of money and the utmost secrecy for them to pull it off.

They can also be the one’s to trigger the wave of catastrophe once they have their facilities completed and they are protected.

Sounds pretty sinister, doesn’t it?

It would make a great movie.

Perhaps I should contact Quentin Tarantino or Steven Spielberg.

Perhaps not.


Write that screenplay, yo.

I’m envisioning a 10-part miniseries on HBO.


Wonder if the emission increase is related more to frozen methane melting or to industrial output? Not sure how they could distinguish between the two. The bottom line is we as individuals have to BDS the fossil fuel industry anyway we can. Change light bulbs to LED, walk to the store, ride a bike, take public transportation, buy an electric car, electric yard maintenance tools, solar, wind, install insulation, become vegetarian/vegan etc. etc. The only way change will happen in this capitalist world where profit is everything is to make fossil fuels obsolete and unprofitable.


Another good article: https://www.counterpunch.org/2017/11/14/people-act-where-us-fails-on-climate/


And don’t forget the enormous amounts of PLASTIC that is choking our oceans and bio systems. We’re suffocating all life with it!


Of course…we would NEVER reconsider what we use energy FOR…


No. This is CO2 emissions. Atmospheric methane levels, after a long period of stability, have risen only minor amounts. The consensus of climate scientists is that methane is not much of a worry unless we reach 4-5C or so of warming - in which case we are screwed anyway.